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This is an online toy party for ages 18 and older

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Leslie toy party

  1. 1. Welcome To Happendingz EXCLUSIVE Online Toy Party 18 and Older
  2. 2.  First, thank you for attending our HappEndingz toy party hosted by Leslie.  Now, if you’re here, it is assumed you are at least 18 years of age (if not please leave NOW)  I will also assume you know what sex is and with the advancement of technology and popularity of social media …HappEndingz is innovative and brings the party to you!  Men can also enjoy these products. It really is a shame that adult toys have been so repressed and frowned upon. Sexual play is about mutually consenting adults having fun. There's nothing politically incorrect about pleasure, just as long as it's arrived at safely, sanely and consensually!  Sex toys are a great way to enhance your sex life with a partner or alone. These toys are not something that have to be used every time you have sex or masturbate. Whenever you're in the mood, you can grab a toy and do as you please.
  3. 3.  The same as a party hosted in a home, except the store is brought to you via the use of video/slide show and in the privacy of each invitee’s home.  I will show you some of the most popular bedroom toys under $100 on the market today. Pictures, product name, use or tip & party price will be presented of each “toy” to get a better idea about the toys and how to use them.  You can pick the ones you like in the comfort of your own home, where your comments, reactions and purchases are completely private. Jot down the name or product #  Submit your order online at https://www.happendingz.com use coupon code LESLIE it is valid for 14 days only  There may additional products on our site you may interested in having, feel free to add it to your shopping cart and enjoy the same 20% Off savings.  Your order will be processed and your new goodies will be on their way in a plain box…shipping is discreet .  If you are interested in hosting your own online toy party and receive FREE stuff, email us at hap.endingz@gmail.com
  4. 4. How: Lie on your back with your legs raised and folded over so that your ankles are on either side of your head, while he squats and dips his penis in and out of your vagina. Benefit: Aside from getting that eye contact, the extra rush of blood into your head will increase the ecstasy. Bonus: Have him dribble chocolate syrup or honey into your mouth. It gets more of your senses involved and amps up the whole experience. Use your fingers to stroke his thighs and other areas you can reach.
  5. 5.  We are starting at the bottom, literally, with the dirty “A” word. Anal play, of any kind, is the most forbidden form of sex. As a result of all the myths and misconceptions about anal sex and anal sex toys, many are surprised to find that they really like it.
  6. 6. Hard Candy-Mini Butt Plug for beginners-pink Product #: CNVBN-BL-10080 Retail - $ 8.25 PARTY PRICE - $ 6.60 Hard Candy from Blush Novelties is the perfect anal toy for beginners, Kegel exercise, if you’re just experimenting or if you have been hesitant to try anal play. It is Soft and Flexible, with an easy to grip base, it makes insertion or retrieval of your candy simply delightful.  Length: 2.75 Inches  Insertable Length: 2.25 Inches  Width: 1.00 Inches  Color: Pink  Shape: Tapered  Material: TPE  Weight: 1.28 Ounces
  7. 7. Ass-Berries Raspberry Product #: ROABPKV Retail - $23.44 PARTY PRICE - $18.75 This thick, nubby sex toy looks lust like a berry. The Ass-Berries Blackberry is hypoallergenic and body safe for worry free play! The bullet and berry sleeve are also both waterproof to add a bit of fruity fun to the bath, shower, or pool! The soft, pliable surface features raised textures for lots of fun, and a special bullet vibrator for power. This bullet vibrator uses an N size battery (included) for stronger sensations than those powered with watch batteries.. 100% Waterproof • Length: 3.25 Inches • Width: 1.25 Inches • Color: Pink • Function: Vibrates • Powered By: 1 N Batteries • Manufacturer: Rocks Off Limited • Material: TPE • Weight: 12.8 Ounces
  8. 8. ANAL 101 INTRO BEADS PRODUCT #: CNVELD-SE1314-04 Retail: $5.85 PARTY PRICE: $4.68 The jelly beads have diameters ranging from .375in to .875in. They are slim and sized for the novice yet fun for the advanced anal connoisseur too! The handy retrieval ring avoids the lost and found. LENGTH: 7.50 INCHES WIDTH: 0.75 INCHES SHAPE: GRADUATED COLOR: PINK MATERIAL: PVC BRAND: SHANE'S WORLD MANUFACTURER: CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES WEIGHT: 1 OUNCES The outer sphincter of the anus has many nerve endings, the sensations produced by the movement of anal beads can cause intense arousal. Once inside, the inner sphincter responds to pressure that the beads — depending on the size — may create. Some people experience pleasure during insertion. Others enjoy the sensation of the beads being pulled out when reaching orgasm as they can enhance climax.
  9. 9. It is sad but true that highly stressed women are more distracted and have lower levels of physical arousal than women with normal amounts of stress. Luckily, you can still have great sex when you’re stressed—just use these six expert-approved techniques:  Take Better Breaths: It improves circulation, enhancing your sexual responsiveness and sensations  Slow Down Foreplay: incorporate some wind-down routines into your pregame, like giving each other massages or taking a hot shower together  Get Your Heart Pumping: Stop ending your stressful days in front of the TV and go for a short walk instead  Reach for the Lube : Too much anxiety can leave you drier than the desert—even when you’re mentally turned on—which sends a signal to your brain that you’re not in the mood.  Focus on What Feels Good: It’s impossible to totally turn off your mind during sex, but you can train yourself to hone in on your sensations  Pencil It In : Scheduling sex might seem like the least sexy thing ever, but it can be your best bet for zero-distraction pleasure.
  10. 10.  It may appear we are doing this alphabetical order, but it is pure coincidence, and Bondage is just as taboo as the “A” word.  Bondage toys are a great way to enhance sexual play. They are not something that has to be used every time you have sex, but some do because it's so erotic to do so and creates a strong emotional bond between partners because of the trust and reasonable vulnerability experienced during their use.
  11. 11. Pleasure Masks- 2 Per Pack Product #: SE2741-00 Retail: $7.58 PARTY PRICE: $6.06 • Length: 7.50 Inches • Width: 3.25 Inches • Material: Cotton , Polyester • Color: Red/Black • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties • Weight: 3.04 Ounces Passion Play Kitty Kat Mask & Whip Product #: SE7606-00 Retail: $13.60 PARTY PRICE: $10.88 • Faux fur leopard-print mask and whip set • Polyester (leopard fabric, mask, strap) EVA (mask lining) PU (whip) • 7.25”x 5.5”/ 18.5 cm x 14 cm (mask) • 17”/ 43.25 cm (whip)
  12. 12. Retail: $10.95 PARTY PRICE: $ 8.76 With this super-soft Japanese Silk Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese- style bondage play. It's ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner’s hands and feet, but long enough and durable enough for those who want to engage in Shibari style rope bondage. The rope is 1/4" thick and 35 feet long, perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses and rope restraints. Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope Purple Product #: PD3869-12
  13. 13. Retail: $10.95 PARTY PRICE: $8.76 Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner’s arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized. The Under The Bed Restraint System includes four cuffs, four 60 inch restraint straps, and one 60 inch connector strap. Simply slide the restraint straps under the mattress for an instant bondage bedroom. Each 60 inch strap adjusts to fit any size bed. There are multiple ways to position the straps. Use your imagination and restrain your lover for more fun! Under the Bed Restraint System Product #: SS202-01 Color: Black Material: Metal , Nylon , Velcro Feature: Mfg Warranty Included Manufacturer: Sportsheets International Inc UPC: 646709202019 Weight: 14 Ounces
  14. 14. First time fetish nipple teasers PRODUCT #: SE000493 Retail: $10.10 PARTY PRICE: $8.08 Fetish fantasy series furry love cuffs - black PRODUCT #: PD3804-23 Retail: $12.51 PARTY PRICE: $10.01
  15. 15. Retail: $37.53 PARTY PRICE $30.02 Turn any door into a love swing in just a few minutes! Enjoy positions you never thought were possible and explore your fetish fantasies! Using the door swing is easy: 1. Drape acrylic tubes over the top of the open door. 2. Close and lock the door. 3. Lower leg straps so that your lover can slide their thighs through the lower loops. 4. Allow your lover to slide their arms through the upper loops, have them hold onto the handles for extra safety. Adjust the straps to a comfortable height. 5. Have fun! NOTE: Maximum weight capacity = 300 lbs. Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing Product #: PD2185-00
  16. 16.  Discover or unleash your inner “Dancer”.  Discover new positions and experience new orgasms.
  17. 17.  The MiPole Professional Dance Pole kit is a portable pole dancing kit designed to let you have lots of fun, work out, and feel sexy at the same time. It is easy to install, easy to take down, and easy to carry any place you like. As a truly professional pole dancing kit, this pole will easily handle spins, upside down moves, and any other advanced techniques.  Professional quality 1.96 / 50 mm diameter chrome professional pole; for use on ceilings from 7'6 to 9 (2.28m to 2.75m); when properly installed, easily supports up to 250 lbs; instructions for easy set up included. The MiPpole Professional Dance Pole kit comes with pasties, carry bag, and feather boa and works on any stable flat surface, including carpet, wood, or tile
  18. 18.  Turn on the Liberator JAZ Mini and practice improvisation in perfect harmony with your soul mate. With JAZ Mini you'll hone your technique and never play the same song twice. Remember, it's not the instrument but how you play it. This portable sex cushion is available in 8 delicious colors.  The Jaz Mini cushion measures 15”W x 13”L x 6”H and fits in any gig bag. Features a machine washable micro suede cover. Under the skins, a moisture proof liner protects the foam inside. (The Jaz Mini cushion is not designed to interlock with other Liberator shapes.)
  19. 19. How: This is a modified doggy-style. Get on your hands and knees, then, keeping hips raised, rest your head and arms on the bed. Benefit: Creates deeper penetration—and gives you a chance to rest on a pillow. Bonus: Use your hands or to stimulate your clitoris. *the Jaz would be the perfect variation for this position
  20. 20.  Vibrators and Dildos serve the same purpose, but there is one difference, vibrators pulsate and a dildo doesn’t.  The secret to vibrators success is that they increase the blood flow and energy to whatever part of the body they are put up against. They are wonderfully versatile, used on the internal or external genitalia (including men).  All toys that will be used on the genitalia require a lubricant and must be cleaned thoroughly (before and after each use).
  21. 21.  Mr Marcus 9in Cock &Balls  Product #: DJ805001  Retail: $54.81  PARTY PRICE: $43.85 American Whopper 6.5in Product #: CNVELD-NT1895-1 Retail: $15.92 PARTY PRICE: $12.74 The Real Skin All-American Whopper measures 7 inches with an insertable length of 5.5 inches, 1.25-1.5 inches in width and a circumference of 4.5-5 inches, and is realistically sculpted for the size, feel, and pleasure of the real thing. The Whopper is super- flexible, comes with a suction-cup base for hands-free fun, and even comes with realistic balls.
  22. 22. Belladonna’s Magic Hand Product #: DJ5079-01 Retail: $23.37 PARTY PRICE: $18.70 Length: 11.40 Inches Insertable Length: 11.40 Inches Width: 2.20 Inches Color: Beige Pornstar: Belladonna Both Mr. Marcus & American Whopper can be used on this Rider Ball Product #: DJ1061-01 Retail : $30.27 PARTY PRICE: $37.84
  23. 23. Clit Flicker w/ Wireless vibrator Product #: SE1829-11 Retail:$16.44 PARTY PRICE:$13.15 Erection enhancer has a powerful, wireless stimulator that vibrates the flickering tongue. Man wears it to maintain his erection and feels vibrations and the woman will love the vibrating tickler on each of the man's thrusts. Cell batteries included. Length: 3” , Width: 2” Vac-U-Lock - Knuckle Up Product #: DJ101012 Retail: $12.42 PARTY PRICE:$9.94 You will not believe how versatile this toy is! It is perfect for both masturbation and playing with a partner! What are you waiting for? Experience endless pleasurable possibilities with the most user friendly sex toy system in the world. Features: compatible with any Vac-U-Lock Attachment. One size fits all knuckle ring grip. Comfortable during use. Dimensions 5.8 inches long by 4.5 inches wide by .8 inch deep. Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Black from Doc Johnson Novelties The Great American Toy Company.
  24. 24. Frisky Fingers Product #: CNVELD-8387-02 Retail: $7.92 PARTY PRICE: $6.34 Feeling a little "Frisky"? You will be with the Frisky Finger Vibes! Slips on to any finger to sooth and caress your most intimate regions. Super soft sensuous silicone with raised "Nubbies" to vibrate you into an Erotic Frenzy!
  25. 25. BULLETS Millionaire Matchmaker Sex Toy Dave's Vibrating Bullet Product #: ST558504 Retail: $4.99 PARTY PRICE: $3.99 This is the first sex toy to travel to outer space. This Bullet is so powerful it was still working after landing ..Crazy and True!. At the widest point, it is 3.5 inch in circumference. It is approx. 2 1/4 inches in length. Requires 2 AA batteries. So let this little bullet take you places you have only dreamed of! Wire measures aprox 2ft in length Vibrating Ben Wa Balls Gold Product #: NW1889-2 Retail:$20.81 PARTY PRICE: $16.65 These vibrating wonders are good to use in vagina while having anal or with penetration in the vagina….ORGASMIC for both! Are extremely simple to use, they’re discreet and easy to clean - not to mention being cheaper than most other toys. These small vibrators can be stored or taken anywhere without anyone realizing and renowned for achieving some of the most intense climactic experiences around.
  26. 26. CyberSkin CyberStroker Pussy and Ass, Dark Product #: CNVXMB-1003016 Retail: $14.80 PARTY PRICE: $11.84 Cassidey UR3 Vibrating Vagina & Anus Product #: DJ5537-01 Retail: $93.99 PARTY PRICE: $75.19 *Light or Dark available
  27. 27. Wireless Venus Butterfly Wearable Stimulator Product #: CNVELD-SE0601-30 Retail $14.54 PARTY PRICE: $11.63 Simply strap on and let the purple butterfly wings work their erotic magic.Fully adjustable and removable waist and thigh straps. It's the ultimate experience for a woman. 3.5”x 3.5”/9 cm x 9 cm (butterfly) 2.75”x .5”/7 cm x 1 cm (stimulator). Perfect toy for use while having sex…DOUBLE the pleasure! Waterproof Jack Rabbit Product #: SE0610-70 Retail:$58.63 PARTY PRICE: $ 46.90 The Original just keeps getting better, and better, and better! 100% waterproof for fun in or out of the water. The playful rabbit with its synchronized rotating metals beads and reversing action has 3 speeds of vibration, 3 speeds of rotation, and one touch activation. 10 inches of total length with 5.5 inches of insertable length. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included. Also available in: Clear - SE0610-50, Blue - SE1610-60, Purple - SE1610-80
  28. 28. Red Rider Strap on Product #: SE7658-11 Retail:$24.62 PARTY PRICE:$19.70 Durable universal harness is padded for extra comfort Fully adjustable waist and thigh straps (waist adjusts up to 60”/ 152.5 cm) (Thigh straps adjust up to 30”/ 76.25 cm) Removable sturdy and pliable slim “G” curved dong Harness accommodates most probes Handy pocket for optional vibrating devices PVC (dong) PP (harness) PE (padding) Chrome plated iron(ring) Nickel plated iron (snaps) 7”x 1.5”/ 17.75 cm x 3.75 cm (dong) Reusable Vibrating Cock ring Blue Product #: BN30602 Retail:$4.86 PARTY PRICE:$3.88 Definitely recommend to assist in making your erection harder and stronger! Also for the women who have trouble obtaining an orgasm during penetration, but it really only works for woman when they are on top, otherwise the vibrator will just tease you as it pulls away with each stroke! Made from a Food Grade SEBS for safe use, heats to the touch and sensuously slippery when wet 6 extra batteries included. Each cock ring lasts for 30 minutes
  29. 29. NYMPHOS DESIRE Product #: HP1409 Retail:$7.38 PARTY PRICE: $6.26 Simply massage into the labia on her, or the penis head on him, and enjoy the cool tingle of menthol provides amazing sensations to make sex feel great! Contains Mineral Oil, DO NOT USE W/Condoms Nipple Nibblers -Strawberry Product #: HP1063 Retail: $5.08 PARTY PRICE: $4.06 Watch your lover smile as you both enjoy this tingly tasty treat. 2.08 oz Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Butter Cream, Bubble Gum and Razzleberry Refresh Toy Cleaner 4 oz Product #: PD975500 Retail: $3.52 PARTY PRICE: $2.82 Directions: Remove batteries before cleaning battery operated toys. Spray the cleaner over the entire surface area, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry Insertz Anal Eaze 10Ml Product #: PD9980-00 Retail: $6.27 PARTY PRICE:$5.02 A gentle desensitizer helps relax anal muscles for a more pleasurable experience, and cherry flavor adds to the fun. Slender tapered necks for easy and mess-free application directly into the ass before or during sex!
  30. 30. Pjur Original Body Glide Lube - 30ml Product #: PJ11031 Retail:$6.27 PARTY PRICE: $5.02 Latex and rubber compatible. Tasteless, odorless, and fragrance-free, Hypo-allergenic Feels silky and smooth and never dries out. Allows the skin to breathe without blocking pores Touch Of Honey - Passion Berry Product #: KI1011 Retail:$7.83 PARTY PRICE: $6.26 Spread the dust over your partner's body with the marabou feather then taste, kiss and lick off partner. Made with real honey and pure edible ingredients, 100% natural and not tested on animals. 2 oz Ingredients: Corn starch, Dextrose, Baked honey, Sodium saccharin Making Love Massage Oil -Strawberry Product #: ML005 Retail: $9.14 PARTY PRICE: $7.31 A perfectly balanced formulation of pure edible oils, Vitamin E and Ginseng Extract all derived from natural plant sources with aromatic food flavorings to arouse and stimulate the senses. Long lasting lubricity to intensify the pleasure of massage. Never gets sticky or tacky. 8 ounces Also available in: Vanilla, Kiwi/Strawberry
  31. 31. ORAL BJ Blast Strawberry Product #: PD7432-60 Retail:$1.56 PARTY PRICE: $1.25 This is the candy that's meant for going down or giving head! Comes in strawberry, cherry and green apple. Makes oral sex good for both of you! Just sprinkle some in your mouth and go down for the ride of their life. Eating out will never be the same! There is nothing else feels quite like it. A wet and warm tongue on your clit can do things to you that a penis simply can't accomplish on its own! Similarly, the type of pleasure a man feels from having his penis enveloped in your warm wet mouth is incomparable to any other experience. Pussy Licker Tropical Fruit Product #: DJ1319-02 Retail:$5.24 PARTY PRICE:$4.19 Tasty oral sex gel. Also can be used as a lubricant. 2 0z. Also available in Strawberry 69 Deep Throat Mints: Spiced Chocolate Product #: CNVXMB-1030008 Retail:$6.55 PARTY PRICE:$5.24 Can be used by Men and Women. Also, soothes sore throats.
  32. 32. Strappy Lace Teddy Product #: CNVELD- RR1283-BR-SM. Size S/M –Black/Red Retail:$13.57 PARTY PRICE: $10.86 Long Line Corset Product #: CNVGWC-gf8015sm Sizes: S - L Retail:$28.60 PARTY PRICE:$22.88 Flower Mesh Babydoll & G-string Color: Pink Size: o/s Product#: CNVELD-RR1575-PK-OS Retail: $18.81 PARTY PRICE:$15.05 Lace Mesh Halter Babydoll &G-string Color: Black Size: Q (16-24) Product #: CNVELD-RR1174-BK-OQ Retail:$22.99 PARTY PRICE:$18.39 V-Plunge Seamless Mini Dress Color:Black Size:QN Product #: CNVELD-PL5001-BK-OQ Retail:$14.63 PARTY PRICE:$11.70
  33. 33. Table Bell Ring For Sex Product #: OZTB01E Retail:$6.27 PARTY PRICE: $5.02 Oral Sex Dice Product #: PD801802 Retail:$3.12 PARTY PRICE:$2.50 Dirty Minds Card Game Product #: CNVELD-6347-20 Retail:$10.65 PARTY PRICE:$8.52 Hugs n Kisses Coupons (Each) Product #: PD5058-99 Retail: $2.30 PARTY PRICE:$1.84 Hugs n Kisses Coupons (Each) Product #: PD5058-99 Retail:$2.10 PARTY PRICE: $1.68
  34. 34. Choose Your Pleasure Foreplay Game Product #: LITBG034 Retail: $9.92 PARTY PRICE:$7.94 Glow Finger Paints Product #: KI621 Retail:$7.67 PARTY PRICE:$6.14 Edible Finger Paints Product #: PD9200-01 Retail:$7.83 PARTY PRICE:$6.26
  35. 35. DevineToy Box - Iridescent Red Product #: CNVDT-S117L-02 Retail: $48.00 PARTY PRICE: $38.40 Styled of satin, faux leather and lace, fashioned with secure lock and key, your favorite playthings, lotions and such will forever be safe from inquisitive eyes and sticky fingers. Weighs 1.5 lbs Trojan Platinum 10 Pack Product #: T95303 Retail:$15.57 PARTY PRICE:$12.46 Latex Dental Dam Assorted 1 pc. Product #: T6030 Retail:$1.47 PARTY PRICE:$1.18 For the ultimate protection for oral-genital contact during sex, Dental Dams are the best choice. Dental Dams are used to help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex by acting as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that may contain bacteria and viruses
  36. 36. For DVD’s The Little Book of Blow Jobs Product #: CNVELD-8161-14 Retail: $14.28 PARTY PRICE: $11.42 New Pocket Kama Sutra Product #: CNVELD-8247 Retail:$11.90 PARTY PRICE:$9.52 Peanut Butter #06 (Com) Product #: MBO113 Retail:$13.34 PARTY PRICE:$10.67 Peanut Butter #06 by Cornell Clarke. In this latest installment in the chronicles of Molly Frederickson. Molly may actually be falling for a handsome and thickly endowed, young man who saves her from a scary situation with two guys getting dangerously close to rape over 50 sexual positions that have been specially modified for modern lovers.
  37. 37. Well, that concludes our online toy party, brought to you by HappEndingz. Want to host your own party? Do you have suggestions or comments on how to make this experience better? Email us at hap.endingz@gmail.com. To place your order visit www.happendingz.com and type the name or product # in the search box and select [Add to Cart], when you have added all desired items, [Check Out ]and use coupon code_______ to guarantee the PARTY PRICE. Again, Thank you and I hope this is the start of your HappEndingz!