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Luis escala


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Luis escala

  1. 1. Luis Escala Spoken Language in my House In my house I rarely speak English because my mom understands it but she doesn’t knowhow to speak. My dad doesn’t know how to speak English. I think in school I speak half and halfbecause all of my friends speak Spanish. With the teachers I do talk English. I speak Englishsince I was in 4th grade; I got my English better in the international school of Puerto la Cruz. Ithink my first international school was easy and they teach me how to speak but not with aperfect accent. I think CIPLC is a very good opportunity for good universities in the UnitedStates, since we have all of the AP classes that will really help us for college. I have two brothersstudying in the states one of them has the US passport, they speak better English than Spanish,so when they come or when I go to their house we only speak English. I think I speak betterthan what I write in English and in Spanish I speak better too. I write pretty bad in Spanishbecause I write English all days and of Spanish I only have one class and it is not base ongrammar. When I read I preferred reading in English so I can practice for my classes and have abetter grammar. The bad thing is that I don’t like reading I find it boring. Instead I have myFacebook in English and my laptop is in English too.