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Twitter 101 for Educators


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Showing educators how to get started on Twitter-terms, step by step directions on opening your account and how to get followers, and more!

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Twitter 101 for Educators

  1. 1. • Is no longer a trend! • Is created for brief conversations, or “micro blogging” • Only allows you to write 140 characters at a time • Can be very useful and fun if used properly • Is important for connected educators to become familiar And YOU are a connected educator…
  2. 2. Did I mention that NASA astronauts are even Tweeting from space? Space. For reals. So, what’s your excuse, again?
  3. 3. • Create an account with a picture • Find people to Follow • Listen • Participate in a chat • ReTweet what some interesting people are saying • Jump in and begin contributing your 140 characters
  4. 4. • What is your “feed or timeline”?
  5. 5. What is your “homepage”? Toolbar to navigate Updates from my followers on my homepage Suggestions from Twitter on who to follow Stats on us
  6. 6. • Mention-Also called a reply. • Follow • Follower
  7. 7. • DM • RT • MT
  8. 8. • Reply Either “@lyannaSunghy04 sorry for the issues” Or Hit>Reply, and respond. The responses will be catalogued together in the feed
  9. 9. Things to remember when choosing a Username • 15 characters • Shorter is better • How would it look on your email signature? Stupid or professional? • You can change it when you want • Avoid crazy punctuation, numbers (JohnSmith3245) • Good ideas include: @mrsmitchellbio (this is LaEla Mitchell’s page for her biology classes) • Know your school’s social media policy
  10. 10. • Search and add @gavirtual to follow us. Other suggestions:@gadoenews @NMHS_principal @edutopia @cybraryman1 • For cool accounts specific to your subject area, consider these: @NASA @realtimeWWII @atlasobscura @thewordoftheday @techreview @TEDtalks
  11. 11. We have some folks who are seriously active and some newbies just willing to jump in and explore. Here’s just a few having fun in the Twitterverse! See if you know who they are! @gavirtual (obviously!) @mrsmitchellbio @_janeobrien8 @sciencebitsnow @MargaretThomas4 @lynnewhitley @rvcopeland @cmadz @jeffgiddens There are many more of you, so keep up the good work! Make sure you follow @gavirtual and I will Follow you back, so I know that you’re out there!
  12. 12. I don’t follow this person, she follows me. So, it doesn’t show up in my homepage, but it will show up in my mentions tab. Notifications>Mentions
  13. 13. Now we can see what anyone who uses that hashtag has said about this topic.
  14. 14. • Hashtag
  15. 15. #GAVSThrowback
  16. 16. • If You’re using Twitter for classes- Ex: @Mrs.TateAlgClass – Funny facts about math – Relevant course deadlines, assignment reminders – Links to get help, tutoring and more
  17. 17. • If You’re Using Twitter mostly for Professional Development and growing your PLN • Relevant #elearning industry news • Blogs, articles or webinars you wrote or have an interest in • RT from followers
  18. 18. • How to Change Your Background • Writing a good profile bio • Creating a list • Growing my PLN • Participating in a chat • Using Twitter within my classes • How do I get more followers? • How do I block people? • What if I get spam? Twitter 102 Session Twitter in the Online Classroom
  19. 19. Guess what? We can Twitter chat about it, and it will give you some practice at the same time. To ask me a question, start your Tweet with “@GAVS_smspec #GAVStweetup” , or just use “#GAVStweetup” like this:
  20. 20. • New To Twitter “Choosing a Username” • “Mom, This is How Twitter Works” • 5 Reasons Educators Should Tweet • GAVS Social Media Policy • Twitter Chats for Educators