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Orange Grove\'s School Dept. Brochure (designed by Leslie Smith)

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School Dept. Brochure

  1. 1. EXTENSIVE ON-SITE SUPPORT SYSTEMResource personnel are readily available in-house forease of collaboration in all the disciplines, including,physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy,behavior support, nursing coordination, a social worker ORANGE GROVE CENTERand nutrition, in order for all teaching staff to be well- Children’s Services Orange Grove Centerimmersed in the nuances of providing comprehensive 615 Derby Street Children’s Servicessupports for students with intellectual and developmen-tal disabilities. Chattanooga, TN 37404REGISTERED NURSE AND LPNS With certifica- (423) 493-2947 DIRECT LINEtions in developmental disabilities in all locations, (423) 493-2926 FAXincluding transportation and off-site programming,in order to meet the most stringent of health-relatedguidelines.ON-SITE MEDICAL AND DENTAL CLINICWith a full-time physician and dentist, specializing intreating persons with developmental disabilities.EXTENSIVE VOCATIONAL TRAINING ANDPLACEMENT Which includes both on and off cam-pus work-based training, utilizing the vast experienceand community partnerships, which Orange Grove hasaccumulated over the years in order to provide the bestpossible vocational experiences for students in specialeducation.EMERGENCY RESPITE SERVICESReferrals accepted to provide intermittent residentialservices through OGC’s network of 24-hour supervi-sion services. “This program is funded (in part) by the Tennessee Division of Intellectual Disability Services, Tennessee Department ofUNIVERSITY AFFILIATIONS Health, Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services, UnitedSpecial Education majors participate in a nationally ac- Way of Hamilton County, Hamilton County Government, HCDE, USDA, TDOT, Tennessee Council on Developmentalclaimed university “embedded” program with involve- Disabilities and many private contributors.ment in multi-disciplinary research collaborations. Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, federal Orange Grove Center’s school program is law protects individuals from discrimination. Facilities, approved on an annual basis by: programs and services sponsored by Orange Grove Center are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. as a: Category 1 Special Education Non-Graded School
  2. 2. Services provided exclusively by Orange Grove Children’s Services ENRICHMENT SERVICES(With programs SERVICES(With and activities designed specifically for students with developmental disabilities.) Art, Music and multi-sensory environment ser- vices are provided on a rotation basis. Assistive technology lab, Sensory Gym, virtual interaction kinetic experience, swimming,Orange Grove Center pre-dates other agencies Each classroom is under the instruction of a certi- recreational therapy, and therapeutic riding areas one of the first local providers of educational fied spe special education teacher. scheduled per individual, per classroom, and/orservices to individuals with intellectual and devel- student interest.opmental disabilities. Depending on student’s skill level, the lowest student caseload per classroom is five students Chorus, Choir and Dance ensembles are avail-Since 1953, the center has served students of vary- (medically fragile) to nine students. able through auditions. Glee Club and Danceing abilities and disabilities ranging in age from five class are available upon request. The Rhythmicto 22 years. The number of classroom assistants assigned to Arts Project (T.R.A.P.) is based upon availabil- teachers and students depends on overall student ity.Children’s Services serves individuals with the fol- skill level and abilities, program involvement,lowing disabilities: classroom structure and safety. Several classrooms Water Ballet and a workout dance class are have one to three assistants assigned to support the available on alternating weeks to anyone inter-• Intellectual and developmental disabilities overall daily schedule. ested.• Genetic syndromes, including Down Syndrome,Fragile X, Williams Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syn- We are currently a special, year-round day school Special Olympics (swimming, basketball,drome receiving funding from several local education bowling, summer and winter games) are avail-• Cerebral Palsy agencies and private contributors. able for those interested. Participants must• Organic brain disorders obtain a Special Olympic physical.• Metabolic and mitochondrial disorders• Autism spectrum disorders The EDUcarium™ at Orange Grove is a YEAR-ROUND SCHOOL Open 225 days,• Communication impairments novel approach to lifespan learning, which Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.• Sensory processing disorders incorporates both an innovative educational• Maladaptive behavior milieu with adaptive socialization and voca-• Social skill deficits tional opportunities in the community.• Neuromotor disorders• Orthopedic impairments