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Two truths and a lie


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Two truths and a lie

  1. 1. Two Truths and a Lie A FUN GETTING-TO-KNOW-YOU LESSON
  2. 2. What is “truth”? A truth is a statement of fact. When you speak the truth, you are stating a fact. Part of speech: Noun Synonyms: honesty, actuality, fact. Antonyms: lies, falsehoods, untruths.
  3. 3. What is a lie? A lie is a statement that is untrue. Part of speech: Noun Synonyms: deception, falsehood, fiction Antonym: truth, correct statement, fact
  4. 4. Game Rules Each person lists three statements about themselves, except one of the statements is a lie. Everyone listens to the statements, and tries to guess which one is the lie. Example: #1 I like to swim, ride my bicycle and run because those activities make me healthy. #2 When my family and I travel, I like to tour grocery stores because I love to cook and eat.  #3 "Two summers ago, my family travelled to Vancouver because my husband’s family had a reunion. There were 237 people at the party.
  5. 5. Challenge Tips: Be sure to be random about the order of your "facts". Also try to recite your three statements in the same voice, so you dont give away the lie. Use the pronoun “I” to start your sentences. Make your statements interesting and believable by adding a “because” statement with information such as prepositions that tell where and when, and adjectives (words that describe nouns) or adverbs (words that describe actions). For example: I am afraid of horses. (Weak statement.) I am afraid of horses because a horse stepped on me. (Better statement.) I am deathly afraid of horses because a huge, black horse stepped heavily on my foot when I was a little five year old girl. (Best statement.)
  6. 6. Choosing the fact from the fiction Each player/listener may ask one “wh- question” (including “How”) to determine the lie from the truths. Use the past simple tense (“Wh” word and “did”. Use the word “did” before the subject.) Question Auxiliary Subject Verb rest word word- did What did you do when the horse stepped on your foot? When did the horse step on your foot? Why did the horse step on your foot? Where did the horse step on your foot? How did the horse step on your foot?
  7. 7. Create your two truths and a lie Time to play the game. Write your three statements- two facts and one falsehood. Be creative and have fun. Say your statements in a loud, clear voice so everyone can hear you. Be ready to tell us about your true statements. We will be curious and interested in learning more about you and hearing your stories. Time to practice! Listen to Ian Harding, an actor in the television show “Pretty Little Liars”. Try to find his lie. Here are my two truths and a lie. Can you guess which is the lie? I am very afraid of heights because I painfully fell off a tall ladder many years ago. I once slowly ran 42 long kilometers in one day because I wanted to know if I could do it. I can’t travel easily outside of Canada because I foolishly lost my passport twice.
  8. 8. Your Two Truths and a Lie 1. 2. 3.