Presentación simulations lesly argueta


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Is important to learn about simulations...I hope it help you...

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Presentación simulations lesly argueta

  2. 2.  Is to create in mind that you want to become someone in special so you can draw, play or image in order to achieve your goal. In technology the simulation in computer is more advanced, it helps students increase in their learning process, the teacher can do variety of activities in order that students can simulate, image, and analyze the situations that you are teaching.
  3. 3. 
  4. 4. • Ss can have experiments with chemicals Physical things, different oils, mix oils, in order to havesimulations a good result in the experiment. • Teacher can represent this simulation with Process diagrams explaining the process that the experiment will have, in order that the studentssimulations are able to develop and analyze the technical process.Procedural • Teacher explains the process step by step to achieve the goal in certainsimulations procedures. Situation • It represents in real life situations in order to have a better concept whatsimulations you as a teacher want to achieve.
  5. 5. A vision of knowledge An A context orauthentic settingproblem Rules of Variables interaction
  6. 6. Sources FeaturesEducational Software Economic facts.Publishers Simulation to sell and buy supplies. Improve marketing. Simulation with sport events.Commercial Software Take account a wide range ofPublishers possibilities for educator.On-Line Simulations Some of these simulations are downloaded from the internet and others have cost.
  7. 7.  Simulation for the student process is important in the classroom centered, the environment change, and the ability to analyze and give them the power to manipulate various aspects of the model, change the different ways to teach a topic, so the students don’t facility get bored. Problem solving: The teacher become a facilitator in the computer simulations, so learners require of application, analysis and synthesis level activities in order to improve their critical thinking skills, so they can be able to solve problems in the real world. Content Learning: To select the simulation content connecting research, experiments process based on test, so students can get a better problem test solved.
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Student involvement. Time demands. Low cost. More threat and anxiety. Safety. Adoption of the material but not the concept. Better transfer. Deciding when to intervene directly is difficult. Reduced threat and anxiety. Objectives mismatch.Encouragement of socialization Competitive focus. and collaboration. Adjustments to realism for maximum learning.
  9. 9.  Teachers have to prepare well the simulations classes in order to have an effective knowledge and a careful background. One of an effective activity of simulation is work in group, because it enhance learner help each others. One way to do an activity is the implementation of the learning process, so students are learning according to the advance of this.
  10. 10.  Simulations are a useful tool to implement the educational situations based on real life and world context experiences. They allow teacher and students make experimentations explained the real scenes and to transmit the knowledge. A simulation in education, planning and effectiveness is a tool that makes it much more useful a course so students can differentiate itself in what situations this information or activity is useful, not only in education but also in everyday life.
  11. 11.  Create my own simulation about the Universe. Create my own images in pixlr. Give to my images animations in PowerPoint presentation. Present my project about the Universe including planets, world, sky etc.