The Best Place To Go In Winsted


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This is a presentation of The Gilson Cafe & Cinema in Winsted, CT. It is the first powerpoint presentation I ever created in a class that I took for Microsoft Office Suite 2007 while unemployed. I have also worked at the Gilson for over 16 years and wanted to share what an awesome place it is. Unfortunately, the animation and sound, which MAKES The presentation, (especially the last screen which scrolls up like credits!!!) is not available on slideshare.

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  • OF course, it would have to be …..The Gilson!
  • So what makes the Gilson Special, you ask?
  • It’s not just another movie theatre with greasy floors and rowdy kids!
  • The Gilson is one of the few theatres that has been able to accomplish the serving food and drink, too a large crowd, while watching a movie.l It is quite an accomplishment to serve such delicious food, to so many people, in such a short period of time.
  • The Gilson stocks has a full bar, serving Beer, Wine, Internationsl coffees Cappuccino, and of course, Soft Drinks.
  • 24 years of Films, Food and Fun…..all right here in Winsted. Incredible, isn’t it?
  • Two films are shown nightly….The Main theatre, which is on the main level, seats approximately 125 patrons. The Lounge Theatre is a little more intimate, seating only about 56.
  • Here’s a sneak preview of the menu. There are many choices of Sandwiches, Salads, Appetizers…..
  • The Gilson serves the best Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting ever, plus, peanut butter pie, tuxedo mousse cake and hot fudge brownie sundaes!....a favorite of all!
  • The Best Place To Go In Winsted

    1. 1. By Karen Ross 7/8/2009 Karen Ross
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Did you know that the Gilson is one of the most original movie theatres in the WORLD?
    4. 4. WHY
    5. 5. Because, it’s not just another movie theatre….
    6. 6. It’s also a restaurant!
    7. 7. Serving THE BEST in FOOD……..
    8. 8. Drink…
    9. 9. And FILM
    10. 10. Yes!! ……That’s 24 years of FILMS FOOD FUN Right here in Winsted!!!
    11. 11. Two Films show nightly…..  The Main Theatre  The Lounge Theatre
    12. 12. A Sneak Preview of the Menu  Sandwiches  Appetizers Double Pate and Brie, Feature Pepperoni and Ham, Turkey, Cheese Pork CHILI Pitas, Seafood Soups and Turkey For the complete menu, visit the Gilson Website
    13. 13. BUT……Don’t forget the YUMMY Desserts…..
    14. 14. And the BEST Popcorn Ever!!!  Popped Daily  On the premises  With light vegetable oil  Using only REAL BUTTER to season
    15. 15. Show Times
    16. 16. Gift Certificates in any amount are available anytime
    17. 17. “Reservations” are highly recommended for Friday and Saturday Shows Call 379-5108 to reserve tickets  No one under 21 will be admitted on Friday And Saturday.
    18. 18. Come Visit Winsted! Experience The GILSON Enjoy a great show! Have a delicious meal!