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Douglas florian outline for k-4 art Education lesson


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Brief outline Bio on Children's book illustratior/ Author
Douglas Florian

This is to accompany and Art k-4 lesson on Pets and Poetry using mixed media

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Douglas florian outline for k-4 art Education lesson

  1. 1. Douglas Florian Author, Illustrator and Artist
  2. 2. He frequently takes the natural world as his subject, using wordplay, making up new words, rhyme, and humor to engage young readers.
  3. 3. Florian uses collage, watercolor, and gouache on paper bags
  4. 4. Douglas Florain at his Studio in NYC
  5. 5. Douglas Florian is also an independent artist. He makes paintings he sells in art galleries in New York City. These paintings are ABSTRACT. That means that they do not show People, places or things. Instead, they are merely Colors, LINES and Shapes.