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Foo Thoughts


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these were some slides i was playing with on the flight out to swfoo considering what i wanted to speak about/what was interesting to me... the story isn't totally pulled together by any means - just some questions -

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Foo Thoughts

  1. 1. ‘practical’ disinformation some half complete thoughts for foo
  2. 2. is content valuable? not sure…
  3. 3. information is valuable
  4. 4. 11010110__101011 value = f(improbability)
  5. 5. only pic of grandma vs. 100th party photo only one who knows WMT tomorrow (vs. everyone) roulette, horse races, etc.
  6. 6. information is itself valuable based on scarcity information shared widely can raise general welfare (brush your teeth), but it is intrinsically less valuable
  7. 7. regardless of how ‘open’ we do/don’t get the value of information – f(improbability)
  8. 8. old school -> lock down your secrets
  9. 9. old school -> rely on regulator (patents)
  10. 10. does that continue to work?
  11. 11. war of attrition, with leveling playing field
  12. 12. traditional security Vi(1) – Cs(1) Vi(2) – Cs(2) >
  13. 13. institutions / enforcement can’t save us I(OI)(OI)(OI)(OI)(OI)(OI)(OI)(OI)O… who done it?
  14. 14. The more parties to ‘trust’ & be ‘transparent’ the more expensive the privacy gets postal service corporate isp isp corporate 070604-STH-Overview-v10 Official 14 This information is confidential and property of, Inc, Inc
  15. 15. + centralization/authority also have huge risk
  16. 16. information diffuses almost instantly
  17. 17. is disinformation the only possible solution?
  18. 18. publishing is now cheaper than preventing publication
  19. 19. everyone can find waldo
  20. 20. so we need to hide waldo in waldos
  21. 21. what is the anti-google? – a white bot-net?
  22. 22. what is the difference between a white and a dark bot-net?
  23. 23. APIs on APIs on APIs and an ‘open’ web make it worse
  24. 24. like it or not, if there is value to be captured it will happen
  25. 25. long term tendency towards equilibrium, or disequilibrium
  26. 26. are we just facing a world where there is no ‘information’