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Best cloud backup


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Published in: Technology
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Best cloud backup

  1. 1. top 6 cloud backup softwarecloud backup software is the standard activity to allow data retention. Since electroniccomputing was invented, data backup was already the immediate concern of computerusers. I present the list of best cloud backup software online.1. ZipCloudZipCloud is an online business Cloud storage base in the United States and the UnitedKingdom.The bas service does exactly what you would expect, the backup of your files to theirsecure baackend Amazon s3 via internet. But the experience is marked by numerouscharges updates.ZipCloud does good work of backup online. Registration takes only some minute, anddefault backup settings, covers what the majority of users to safeguard, namely desktop,documents, downloads, and file photos.2. CrashPlanCrashPlan is among the best online backup services. CrashPlan is the only service thatoffers a free account with 2 GB of space.CrashPlan stands this competition in terms of variety of options it offers to the users. Forstarters, his client is available for a wide variety of computers, computer mac and pcwindows for linux and Solaris systems.3. CarboniteCarbonite is a super simple backup online service, but it does provide many additionalfeatures beyond the mobile access.4. MozyMozy is traditional online data backup service, you save your drive hard and in the eventof a disaster computer, you can make a full restore of your files.It is one of the most powerful backup service, and its new interface is also one of theeasiest to use.
  2. 2. 5. InSync Cloud by duvaInSync Cloud provides enterprise security, supply it global and high availability. Unliketraditional backup solutions. InSync has been designed from the start for backup end.Secure, simple, very informative for the company.InSync Cloud offer a cloud private virtual powered by Amazon web services. It providescompanies end-to-end enterprise-class security by encrypting data in transit and in-store.6. StoreGrid CloudStoreGrid cloud is a virtual online backup application running on the Cloud computingservice Amazon with storage of backup data on Amazon Cloud service storages (s3) foryour online backup business.Vembu StoreGrid cloud facilitates the deployment storegird on the amazon cloudcomputing infrastructure is available to the partner for production use.