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Community Mod-Fu Secrets Revealed: The 2x4 of Kindness


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The presentation I gave at Refresh Seattle:

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Community Mod-Fu Secrets Revealed: The 2x4 of Kindness

  1. 1. Community Mod-Fu Secrets Revealed: The 2x4 of Kindness
  2. 2. The Context • From 0 to 85k+ in 6 years. • One of the most effective communities of this size on the internet. • Commercial & Open Source.
  3. 3. The 2x4 • Truth is King. Right is always right. • The Customer is not always right. • You are not always right.
  4. 4. Rose FAIL • “Do not cut off the nose and then offer the rose.” • Professional communities tend toward self- righteousness. • Flame wars are bad.
  5. 5. Of Kindness • The method in which we collectively agree to uphold what we consider to be Truth. • Kindness is universally understood and difficult to countermand.
  6. 6. Uphold • It is better to uphold the Truth than to destroy the counter perspective. • This is difficult and contrary to mainstream commercialism.
  7. 7. Truth • Know Your Story & Message (core Truth) • EllisLab: “We help people succeed.” • Truth is more than facts & numbers, ie authentic storytelling is important.
  8. 8. The Foundation • Invite people into the story; merge yours with theirs. • Build slowly. This is more complex than it appears.
  9. 9. Practical • Be authentic; ok to fail. • Don’t respond when angry. • The buddy system (get a 2nd opinion). • Ban those who won’t Uphold, but only as a last resort (85k, less than 10 people banned).
  10. 10. Considerations • You’ll have a community of Truth-telling professionals who won’t be shy. Can you handle that? • Does your business model support long term growth? This will cost you short-term sales in favor of a loyal community.
  11. 11. The Result • Better communication enables better goods & services. • Sustainable long-term growth. • Word of mouth marketing gold. • A community that helps each other.
  12. 12. Online Adventures • • • http://twitter/knight777