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C 5


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Published in: Technology, Education
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C 5

  1. 1. Introduction to Computers CLASS 5
  2. 2. Peripherals Peripherals are divided into two types - things that take information and put it into your computer, and things that take information out of your computer. These are called input and output devices. Common peripherals: Mouse Monitor Keyboard Printer Earphones
  3. 3. Twitter quickstart Hashtags  Some times when you are watching twitter streams, you will see “#” in front of a word or word group, such as:  This is known as a hashtag.
  4. 4. What does a hashtag do Hashtags act like keywords for tweets.  Twitter can search tweets, and phrases with hashtags are marked by users to make them easier to find.  Take a look at one example:  People who want to participate in this conversation type the hashtag and the title.
  5. 5. You try: Work with a partner (2 people!) Think of a place around school that has GOOD or BAD food. Use #cycuFood in your tweet.After you have submitted your tweet, you can click on the hashtag or type it into the search box.
  6. 6. Retweets Sometimes someone that you are following writes something you would like to share with people who might not be following them. For example, Susan follows Avril Lavigne. She sees a new tweet from Avril, and wants to share it with her friends.
  7. 7. Retweeting To share something that she sees with people that are following her, she can retweet it: That way, people who might not be following Avril Lavigne can read what she has to say.
  8. 8. New Twitter Assignment Find a celebrity, follow them, and retweet something they say ONCE. Try to make sure what you retweet isn’t too stupid - some celebrities can be pretty stupid. Due by next Wednesday evening (3/28) at 8 pm.
  9. 9. Wikipedia By now, everyone has probably heard of Wikipedia. But did you realize that it is one of the most popular social media websites online? Wikipedia was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikipedia is written in over 260 different languages. The word wikipedia comes from wiki (shared website) and pedia (encyclopedia) The English language version of wikipedia contains nearly 4 million articles.
  10. 10. Wikipedia Anyone can edit or create articles on Wikipedia. If you see something in a Wikipedia article that you disagree with you can report it or even change it. Wikipedia has no ads - it gets the money it needs to operate by asking for donations. Wikipedia is currently the sixth most popular website online. Some teachers don’t allow Wikipedia articles to be used in research, but recent studies show that it is nearly as accurate as any popular encyclopedia.
  11. 11. Sourcing guidelines for online materials When you are looking for information online, you need to be able to cite ( 引用 ) the article correctly. There is more than one way to cite the information you find online. Below are three of the most commonly used styles used in academic writing. They are: Chicago style - American Psychological Association (APA) - Modern Language Association (MLA) -
  12. 12. MLA online style guidelines For most of you, MLA style will probably be the most commonly used. However, CHECK with your teacher BEFORE you write any papers as to what citation style they prefer. You can read the MLA guidelines directly at:, there are different ways to cite webpages, websites, and webmagazines - check the guidelines before you start.
  13. 13. Webquests Let’s test out your ability to find information online. Get together in your groups. You can get the form to fill out for today’s webquest at