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Brief Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils


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Young Living Essential Oils offer a good value to support your health...naturally..using potent, plant based health products that support your body. Using the highest quality essential oils and oil infused products provides excellent benefits for the body, mind and heart. Owning multiple farms around the world and utilizing the unique "Seed to Seal" process insures the highest quality in Young Living Essential Oils. With an extensive and ever growing product line which not only includes essential oils, but supplements, household products, & personal care products that are non-toxic, affordable, safe & effective for the entire family, including pets.
Watch this short slide show for more details about Young Living and how you can begin using Young Living products to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

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Brief Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils

  1. 1. Brief Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils A Good Value to Support the Health of the Body
  2. 2. A few examples of how oils from Starter Kit benefit your Health
  3. 3. Essential Oils Effective, Affordable, Safe
  4. 4. Protection for Immune System
  5. 5. Nutritional Support
  6. 6. up/new-start Enroller/Sponsor # - 342503
  7. 7. Want Your Own Oils?  Enrollment choices available through Young Living. Enrollment Choices:  Good – Order retail – Fantastic Products  Better -Wholesale Member — Fantastic products at cheaper price. Wholesale pricing (a 24% discount off retail pricing  Best – Essential Rewards – This is the Premium Program! You get fantastic products at a cheaper price, cheaper shipping, and you earn points that can be used for free products, just pay shipping. You also get gifts at 3, 6 & 9 months as a loyalty reward. To Sign Up Enroller/Sponsor # =342503
  8. 8. Thank you!!! • Thank you for taking the time to look at these informational pages. • Please don’t hesitate to call or email any questions. • Leslie Vornholt - 720-304-8043 •