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Gallery presention


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Gallery presention

  1. 1. Event Presentation Giovanna Edouard Professor Brandi Dalglish HUMA 1301 October 9, 2013
  2. 2. Word into Art
  3. 3. Artist- Hussein Madi (Lebanon) Created- 1973
  4. 4. —  Description- This work consists of thirty squares. The first square, at top right, contains the word 'Allah' (God), and the rest contain the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each letter has been multiplied and manipulated within a structured framework to create an abstract composition. —  Analysis- there are many thick and thin lines that create the alphabet in a very creative design. There is space in the composition and the color is simple black and white. —  Interpretation- the writings are very creative like the Arabic writings we see in our book. It makes me wonder how different our alphabet is.
  5. 5. Children of War, Children of Peace Artist- Laila Shawa (Palestine-UK) Created-1973
  6. 6. —  Description- In this two-part work Laila Shawa highlights the plight of Palestinian children. She takes as her subject a young boy from the Sheikh Radwan refugee camp in Gaza, who has been photographed carrying a stick. His image is repeated against differently colored backgrounds. —  Analysis- In the picture there are words in the background. The little boy is the main focus rather the emphasis he is wearing red and holding a stick. There is also color, shapes, —  Interpretation- This piece strikes my expression as controversial because I think it explains more than just a boy holding a stick and missing his shoe.
  7. 7. Badges: symbols of identity
  8. 8. Pink triangle badge Created- N/A
  9. 9. —  Description- This badge is worn as a symbol of gay pride, although the pink triangle was initially associated with Nazi persecution. The Nazi regime came to power in Germany in 1933. It was responsible for the persecution and murder of millions of citizens, predominantly Jews, but also communists, trade unionists, Gypsies, prostitutes, the physically and mentally disabled and homosexuals. —  Analysis- This badge has no personal qualities. It has basic lines that combine to make it a triangle, the color is a plain simple pink. —  Interpretation- The symbol reminds me of a yield sign. Even though it’s a simple sign it stands for so much more than what it actually looks like, the expression of respect.
  10. 10. Faith
  11. 11. Bronze figure of Nataraja Front Back
  12. 12. Artist/ Created- N/A
  13. 13. —  Description- 'Balance and grace are artfully integrated into the dynamic image of Shiva as Nataraja or 'Lord of the dance'. To his devotees Shiva is the grand creator represented by a sound which emanates from the drum. He is also the grand destroyer represented by the fire in the other hand. —  Analysis-there are many line, shapes, texture, space, form, balance, and movement. There are lines that repeat with details of texture behind shiva head. —  Interpretation- I don’t have much to relate this image to, but my emotion towards it is its beauty.
  14. 14. Evaluation Even though it was an online museum. All the art was creative it was nice to see and learn all of the pieces The structures, symbols, writings and pictures are all a intricate ways of art they have. I give the pieces of art that I showed here are a high vote of confidence.
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