Doogie Your Watchman: Puppy Obedience Training


Published on This article provides many suggestions on Puppy Obedience Training for making your dongs more alert and make them learn the threat and friendlies to protect your home.

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Doogie Your Watchman: Puppy Obedience Training

  1. 1. PuppyObedienceTrainingTips.Net ppy g p EPISODE 3 “How to Quiet Your Barking Dog”
  2. 2. Puppy obedience training becomes  Puppy obedience training becomes really difficult when your puppy keeps  y y p ppy p on barking and doesn’t stop.
  3. 3. Most of the time,  commands like  “hush” or “shhh”  are effective.  are effective
  4. 4. You need to  You need to have patience  have patience and figure out  the reason for  his barking. hi b ki
  5. 5. Teach him to stop during his puppy leash  Teach him to stop during his puppy leash training by pulling the leash every time he  barks a little too much.
  6. 6. There can be a number of reasons  Th b n mber of reasons for your puppy to keep barking  o you puppy o eep ba g incessantly.
  7. 7. Your puppy might be barking  Your puppy might be barking because he’s in pain. p
  8. 8. If your puppy is scared of something,  If your puppy is scared of something, you have to soothe it and appease  those fears.
  9. 9. Spend time  with your  ih puppy if it s  puppy if it’s just bored. just bored.
  10. 10. Get them some  new toys to  keep them  k h entertained. entertained
  11. 11. Instead of shouting at back at  Instead of shouting at back at him, try ignoring him.  , y g g
  12. 12. Reward him once  he stops barking  in order to  in order to encourage him.  encourage him.
  13. 13. Give your dog lots of physical activity  to keep them happy.  to keep them happy
  14. 14. PuppyObedienceTrainingTips.Net The Best Advice on Puppy Obedience Training www puppyobediencetrainingtips net