scrapbooking projects


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scrapbooking projects

  1. 1. scrapbooking projectsscrapping spring project ebookclick here for your scrapping spring ebookScrapping Spring” is a scrapbooking and paper crafting project e-book. It contains step-by-stepproject instructions with detailed photos and patterns to create 10 scrap-related projects.Projects are spring-themed to get you in the mood for the better weather just around the corner.There are also a few Easter related projects thrown in for good measure.These are scrapbooking projects you can make using your scrap supplies and sometimes afew other interesting and unexpected materials. If you are missing one of the supplies,sometimes you will find that ideas are given for alternatives. You can make these projectsyourself in your own home, or get together with a few friends and try some of the projects in acrop! Take a look at the projects listed below. A lot of them would be great to give as a gift forsomeone special! It’s always nice to have a handmade gift on hand in case an opportunityarises to give someone a nice book projects ebook 1/5
  2. 2. click here for your mini book projects ebook“Mini Book Projects” is a HUGE project e-book which will delight both paper crafters andscrapbookers alike. Contained within 43 pages, you will find 11 unique scrapbooking minibook project ideas complete with detailed step-by-step instructions and photos. Also included isa compendium illustrating many different binding methods and ideas for mini bookclosures. Patterns and templates are also included as well as a resources directory.This e-book has been months and months in the making, and it shows. Great attention to detailhas been carefully attended to. Photos galore illustrate the techniques and methods shown inthis book. An idea book that will not go out of style, this e-book concentrates on constructing theever popular scrapbooking mini book made with such materials as paper, fabric, plastic andpolymer clay. You will also experiment with paint, gesso, ink and other materials. Filled withgreat subject ideas for scrapbooking mini books, you will find a wealth of not only information, 2/5
  3. 3. but inspiration to fill your well.scrappy gifts project ebookclick here for your scrappy gifts ebook“Scrappy Gifts” is a 38 page eBook featuring creative projects you can make for gift giving.These gifts are not Christmas themed, but rather generic gifts which are suitable for anyoccasion: Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and/or other holidays. This eBook will show youideas and tutorials to make 10 different projects. Many of them using recycled items or supplies 3/5
  4. 4. that can be found at your local dollar store or thrift shop Most use some scrapbooking suppliesthat you may already have on hand. Others may ask for a few other materials like fabric andpolymer clay.Handmade gift ideas and project tutorials feature projects designed for scrapbookers. Use someof your stash! Challenge yourself with new materials!make money scrapbooking ebookclick here to find out how to make money scrapbookingScrapbookers can make money from scrapbooking! Learn insider secrets to using yourscrapbooking talents and earn money while doing something you enjoy.Times are tough right now. Create your own bailout package! Supplement yourincome! Any little bit of money you can add to your family income will help. Maybe it will payfor your groceries each week, pay for your kids to have extra curricular activities like soccer orballet or maybe something more! It is worth any effort you make to earn extra cash from yourscrapbooking. It’s not just a hobby, it’s an income earner. Think of how your husband willreact when he finds out you are not just spending money on scrapping supplies, but alsobringing in money to pay for them and more!Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, it doesn’t really, but money is made with paperwhich is made from trees and paper is used for scrapbooking – see the connection? Peoplelove to create – handmade is in. Scrapbooking is one of the most popular crafts and hobbiesout there. So let’s see how we can make money in this hobby.Here are some other scrap booking related sites that I have found for you to browse, thank youfor visiting scrapbookingstart scrapbookingCNET blogsLapbooking and Digital Scrapbooking 4/5
  5. 5. Scrapbooking With Video and Sound Minus the Paper and Glue ... Organize your photos using faces 5/5Powered by TCPDF (