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Ignite Sharing is Caring - Thanks for oversharing!


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“Old Content in a New Domain – Giving Access to Cultural Heritage” What you shouldn't share, and what you can share...

DR has launched the laboratory Dansk Kulturarv by opening the radio- and TV-archive to the Danish citizens. The goal of Dansk Kulturarv is to create access to as much data as possible, for as many Danes as possible – but there are numerous limits. The limits are often related to platforms, technology, copyright and communities controlled by commercial interests. This makes it hard to expose public service content outside the traditional domains. This session will present some of the problems that arise when a public broadcaster wishes to share content on the Internet. It will also give some insights to how hard it is for a cultural institution to share content and combine it with content from other cultural institutions. But in the end also, how one should focus on collaborating and keeping the users engaged.

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Ignite Sharing is Caring - Thanks for oversharing!

  1. 1. HI, HELLO!My name is MiriamLerkenfeld and I’m aweb editor at DR
  2. 2. SHARINGWhat have you donefor me lately?
  3. 3. STOP, PLEASE STOPSharing can bedangerours, one mightovershare...
  4. 4. THE BEGINNING!Broadcast? No Imean the beautiful eraof digitization and myproject
  5. 5. DIGITAL BETALABWe re-launched thewebsite in 2012
  6. 6. WWW.but also a collaborationaround the content
  7. 7. COMMUNITYand we share within thecommunity...
  8. 8. NO, DON’TPlease don’t overshare
  9. 9. QUALIFIED SHARINGThink about what youshare - don’t justshare :)
  10. 10. DO’S & DON’TSWhat you shouldn’tshare...
  11. 11. WEBSERVICESThat no one remembershow to use or how itshould work
  12. 12. NO NEIN NIX!We like our work to be funand positive. Approachmeans everything
  13. 13. CONTENT IS KINGBut not everything... thefuture rocks
  14. 14. THEN WHAT?Yeah, if you really,really want to share, youcan share...
  15. 15. TECHNOLOGYSharing will enhancethe technology, flexibiltyand future innovation
  16. 16. KNOWLEDGE“That is amazing - itdidn’t know that! Do youknow...”
  17. 17. BE VISIONARY &PROBLEM SOLVINGBe open alternativethinking, and alwaysthink about solving
  18. 18. LOVE!“Love is all you need!” -flatter will get useverywhere...
  19. 19. JOIN US!The more the merrier