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Reboot Britain - Steph Gray


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Presentation about rethinking the policymaking process through digital tools, at Reboot Britain event on 6-July-09

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Reboot Britain - Steph Gray

  1. 1. And then magic happens: why we need better online discussions about policy Steph Gray Department for Business, Innovation & Skills Reboot Britain London, 6 July 2009
  2. 2. How policy is made* ! Identification: Minister wants problem solved Analysis: Civil servants come up with clever solution Consultation: Sensible people agree Delivery: Problem solved * not really
  3. 3. Anyway, the internet changes things • Anyone can suggest problems to fix • Policymakers can find people to help • Together, we can refine the options • Everyone looks for snags and refinements • Lots of people do their bit to make it happen • We can all validate whether it works
  4. 4. Three questions Where do ideas come from? Who chooses the solution? How do we make change happen?
  5. 5. Enlightened policy discussion online Commenting Video Blogs
  6. 6. But • The numbers involved are still tiny • People are cynical about online gimmicks • Not all contributions equally helpful • Gov isn’t geared up for mass dialogue • The incentives on both sides are still wrong
  7. 7. Three goals for policy discussion online A wider range of contributors Better ideas Conversations which go somewhere
  8. 8. Policy deliberation in the future? Different strokes for different folks
  9. 9. Policy deliberation in the future? Ideas from customers & the frontline
  10. 10. Policy deliberation in the future? Make the debate more accessible