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Ghetto Fabulous Makeover Show3

  1. 1. ™ Hood Home Designs Created by: Alesa D Biddles Executive Producer Martin J. Glover Alesa D. Biddles Reality/Comedy Series Registered ® 2009 Flystyle Productions, Inc. 60 min, weekly, close ended x 12 episodes Registered WGAW 1386148
  2. 2. GHETTO FABULOUS MAKEOVER SHOW Hood Home Designs LOGLINE: GHETTO FABULOUS MAKEOVER brings to you the challenging lifestyle of a lucky contestant who lives in the ghetto, chosen to get their home, office, or themselves, transformed from Ghetto to Fabulous. FORMAT: 60 Minute reality; weekly; closed ended. CAST: The Host – a single person who loves to keep it real, and have an outgoing personality with lots of energy to keep the viewers hyped and tuned into the show. Before The GFM Crew – a group of expert designers from the building and construction, fashion, and beauty industries, who specialize in home, office, and people makeovers. THE CONTESTANT – people who are on a very low income budget, but wants live and look large. TONE: Straight from the Hood Reality Comedy. After SETTING: On Location
  3. 3. BRIEF SYNOPSIS A lucky contestant will come together with a celebrity in their state, to design, build, and makeover whatever challenge they have to overcome, whether it’s their home, office, or themselves, and will be assisted by the professional “Ghetto Fabulous Makeover” crew. Throughout the entire makeover process, the contestant will be faced with decision making, budgeting, and selection criteria, all to discover that with time, research, and effort, they can “Look and Live Fabulous, by Shopping for Bargains and Deals, all on a Low Income Budget.” The GFM crew will travel to urban cities, low income neighborhoods, and to the heart of ghetto communities throughout the country, searching for ethnic backgrounds and cultures, requesting a makeover to get the look of today’s most popular stars. It all starts when the GFM crew arrives in one the most popular cities in America such as: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston, Littlerock, New York, etc., by way of the Ghetto Fabulous Makeover Ride, with the GFM crew aboard. The GFM crew will view videos and CD’s on a monitor received from local contestants via website or by mail, requesting the need for a makeover. The GFM crew along with the audience help, will select the best contestant and notify them of winning the makeover by a surprise visit from the GFM host. The host will interview the contestant about their lifestyle and feelings throughout the entire makeover process capturing every emotional moment and personal reactions. The GFM crew will come up with a plan based on the contestant requests and physical appearance of the subject makeover. From this point on the GFM crew will do what they do best, which is design, create, build, and perform makeovers. Each week the GFM crew will select a new contestant from a different city and the process will start all over again for a new episode. Once the contestant is chosen, the GFM crew will set up camp in the heart of their neighborhood and begin the makeover by utilizing local businesses, and services within that area. There will be surprise visits from celebrities who are from nearby areas of that city and will give the audience the dish about what it was like for them growing up in that town.
  4. 4. THE CHALLENGES  The host and crew members will give a how to demonstration and lecture to the contestant on whatever type of makeover selected, then assign a small project to the contestant, family members, and/or friends, to see how well they can complete the task together as a team so that this makeover will become a learning and educational experience for the contestant, family and the community. This challenge may include a little moving of furniture, cleaning, painting, caulking, getting on their knees to do a little flooring, doing hair, or just plain watching and listening listening as the crew explain how to complete small projects to keep their home or themselves fresh, clean and updated in order to uplift themselves and their neighborhoods.  The contestant may also be assigned to complete a project with a celebrity guest and the GFM crew will report how well they worked together.  After the assignment is completed, the contestant will be sent toto the GFM holding area until the GFM crew has completed the entire makeover. The contestant will appear at the end of show for revealing of the results. The contestant will then team up with a local real estate agent and receive a report on the current value value and condition of their property, or if it is a beauty makeover the the contestant will meet with a fashion stylist after completion of the makeover,.
  5. 5. THE GFM CREW Host  The show will be narrated by a single host throughout the entire makeover process while interacting with the contestants, and will will serve as a focal point for the show whether it’s a home, office, or it’ beauty makeover. The host will have a background in design, fashion, beauty, and style, with a very exotic look and funky attitude, loves to gossip, and knows all the celebrities business. business. The GFM Crew  Also the host will be accompanied by a crew of artistic experts from the building and design industry. All crew members will have outgoing personalities with lots of energy, and very funny which will bring about the comedy segment of the show. They must be willing to say whatever comes to mind and know how to keep it real. Fashion Design Stylist  Has a very exotic look and is fun, says whatever comes to mind. Doesn't really care about what he or she is wearing, but can mix and match pieces resulting in a very unique style of their own. When it When comes to home designs, style from whatever theme desired is incredible.
  6. 6. SAMPLE CONTESTANTS Military Retiree – this 62 year old retiree from the military spends the majority of his time off, shopping for old antique furniture finding himself unable to move around in his home because of the accumulation of junk. He wants to move into bigger home as he has run out of space, and cannot adjust to the thought of getting rid of stuff. So, the retiree is requesting the GFM crew to give him advice on what to do about moving. College Graduate – at 24 years of age, Stacey has just graduated from college and has landed her first job and a new home that she inherited from her THE SECURITY GUARD grandmother. Stacey has decided to cut expenses by renting two rooms to her former classmates and come to find out that the roommates are complaining THE BRIDESMATE that the rooms are just not worth the $600.00 she is charging them for rent. The roommates are saying the rooms need work and new furniture in order for them to pay that much rent. Stacey is requesting the GFM crew to make her rental rooms worth the $600.00 rent. The Security Guard – this 41-year-old single mother of 2 spends the majority of her time working extra hours to make ends meet. She always dreamed of becoming a gospel singer and spends the rest of her time singing in the church choir leaving no time to take care of herself. She is seeking help from the GFM Crew. THE COLLEGE STUDENT The Bridesmate to be– at 32 years of age, Stacey’s ghetto cousin from the hood wants her to be in her wedding. Stacey is very shy and doesn’t like to be THE FED-X MAN around a crowd of people. Therefore, she is requesting the GFM Team to coach her throughout the entire wedding by giving her a fabulous look.
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE and DEMOGRAPHICS Target Audience  As the Ghetto Fabulous Makeover Show will feature comedy, real life drama, and stories, the GFM crew will attract a variety of individuals, groups, community organizers, and decision-making people with a target decision- audience ranging from young adults to senior citizens ages 21 – 65. This show will have the most fabulous crew that the whole world will want to view as it will be a reality show that most individuals can relate to when it comes to saving and how to get most for your money for a fabulous lifestyle. Demographics  Specific data will be used in each state focusing on the demographic trending, which will help determine the insight into changes, shifts and needs for any given population. Demographics will be broken up into to small regions for each state the GFM crew will perform a makeover. An American community survey will be conducted for each city which will provide a basic overview of the population count, ethnic breakdown, family households, educational attainment, marital status, employment, and income. These demographic studies will be researched prior to the GFM crew arrival into a city. The demographic data will feature tables, charts, and maps for easy reading and understanding.
  8. 8. LOCATION  The GFM crew will travel and utilize an RV especially designed for the set of the GFM crew. This is where the selection of the contestant process will take place once the crew arrives in the designated city for the makeover. The Ghetto Fabulous Makeover RV will also have a space to utilize for a production office.  The GFM RV will initially start the show on the west coast and make their way to the Midwest, South, and finally to the east coast. Target states with major cities such as: Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, New York, and many more. The show will also feature and highlight small local businesses within the communities the makeover is taking place creating a window for advertisement and support system from the community by bringing awareness and business stability in those areas.
  9. 9. International Markets & Internet Promotions International Markets  The Ghetto Fabulous Makeover show is suited for domestic branding with versions that can branding be viewed worldwide. As the international market continues to search for new realistic search ideas and shows, future seasons containing the same or similar format as the domestic format version can be a major spin-off for most international countries as they can relate to the spin- concept of how to get more for less as well. The challenges will vary in ways that most will international countries differ in cultural backgrounds and lifestyle. The international GFM lifestyle. crew will feature real life stories capturing life-changing events. life-  The GFM crew will reach some of the most popular cities internationally known for its internationally trendy, urban style, fashion, and living, especially targeting cities such as: London, Paris, cities Tokyo, Barcelona, Budapest, Mexico City, Toronto, and many others. others. Internet Promotions  The Ghetto Fabulous Makeover website has been reserved as which will create a window for internet users to view past and future previews of the show future and to allow the public to send emails and blogs to contestants. Viewers will be able to cast their votes to select the lucky contestant. There will be information for viewers to read information about the winning contestants, how to submit a video via website, and information about website, where to write to the GFM crew.  The website will also feature a site for advertisement and marketing of the GFM trademark marketing logo featuring promotional items and production ancillary merchandise offered in merchandise connection with the GFM show such as: t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, pins, buttons, gloves, t- glasses, and any other type of clothing or accessories, printed materials, etc. This website will be a key to social networking for anyone interested in signing up to receive a makeover signing or to obtain resources about sponsors and vendors. Sponsors and charity groups will have the opportunity post a log-in for any of their promotional items and information related to log- the show that will attract viewers. There will be pictures and videos of contestants and the GFM crew for the audience to view.
  10. 10. POTENTIAL SPONSORS Building and Supplies Department Stores Real Estate - Home Depot - Big Lots - Remax - Lowes - Walmart - Century 21 - Sears - Target - Keller Williams - Ross Dress for Less - Coldwell Banker - TJ Max - Prudential NW Furniture Stores - The Goodwill - Skyline Properties - Marshalls - Windermere - Ikea - The Dollar Store - Ashley Furniture - Fred Meyers Restaurants - Sleep Country - Sam’s Club Sam’ - Mc Donalds - JC Penney Furniture - Costco’s Costco’ - Burger King - Direct Buy - Salvation Army - Taco Bell - Lamps Plus Banks/Financial Insurance Airlines - Wells Fargo - State Farm - Chase - Allstate - Air Tran - US Bank - Farmers - Southwest - Bank of America - Geico - American - Citi Bamk - Nationwide - Jet Blue - HSBC - Liberty Mutual - Virgin American - GMAC - AFLAC - British Airways