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  1. 1. CTPartners 2014 EXECUTIVE HOT JOBS TOP EXECUTIVE JOBS FOR 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the midst of the naggingly slow economic recovery and with the market at record levels largely because of gains in tech stocks, companies are nervously sitting on an estimated $1.2 - 4 trillion in cash, poised to make critical investments once they are more confident about ongoing economic stability. According to CTPartners consultants around the globe who provided input for the company’s 18th annual Hot Jobs report, several key factors are at play in driving executive hiring in 2014. In the technology sector, Big Data will only grow bigger, as organizations race to collect and monetize information to gain competitive advantage. Tied to Big Data, the adoption of cloud services also continues on a large scale, enabling access to data, changing how we interact with mobile devices and offering anytime, anywhere access to content. The explosion of online education in the past two years will continue as individuals and organizations leverage the massive amount of learning content available online, and cybersecurity remains a top priority in the wake of the NSA scandal. In financial services, compliance issues continue to become increasingly complex, as global CEOs commit to ensuring their banks follow a myriad of newly written rules. In asset management, rising above the noise of competitors is key as firms use an increasing number of ways to reach customers. As the insurance industry finally embraces digital media and consumers research and get advice on products, services and providers, advanced analytics are required to stay ahead. In the midst of the ongoing public/private debate and implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, healthcare industry consolidation and pressures on achieving patient satisfaction, quality of care, and reducing costs will be top of mind for companies. As they gear up for new reimbursement models and risk, they must also capitalize on and maximize existing business models – and not leave money on the table. According to CTPartners CEO Brian Sullivan, “We expect 2014 to continue the slight improvement trend we’ve seen in the second half of this year. The world is close to huge upside in global growth, but what seems to be holding it back is the over regulation that has crept into our system as a result of the crises of 2008-2009. It’s going to take significant leadership to give the business world confidence that the regulatory landscape will not deteriorate further, so that they will invest in their companies, expand product offerings and add to their employment levels. We expect to see CEOs and boards meet the challenge.” Your Executive Search Partner
  2. 2. CTPartners 2014 Executive Hot Jobs TECHNOLOGY Sullivan noted, “Technology’s impact is being felt more than ever, not just in traditional ways of increasing our ability to produce more for less, but now being able to tap more consumers in more ways and capturing results and more readily analyzing product acceptance patterns.” Chief Information Officer, 2015 While it sounds like old hat to list the CIO position as a hot job, the role's continuing evolution positions it as more critical to most organizations than ever before. The CIO of the coming years, “CIO 2015” is at the forefront of many trends associated with other hot jobs: data, mobile, digital and analytics. The CIO’s focus has migrated from the back office to the boardroom, making the role more visible, in greater demand and hotter than ever. In addition, many companies are adding “and SVP” or other monikers to CIO titles, the dual titles reflecting the increasing importance of IT within organizations and the increasing responsibility of the CIO. Board Director, Digital While many companies have been beefing up their management teams with digital experts for a number of years, many still lack digital orientation and know-how on their boards of directors. This makes it difficult for a board to fully participate in strategic discussions regarding the opportunities presented by digital technology and digitalbased services, or even ask senior management the right questions. With the intersection of how digital is transforming business models and the need for companies to continue to grow via revenue diversification, boards need leaders with the depth of experience, operational understanding, strategic business insights, and gravitas to provide strong leadership and influence on digital matters addressed by the board. Chief Digital Officer, Head of eCommerce/Omni-Channel The digital transformation touches nearly every market, but will impact the following industries in particular, requiring executives who can navigate the move to digital and mobile platforms. In Financial Services, customer expectations are changing, so the focus needs to shift from pushing products to creating meaningful customer engagements. In Retail, the omni-channel movement allowing consumers to have a seamless shopping experience across all channels is now the status quo and creating a true customer-centric approach means winning the game. In Travel, the key is to combine the digital and physical experience, from online to airport. The “consumerization of B2B” requires the creation of a digital experience that matches what customers experience in the real world. In Education, vastly improved technology and increased student dropout rates have set the stage for disruption (see Online Education Executive job below). In Healthcare, the Affordable Care Act will go into effect, with technology playing a key role in transforming the way consumers, payers and providers interact within the healthcare ecosystem. Chief Marketing Officer The CMO role is rapidly evolving, and CMOs across all market sectors increasingly need the ability to use analytics to show that marketing is actually driving revenue and growth, providing irrefutable data that highlights its influence and significance to the organization. In demand are customer centric and digitally savvy marketing Your Executive Search Partner
  3. 3. CTPartners 2014 Executive Hot Jobs leaders capable of developing new business models and creating and implementing strategic marketing programs that span multiple platforms, improving customer engagement in a more personalized and cheaper way. These new CMOs must evangelize innovation and align peers as well as the Board of Directors, all at a breakneck pace never experienced before. Chief Risk Officer/Cybersecurity/Information Security Officer Protecting an organization’s digital assets has never been more important or more difficult, and the ability of a company to assure its customers their data is secure is a top-three corporate priority. Online Education Executive With the rapid proliferation of online educational content, educational institutions, private companies and nonprofits are increasingly offering learning content online. Executives who can lead these organizations in new product development, user experience and education analytics will be in high demand as online learning only continues to grow. VP, M-Commerce, Retail M-commerce has become the new e-commerce, as sophisticated digital and mobile capability converges with consumers who are increasingly confident in and reliant on multi-tasking with their smartphones and tablets. Retailers continue to bring new mobile options to consumers, and with increased security advances in mobile devices and more sophisticated apps, executives who understand mobile user behavior and needs will be in demand. Managing Director, Data Scientist/Data Analytics Leader Wrapping scientific data around human behaviors is becoming increasingly important in consulting as well as in the CPG and retail banking markets. Enhanced customer relationship management and the development of products and services based on predictive consumer behavior spending patterns require the need for advanced interpretation of complex data sets. Utilizing analytics and customer data is now primarily seen as a competitive tool that has a calculated ROI. Chief Creative Officer, Media/Television The proliferation of programming available through both traditional and non-traditional means, from cable TV to video on demand to new ways to watch content, have made the landscape for content extremely competitive. Creative roles have always been key to any IP-driven business, but typically these positions have not been in the Csuite, with the exception of the founder. Your Executive Search Partner
  4. 4. CTPartners 2014 Executive Hot Jobs FINANCIAL SERVICES Noted Sullivan, “Financial services, an industry that’s being more regulated than ever before, needs more executives to help companies comply with those regulations, yet unfortunately these new jobs won’t add to the GDP or drive further employment.” Head of Compliance The continued onslaught of regulations has created a cottage industry for compliance executives, with total compensation for this role up 25 percent in the last two years alone. Team sizes haven’t simply grown, they have doubled or tripled in size. In a role where leadership was never a strong suit to begin, now compliance officers are front and center as global CEOs ensure their banks adhere to many new regulations. Part detective, part policeman and part fortuneteller – how exactly are they going to interpret those rules? – this new generation of compliance officers will need to rely on influence and leadership to convince both the line of business heads and the regulators that they understand and can vouch for their company’s compliance to tens of thousands of rules and regulations. Head of Strategic & Integrated Marketing, Asset Management As firms seek to elevate the visibility of their brands on a global scale through digital, social media, advertising, PR and the Web, they are hiring marketing executives who work at the most senior level of an organization. This role touches all businesses and customers and is on the cutting edge of using technology in a creative and leading edge way. Director, Alternative Products Distribution, Asset Management/Private Wealth With clients diversifying traditional investment assets and shifting them from shorter to longer time horizons, this maturing view on investing by the high net worth and family office market requires bankers who have a firm grasp of the relative merits of private equity, hedge funds and real estate and their place in an investment portfolio. CFO/Finance Director, China The rising cost of doing business in China requires an executive who understands how to manage fast growth while improving KPIs, particularly in the healthcare and consumer goods sectors. Chief Digital Officer/Head of Digital, Insurance Insurance is emerging from the dark ages, with insurers’ relationships with consumers increasingly beginning online. Thanks to digital media – the Internet, social networking, blogs, video, smart phones and others – consumers now have broad and convenient access to a wealth of information. They are using that access to search for, learn about and get advice on products, services and providers. In order to get in front of this new world, insurers need to embrace holistic analytics, not just risk or pricing analytics or insight analytics. Your Executive Search Partner
  5. 5. CTPartners 2014 Executive Hot Jobs LIFE SCIENCES/HEALTHCARE Noted Sullivan, “The healthcare industry is in jeopardy of being a victim of the largest legislative change in our country’s recent history, and while it has been expected to be a boost in revenue, compliance with the seemingly day to day changes to the regulations is proving to be a major challenge.” CEO/GM, Population Health Management or Integrated Care Management, Healthcare Healthcare industry consolidation and pressures on achieving patient satisfaction, quality of care, and reduced costs have combined to create the need for an executive who understands how to balance an organization’s investments to prepare for new reimbursement models and risk, while capitalizing and maximizing existing business models – and not leave money on the table. This role is the tip of the spear around business model innovation. Chief Strategy Officer The ongoing convergence of healthcare and technology and the need for increasingly strategic input to drive corporate decision-making has driven demand for executives with transformative scope, influence and impact. These CSOs can make an international contribution particularly as US firms figure out how to more effectively penetrate global markets. VP Market Access Market Access remains a hot topic in bio, pharma, device and diagnostic companies, as they are behind the curve in addressing the ever-changing routes to market. The complexity of how products are introduced to the market is more complex than it has ever been, requiring a complete rethink led by market professionals who understand the new priorities. HUMAN RESOURCES Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) This post has been gaining traction over the past few years but is hotter than ever, as CEOs increasingly recognize they need more from their people to gain a competitive advantage. A progressive HR leader can make a huge difference in attracting, retaining and developing an organization’s human capital investment. Head of HR Analytics Consistent with the global focus on Big Data and largely a result of the “Google effect,” winning organizations are looking to capture, assess and use organizational data to gain a competitive advantage. Reporting to the CHRO, this executive helps HR to become more scientific in using data to drive smart business decisions. HR Director, Social/Labor Relations In the Industrial and Logistics sector in particular, it is increasingly difficult to find European HR executives with the strong labor relations focus and the international scope to be able to work for American companies, since younger HR executives have focused more on HR development in the recent years. Your Executive Search Partner
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