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Scams online schools


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Scams online schools

  1. 1. Internet has put your availability online schools, these colleges offer aneduction through conferences, online and discuss assignments ....This is a good option for people who do not have time and money to spend fouryears in college. Often online schools become a scam in article I will give you tips toavoid scams online schools.Accredited school : you must ensure that you choose a school accredited. If aschool has been accredited, which means that it has been examined and certified toteach a curriculum and hand degrees. If you come across a school that is notaccredited, it can claim a teach, stay away from this school because you will neverreceive a real diploma them.False certification: there are schools that claim to be accredited, but accreditationdoes not mean anything if it comes from a non-accredited. Any organizationindicating that they are accredited (IAAOU, BOUA, WOEA, UCOEA) are not realuniversities do not offer quality education, I advice you to stay away from theseschools.There are beneficially school online, but most are legitimate minorities. To be valid, auniversity in the United States, an institution must be accredited by an organizationthat has itself been recognized by the Council for Higher Education AccreditationCHEA, USDE or both. There are currently only five major accreditation bodies andmany smaller regional organizations recognized as USDE and CHEA.