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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Luis Escala 23-11-11 Technology Reflection Our project gave us allot of work at the start because we didn’t know what to do. Weare two in the group me and Veronica Guerra a classmate. She was the editor of our projectand I was just filming and I also find some pictures to put in the video. At the start we wantedto do our video imitating the news reporters. We thought that was hard or not hard but It wasgoing to give us lots of work. I think we didn’t use our class time wisely at the start of theproject, but then we started looking and we had to do lots of work in our houses because of notusing class time wisely. We just hang out in the internet looking for silly stuff. Sometimes wedidn’t bring our cameras to school and we had to walk all the way to the library wasting ourvaluable time. Anyway we found the way to overcome our problems. When we started to lookfor the video song we didn’t know what to put because almost all of the songs these days saybad words. The teachers were awesome they spoke a lot and they were always in a goodmanner helping us by recording them asking some questions. We got to meet the teachersbetter. We got to know them better in the aspect of how they thought the school was andtalking good about the school and the campus we have. Some answer the questions correctlyothers didn’t know what to say. Everything in our project went well except for the audio that inone of the teachers was too low. We had a lot of fun doing this project.