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Basic conversation 4


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week 4

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Basic conversation 4

  1. 1. Basic Conversation WEEK 4
  2. 2. Music Time  Look at the words in the circles. Match words with the same sounds.  Listen to “Something Stupid” and put in the correct words from the circles.
  3. 3. Minimal Pairs - /ɪ/ /i/ A B sit [sɪt] seat [sit] ship [ʃɪp] sheep [ʃip] bit [bɪt] beat [bit] rich [rɪtʃ] reach [ritʃ] pit [pɪt] Pete [pit] chip [tʃɪp] cheap [tʃip] six [sɪks] seeks [siks] itch [ɪtʃ] each [itʃ]
  4. 4. Verb phrases (p 152)  Look at the handout.  Put the number of each picture next to the verbs.  Choose three and try to make a sentence using the correct verb phrase for each. Ex: “I don’t want to live in an apartment.”
  5. 5. Look at the big handout 1a) complete the phrases with a verb Are the following things about Americans True or False? 1. Americans eat fast food every day. 2. The sun shines a lot in Southern California. 3. Americans like animals. 4. Americans are always loud. Work together and read what people say about Americans.
  6. 6. State Parks, freeways, and other things… 4a) Look at the photos. Match the numbers with the descriptions. 4b) Read and listen to the story. Are the sentences True (T) or False (F)? 4c) Find these words in the story: buy bring explore find enjoy walk help prefer drive need think 4d) Talk about Taiwan vs. America. What is the same or different for: coffee parks malls Fall freeways theme parks restaurants
  7. 7. Take a break!
  8. 8. Check your verb phrases 1. I _____ a new car. 2. She _____ two children. 3. I don’t like to _____ yoga. 4. We want to _____ to the movies. 5. Let’s _____ some coffee. 6. He _____ in an apartment. 7. My father _____ the newspaper. 8. I _____ Taiwanese, Chinese, and English. 9. Don’t forget to _____ your book to class. 10. We _____ English each week. 11. My mother _____ in an office. 12. Andy _____ to music all day. 13. You should _____ sorry to him. 14. I don’t ____ glasses. 15. Noah loves to _____ fast food. 16. I can’t _____ all of this homework! 17. Can you _____ the guitar? 18. Let’s ____ TV.
  9. 9. Work and play 1a) What are the jobs? 1b) Handout (p. 154): Work together. What are the jobs? 2a) Listen: Write Wfor Wayne’s questions, and T for Tanya’s questions (special qualifications = 特長) 2b) Listen again: What are Wayne’s answers? Write for yes, for no, and D for it depends (不一定) 2c) What do you think their jobs are?
  10. 10. Work and Play game  Use something like a pen cap, eraser, etc. to move around the board.  Roll the dice, and answer the question.  Do not:  Eat the dice  Steal the dice  Throw the dice  Play Xi Ba La with the dice
  11. 11. Tongue Twisters I eat eel while you feel ill. Six sill sisters selling shiny shoes.