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  • Raise your hand if you still use any of these devices.
  • If you have a blackberry, iPhone or any smartphone, you use all of these devices. With Distance Education, we put an incredible tool in our students hands that they may not ready be ready for.
  • We know that DE College level classes possess decent, if not good retention rates. But DE DevEd course retention rates are lower than F2F.Instructional Technology Council (2008)National retention rate for online learning = 65% decrease from 72%DE retention rate = 82% better than the national average increase from previous years
  • Let me DRIVE this point home to you with a story involving my niece. She is making plans to go to college, yet she doesn’t own a car, much less ever driven a car .Her mom tells me she needs to find a way to get her daughter to go to school, but wants me to help find her a vehicle.She tells me that she wants to ensure her daughter is safe, that the vehicle is affordable, etc. etc.So, here comes the first suggestion I have for her.
  • Being the great aunt that I am, I ask Tammy what she wants. Remember, she has never even driven a car before (17 years old) – but she is a teenager. And if she is given the freedom to self-select, this is what she would pick. In her mind, left to her own choosing (which is what currently exists for students enrolled in DevEd courses), when she self-selects, she is not choosing what is best for her based on some objective self-reflection or experience, but rather what she wants: a cute, zippy, fun method of transportation in her favorite color.
  • Just as we require criteria for devEd students through placement scores that measure their reading, writing, and math – we need to set criteria for onlnie learning.These are the 3, possibly 4 criteria for DE readiness.
  • How feasible is this critical project?As you know, the cost is low – free (through VCT).I need your leadership in 3 major roles: DevelopmentImplementation and TrainingResearch and Horn Tooting
  • Le iproject final

    2. 2. Remember when…<br />…we used these devices? <br />
    3. 3. Welcome to the 21st Century!<br />
    4. 4. The Problem<br />Despite HCC Distance Education (DE) college level retention rates being high (82%), DE Developmental Education (DevEd) course retention rates are lower than face-to-face rates.<br />Developmental Education (DevEd) refers to a program of courses designed to remediate students who are deemed to be under-prepared for college-level coursework in the subject of mathematics, reading, and English. Using standardized placement exams for each of these subject areas, colleges assess the readiness of entering students to do college-level coursework, and use cut-off scores and/or other criteria to determine whether students require remediation prior to enrolling in certain college-level courses.<br />
    5. 5. The Problem<br />No criteria is in place at HCC to determine student’s readiness for Distance Education. <br />Students have a history of self-selecting into DE courses when they are not ready.<br /><ul><li>Due to the myth that DE is easier
    6. 6. Because F2F classes are full
    7. 7. Lessens the burdens of childcare, work schedules</li></li></ul><li>A Look at Poorly Matched Vehicles<br />Sticking with the traditional way…<br />
    8. 8. Self - Selection<br />
    9. 9. A Smarter Measure for Student Success<br />Objective: Establish a screening tool (Smarter Measure) to be used to measure online course readiness<br />Purpose: To increase DE DevEd retention rates Cost:free, through VCT, instrument is already in use <br />Opportunity:To promote student success, improve retention rates<br />Place students into a vehicle that will transport them to student success<br />
    10. 10. Smarter Measure Constructs to be Implemented into PeopleSoft<br />Before a student can register for an online DevEd course, the student must have taken SmarterMeasure, and received passing scores. These scores are integrated into PeopleSoft, just like other placement scores. <br />4 constructs that are measurable, 5th (Individual Attributes) is purely self-reported.<br />
    11. 11. Roles: Development, Implementation, Research, Training<br />Development:<br /><ul><li>Determine 4 constructs and establish their respective cut-off scores
    12. 12. Develop and design Smarter Measure tool with eLearning Toolbox and HCC IT to identify users and to integrate into PeopleSoft</li></ul>2. Implementation and Training<br /><ul><li>Enlist collaboration of GUST 1270, DevEd, and all district-wide faculty of new prerequisite changes
    13. 13. Promote and train district-wide student services staff of new prerequisites </li></ul>3. Research and Refine<br /><ul><li>Investigate and analyze effectiveness of screening tool implementation
    14. 14. Explore scholarship opportunities dedicated to developmental education students
    15. 15. Examine impact and applications to unique applications (what special situations do International students encounter that local students may or may not?)</li></li></ul><li>Timeline<br />
    16. 16. Your Role in The Opportunity<br />
    17. 17. How Critical is This Project to HCC’s Mission and Vision Student Success?<br />What is HCC’s biggest ROI? Students. <br />Relevant – Meet the demands for quality DE and DevEd programs<br />By effectively screening for DE readiness, we are providing the best learning environment that meets their needs. <br />Opportunity – Direct retention improvement <br />Students move out of the at-risk category and closer to full-student success. If students are properly matched to a conducive learning environment early on, it sets the foundation for continued success.<br />Essential to the community – Student success is critical <br />When students succeed in one course, it primes them to continue on at HCC or graduate into the workforce community. <br />DE is a highly successful component of HCC, in this global market, we can not afford to continue to ignore this problem.<br />Student Success + Higher Retention Rates = More Revenue <br />