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Case studies of M-files implementations

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Case studies

  1. 1. Case studies<br />
  2. 2. Case Management<br />Application<br />Manage Casework with flow of work through different steps with set of service levels to comply with<br />Key Features<br />controlled workflow steps<br />assignment of responsibilities<br />notification of changes<br />reporting against service level compliance<br />Benefits<br />all information about case in one place<br />accountability for each workflow stage<br />tracking of each step of casework and progress<br />visibility of potential service level breaches<br />
  3. 3. Youth Development Program<br />Manage student information; course selection and progress of each student on program<br />Key Features<br />easy access to all information related to student<br />all student documents and correspondence in one place<br />structured progress evaluation<br />regular reviews<br />Benefits<br />student records in safe keeping<br />all student interaction recorded<br />full tracking of student progress<br />
  4. 4. E-mail & document archive<br />Application<br />professional accountancy practice with multiple staff manage emails and client documents<br />Key Features<br />emails files by client and professional service files<br />integration with professional services software package<br />all documents not part of professional services software in one place<br />Benefits<br />mail accessible to all<br />easy access to all client documents<br />reduced reliance on paper handling<br />
  5. 5. Claim Management<br />Application<br />Specialist insurance repair contractor manage insurance repair claims with service levels <br />Key Features<br />customers with different service level agreement reporting requirements<br />repair claim management with workflow and service delivery targets<br />history of all policyholder interaction<br />different templates for standardised documents per customer<br />Benefits<br />flexibility to rapidly respond to individual customer requirements<br />service level compliance reporting<br />easy search for claim status and history<br />
  6. 6. ISO Compliance<br />Application<br />implementation and documentation of Software Asset Management ISO 17001 compliance<br />Key Features<br />alignment with ISO standard for compliance<br />evidence of compliance per iso standard<br />history of changes and updates<br />set interval times for reviews<br />Benefits<br />control that all the required compliance steps have been completed<br />evidence of compliance<br />confirmation that reviews have taken place<br />
  7. 7. contact management<br />Application<br />Managing contact interaction for sales and marketing<br />Key Features<br />allocating contacts to campaigns and recording campaign results<br />lead followup tracking with workflow and action dates<br />documents and notes of all contact interaction<br />remote access for outsourced marketing administration<br />acquisition of new contacts from various sources<br />integration with e-mail communication<br />using standard personalised emails to contacts<br />Benefits<br />consolidation of all interaction with contacts<br />clearly defined and managed leads tracking process<br />easy update of information from various sources<br />
  8. 8. project control<br />Application<br />Managing all documents, emails and communication with customers and the projects associated with the customers.<br />Features<br />filing all documents, emails, contracts, and project files<br />scanning of paper documents and filing on projects<br />easy access to documents for re-use<br />use of standard contract and project documents with templates <br />version control on specification changes<br />Benefits<br />easy access to all related documents<br />re-use of documents for different projects<br />tracking of project progress and completion of units<br />
  9. 9. quotation management<br />Application<br />Automating and accelerating complex quotation system with large number of parameters <br />Key Features<br />standardise the collection and recording of all the quotation parameters<br />no duplication of entry<br />all related files kept in one place<br />integration with advanced excel tools to integrate information recorded with actual price calculation and production of quote<br />Benefits<br />significant reduction in time required to produce quote<br />reduced error rate<br />more time available for customer interaction and follow through<br />
  10. 10. property management<br />Application<br />manage a number of rental properties with multiple rooms; allocating tenants, managing agreements; tracking repairs<br />Key Features<br />flexibility to record and track different details for each property<br />all invoices, documents, emails and other related files kept together for each property<br />tracking rental renewal dates; guarantees and expire dates<br />automated agreements, notices and other standard documents with templates<br />Benefits<br />all related information for a property maintained in one place<br />tracking of key dates and warning of upcoming events<br />