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SABAP2 annual progress 2012-11-22


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SABAP2 ( is the most important bird conservation research project in southern Africa. If you don't know the distributions of birds, and how they are changing, you cannot effectively do conservation intelligently. This slideshow demonstrates how the citizen scientists who contribute their observations to SABAP2 have made the most amazing progress since the project started in July 2007.

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  • It is wonderful to see such fantastic progress and we shall do what we can to assist in the marketing and linking thereof at other good birding points.
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SABAP2 annual progress 2012-11-22

  1. 1. SABAP2Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2 Visual progress:annually July 2007 to July 2012, and November 2012 Les Underhill, Doug Harebottle and Michael Brooks Animal Demography Unit Department of Zoology University of Cape Town
  2. 2. SABAP2 is a partnershipbetween the AnimalDemography Unit at theUniversity of Cape Town,BirdLife South Africa and theSouth African NationalBiodiversity Institute (SANBI)