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C 10.1

  1. 1. Introduction to Computers CLASS 10
  2. 2. Easter Egg reviewIn computing, what is an Easter Egg?What is the Easter egg in the YouTube video player?How can you open the YouTube Easter egg?
  3. 3. Easter Egg reviewIn computing, what is an Easter Egg? A hidden message or game in computer programs, web pages, or videos.What is the Easter egg in the YouTube video player? You can play a game called “Snake”.How can you open the YouTube Easter egg? Click on a recent video, pause it, hold down the mouse button and then hit the left and up arrow keys at the same time.
  4. 4. Easter EggsOpen these Easter eggs:Get your Google browser to do a barrel roll.Make the Google search page fall apart.Make the search page appear crooked ( 歪歪的 ).Change the Google logo to ascii art.Play Pacman in the Google logo.
  5. 5. Easter EggsOpen these Easter eggs:Get your Google browser to do a barrel roll. Go to Google and type "do a barrell roll" in the search bar.Make the Google search page fall apart. Enter "Google Gravity“ and "Im feeling lucky ".Make the search page appear crooked ( 歪歪的 ). Type in "askew" in the search box and hit enter.Change the Google logo to ascii art. Type in "Ascii art" in the search box and hit enter.Play Pacman in the Google logo. Go to google.com/pacman
  7. 7. What is Cloudcomputing?There are a lot ofdifferent definitions ofcloud computing. Let’suse some easy ones.  Cloud computing is when you work and save files online.  You can use the files and software from any computer connected to the internet.
  8. 8. What’s the There are five majorpoint?As computers get advantages to workingsmaller and faster, whyshould be bother with online:working and puttingour documents online? 3.Shareable 4.Efficient 5.Portable 6.Flexible 7.AutomaticSource:http://trysomethingnewpimacounty.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/cloud-computing/
  9. 9.  Facebook - you update, change,Show me an and share personal informationexample online. Almost nothing is storedThe internet is full ofexamples of cloud on your computer, and you cancomputing. Here are use it from any computer.just a couple:  Dropbox - online storage that you can open from any computer. Save your files online so you use them anywhere.  Flickr - photo website where you can post your pictures for others to see and comment on.
  10. 10.  What makes cloud computing so great is alsoSounds good - what makes it a problem - it’s online. Thatwhat’s the means “no internet, no workie”.downside?  Security is another problem. Because yourOf course, with all of theadvantages of cloud files are online, it is possible that someonecomputing, there must other than you can use them.be some disadvantages. Both of these issues are important, but as we become more and more connected to the internet, it’s easier to get online anywhere. Also, the companies that run cloud computing applications have to work very hard to make sure that their customers are happy - that means that the have to keep your files safe, or you won’t use them. They have a very strong reason to keep your files safe.
  11. 11.  Let’s get started using cloudWorking with computing by making a survey inGoogle Docs Google docs.One of the mostcommonly used cloudcomputing systems isGoogle’s email - Gmail  If you have a gmail address, go ahead and log in. If you don’t, get one at: mail.google.com/mail/signup
  12. 12.  Make a simple, five-questionLet’s make a survey inside Google docs.surveyWe’re going to make asurvey using Google  Google docs uses your gmailForms and Googlespreadsheets account username to create documents.  You can use text questions, check box questions, multiple choice questions, and scale questions.
  13. 13.  From your gmail page, click onStart with a the “documents” button on theForm top.  Click on the Create button on the left-hand side, and select “Form”
  14. 14.  The first question will be a multipleTitle your choice question.survey  Write a question, and click on theOnce you click Create, dropdown box and choose “multipleyou will be presentedwith a blank form you choice”.use to enter yourquestions.
  15. 15.  Move your mouse down to where itAdd acheckbox says “Question 2” and click the pencilquestion icon to write another question. This time, choose “Checkboxes”.Be sure to click on thepencil icon to editquestions.  Click on the “Add item” button on theYou can also click onthe pencil icon for top left of the page and select the nextquestions you’vealready written to see question - “Choose from a List”how they will appear inyour final survey.
  16. 16.  Add the different answers you wantAdd a list into the list of questions.questionList questions use adropdown list ofchoices. They are prettymuch the same asmultiple choicequestions, but they useless space. Click on the “Add item” button on the top left of the page and select the next question - “Scale”
  17. 17.  Add a question that asks people toAdd a scale make a choice between two extremes.questionSometimes called“Likert Scales”, scalequestions allow you tocheck answers within arange that you can set.  Click on the pencil icon to see how your question will look in the final survey. Add a Graph question using “Add item”.
  18. 18.  Make a general question title, and Add a graph then choose how many choices you question want from the “columns” dropdown.Graph questions canprovide a range of answersto several related questions.Remember:Columns go UP and DOWNRows go SIDE TO SIDE
  19. 19.  You can email your survey by clicking on the “email this form” button on the Once you’ve top right of your form. finishedThere are several ways youcan view and let people  You can also view your finished surveyknow about your survey. by clicking on the link at the bottom of the questions.  Today, you can twitter me and I will retweet your link to everyone else in the class. They will take your survey.
  20. 20.  You can view answers to your survey in either summary formatting, or Checking spreadsheet. feedbackYou can see how people areresponding to your survey  Summary view automatically createsfrom the “See responses”button at the top right of the charts and graphs for easy viewing.form.
  21. 21.  Work with your group to create a survey of five or more questions. You can write about what interests you, Your turn but please ask responsible questions.Work with your group tocreate your own survey.  When you are finished, tweet your link to me, and I will retweet it members of this class. They can take your survey, and you should be able to view their answers.