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Digital Maturity Model - prototype


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Published in: Business, Technology

Digital Maturity Model - prototype

  1. 1. Digital service deliveryDelivering operational services to customers and stakeholdersVision ProcessToolsSkills3312
  2. 2. Corporate & marketing communicationsCommunicating the story and priorities of the organisation to external audiences,and effectively using digital to support campaignsVision ProcessToolsSkills1322
  3. 3. Social media engagementBuilding relationships between people in the organisation and their externalstakeholders using social mediaVision ProcessToolsSkills1221
  4. 4. Internal communications & collaborationStrengthening the organisation’s internal networks and improving productivitythrough digital tools and informationVision ProcessToolsSkills3331
  5. 5. Assessment criteriaOwnership & leadershipVision, senior commitment, profile inthe organisationStrategy & planningEvaluation, decision-makingprocess, project management &procurementTechnologyTools, testing, development approach,supportUser focusInsight, research, analytics, designprocessEmbedded cultureTake-up, attitudes to digital, bespoke vcommoditised approaches, channelshiftRisk managementBusiness continuity planning,reputation of digital, info assuranceand securityCommunity managementRelationships, interactivity,responsiveness, depth & breadth ofengagementOpennessInnovation, transparency, use of andcontribution to open source