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Supporting UKGovcamp

  1. 1. London,Saturday 22 January 2011 3012 1024Venue: Microsoft UK,100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL Reach the people driving UK government 2.0 Become a supporter hosted by
  2. 2. Photo: Kaustav BhattacharyaReach the people driving UK government 2.0 What s ukgovcamp? Like the ads for the Millenium Dome said, it s one amazing day. But unlike the Dome, ukgovcamp is about content and people, giving up their Saturday to talk, listen and think about how digital is changing the way government works in the UK. Those conversations start long before the event, and continue long afterwards, stimulating new ideas, projects and get-togethers, including via the monthly TeaCamp. In a nutshell, ukgovcamp is an unconference, or a conference without a predefined agenda, where the sessions are proposed and agreed at the start of the day. They re posted as a big grid on the wall for the participants to choose from, and there s plenty of time for the informal hallway chats which, let s face it, are the best bit of any conference.London,Saturday 22 January It s run to the rules of open space events, where the Law of Two Feet applies: people2011 move freely between sessions which interest them, tweeting, blogging, snapping and filming as they go. What emerges is always a high-energy, dynamic event which leaves people buzzing with new ideas and connections.@ukgovcamp Set up by volunteers, the first ukgovcamp took place in January 2008, and there have been#ukgc11 two more since, each one bigger and livelier than the last. The 2011 event will be massive: almost twice as big as 2010, with the first tranche of tickets already snapped up in a hours.dave@moreopen.org020 3012 1024Venue: Microsoft UK,100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL
  3. 3. Photo: Kaustav BhattacharyaReach the people driving UK government 2.0 Why s it so great?   250 of the most motivated and dynamic people in the government 2.0 space in the UK. In one place, both at an event and online   An informal, friendly culture. Not a big conference run as a commercial enterprise, or a members-only club. UKgovcampers are open-minded and there because they want to be, in their own time   A fantastic venue in central London, with up to ten simultaneous event strands throughout the day, including a cool tools room for app and service demos and Q&A   A super-networked community, via, @ukgovcamp and #ukgc11London,Saturday 22 January across social media. Govcampers will be blogging, tweeting and uploading their way2011 through the day, talking about the ideas and services they re hearing about to friends and colleagues outside, including via our professional-quality video livestream   A conference that never really ends. We ll be sending the govcampers email@ukgovcamp updates before and after the event, and keeping up the networking through 2011 via#ukgc11 established monthly TeaCamp events, the online community and spin- off   The right time for this stuff. As the shock of public spending cuts fades and the reality bites, there s never been a greater need for fresh ideas and smart use of020 3012 1024 technology in the public sector. Come and inspire, and be inspired.Venue: Microsoft UK,100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL
  4. 4. Photo: Kaustav BhattacharyaReach the people driving UK government 2.0 How can you get involved? First of all, come along. UKgovcamp is free to attend, and open to anyone with an interest in this field, making it the only large-scale event of its kind. For 2011, we re looking for supporters of various kinds to help us put on a truly fantastic event and keep up the momentum through the rest of the year both online and through follow-up events, under the auspices of   Partners: we re looking for two or three larger organisations to be our strategic partners through 2011, helping to headline ukgovcamp itself, and enabling us to support spin-off the events, websites and projects which emerge with little bits of seed fundingLondon,Saturday 22 January   Event sponsors: amazing days need amazing stuff. We need to cover the costs of2011 refreshments, t-shirts, post-event drinks, video streaming and hosting, as well as filling the participant goodie bags with lots of funky gadgets, stationery and stress toys to get them through those long, boring meetings back at the office@ukgovcamp#ukgc11   Supporters: hey, but I m just a startup! We really want a mix of supporters for the event, so we re helping smaller organisations without much cash to get their across toodave@moreopen.org020 3012 1024Venue: Microsoft UK,100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL
  5. 5. Photo: Kaustav BhattacharyaReach the people driving UK government 2.0 Options for support We want to find packages that work for our supporters and the participants, so this is just a starter for ten for how our supporters might get involved - call or email us for a chat: ukgovcamp 2011 partner From £2,000 + VAT Prominent banners at the event and logo on, priority tickets for up to 4 people, a hello slot in the morning briefing and your message included in our pre- and post-event e-mail, plus branding of govcamp activity through the year T-shirt sponsor £250 + VAT Your logo prominently on the event shirts, plus text links on and in the follow-up mail Food & drinks sponsor £450 + VAT A now to the pub slot in the closing briefing, plus text links on ukgovcamp.comLondon, and in the follow-up mailSaturday 22 January Product demo £350 + VAT2011 2 x 15 minute slots in the Cool Tools strand of the event, for you to showcase your app or service to the delegates. These will be live streamed and supplied electronically post-event for your own use. We ll also include links and a short description in the pre- and post-event mails@ukgovcamp Giveaways Supply of items, plus#ukgc11 Inclusion of your items in the participants goodie bags, plus text links on £100 + VAT and in the follow-up What about the Big Society then? Let s talk! Want to get your message across about your great new startup or non-profit but don t have much money? Talk to us and we ll see what win-win opportunities we020 3012 1024 can come up with, maybe involving washing up or drawing pictures.Venue: Microsoft UK,100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL