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Human Resource Management System


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Lera Technologies delivers a sophisticated web-based HRMS, called iHR Manager, which complements and supports the human resource management. iHR Manager is leading edge online HR management application. iHR Manager is simple, secure
and powerful application designed to save your time, resources, and paperwork headaches.

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Human Resource Management System

  1. 1. tion ra nist mi Ad Recruitment nal Perso ment ge Mana Training & Development Payroll self service men t Performa nce Manage Loans and Adv ance ement Compe nsation ManagHuman ResourceManagement System - iHR Lera Technologies
  2. 2. iHRHuman Resource Management Systems(HRMS) have revolutionized the waybusinesses manage their mission-critical HRfunctions.Lera Technologies delivers a sophisticatedweb-based HRMS, called iHR Manager, whichcomplements and supports the humanresource management. iHR Manager isleading edge online HR managementapplication. iHR Manager is simple, secureand powerful application designed to saveyour time, resources, and paperworkheadaches. Leras iHR Manager is a comprehensive HR solution which fulfills all the Human Resource needs that are required for your organization. iHR Manager is flexible in maintaining employees database and to manage several processes like recruitment, timesheets, payroll, trainings, compensation etc. iHR Manager enables firms to track all HR-related data elements required by the business, starting from recruitment to exit of employee. iHRM"If Human Resource is so important, why not deploy anIntelligent HR Manager—iHRM”
  3. 3. Lera Human Resource Management System – iHR Manager Human Resource Management System Acquire Grow Compensation ? Separations ?Job Requisitions? Benefit Claims ? Performance appraisal ? Terminations ?? PublishingPosition ? Vacation Leave & Training ? Exit Clearances ?? DatabankResume ? Expense Travel & Self development ? Exit Interviews ?? AssessmentCandidate Socialization ? ? & Mentoring Coaching Alumni Contacts ?Job offers? Help desk ? Career Planning ?On-Boarding? ? Planning Succesion Enable Exit Recruitment Process Management End-to-End Recruitment Management Process ? ? databank Resume ? to match profiles in the database based on the vacancies Enables ? Test / Interview Scores of the Candidates Manage ? offer letters based on the department of candidates Generate Background Verification and Surety ? Track Status of recruitment activity ? Personal Management system ? detailed information of employees Captures Easy updation and maintenance of employee information ? Assign Reporting hierarchy, Pay info, Job description, Skills, experience, education, shifts etc. ? Reports: Employee Joining Details, Employee Relieving Details, Employee Salary Details, Employee Bank Details, Birthday list, Employee History Payroll Self Service ? employees to view and print the monthly Pay Slip Enables Employees can also apply for Loan/Advance ? ? employees to fill self appraisal forms Enables ? system for employees to keep the payroll Information confidential Secured
  4. 4. Lera Human Resource Management System – iHR Manager Leave Management System ? employees leave application, approval, cancellation and rejection status at all times Manage ? holiday lists can be handled location wise Multiple Auto update on leave balance of all employees ? ? features, like Carry Forward Rules, Encashment process and period, etc can be Year end automated ? Compensation Off details of employees Manage Reports: Employee Leave Status, Employee Wise Leave Status and Employee Wise Status Report, Leave Encashment Report Attendance Management System ? recording of the daily turnout of employees Enables Set Overtime formula ,Overtime entry, adjustment and automatically calculates overtime hours ? ? uploading the daily attendance sheet from a third party system Option for Integration with third party swipe card system possible ? Reports: Attendance Report, Weekly off Report Day Wise, Attendance hour wise, Over Time Summary, Over Time Actual. Performance Management System ? automation of the performance appraisal cycle in an organization Complete ?Goals, Competencies and Objectives can be done Online Setting Self Appraisal, Reporting Managers Review / feedback can be tracked across the departments ? Compensation Management System Offers critical salary and compensation administration capabilities such as year-end salary ? surveys, and comparison of actual vs. budgeted salaries Set Bonus Period, Bonus, Promotion and Increment details of each employee ? Reports: Bonus Report, Salary Advise Report, Salary Statement, Pay element Statement.
  5. 5. Lera Human Resource Management System – iHR Manager Loans and Advance Management Loan/Advance Application , Recommendation , Sanction and Disbursement Reports: Loan Recovery, Loan Disbursement, Loan Status, Employee Loans Detail , Loan Report, Period Wise Loan Report ,Loan Recovery Details Training and Employee Development Management ? to manage the Training needs of an organization. Designed ? HR Managers to design and upload the training calendar, prepare participants list, Enables approve training requests, monitor training attendance and provide / view feedback on training programs/trainees Empowers management to give Reward, Penalize and Grievance the employees based on the ? performance in the training Relieving and Exit Management iHR provides the organization an end to end automated Employee Exit Tracker ? Empowers the HR manager to initiate the exit process online and custom develop exit interview ? forms for every category of employee ? the HR department to disburse department wise exit checklists, collate and file check Enables list responses and generate relieving letter Administration Management ? Company and Branch wise employee details Manage Define Organizational employee level ? Define Departments , employment Type, Categories , groups and sections ? Define holidays list based on the location of the branches ? Miscellaneous Processes ? the employee transfer details Manage ? Bank Account details, Insurance, Professional Tax and Provident Fund details Manage ? Loans / Advances , bonus details of the employee Manage ? Bonus paid for the Employees Manage Food Coupons ?
  6. 6. Lera Human Resource Management System – iHR Manager General Reports Lera iHR Manager helps the HR Manager to transfer data from excel sheets to make it view in graphical formats which helps in faster decision making. Reports: Employee wise Earnings, Employee wise Deduction, Branch Wise Salary Statement, Designation Wise Salary Statement, Department Wise Salary Statement, Employee Misc Deductions Statement, Employee Misc Earnings Statement, and Bonus/Encash Report Benefits Web based application and easy to use ? iHR is flexible enough to accommodate policies that differ across business units and between ? countries around the world Employees information and performance can be easily tracked ? HR department can keep better track on benefits administration by knowing how employees ? are profited from the benefits provided Application can be easily customized as per the client requirements ? HRM (Human Resource Management) Vs }-- Choice is yours iHRM(Intelligent Human Resource Management)
  7. 7. Lera - Shaping Imaginations About Us Lera Technologies is a global IT Solutions and Services Company that offers a wide array of solutions for especially for Banking and Financial Services. Starting from providing solutions for Risk and Compliance, Business Intelligence, Spend Data, Business Process Management, e learning to implementing IT solutions for clients, Lera straddles this entire space. Our innovative solutions deliver measurable value through increased process efficiency thus helping businesses to take faster and better decisions. Clientele Contact Us USA EUROPE INDIA Lera Technologies Inc Lera Technologies Lera Technologies 146, Briar Lane, 229 Arc, Makarios, Plot #1, New SBH Colony, Norwich, 3rd Avenue, Meliza Court, West Marredpally, Connecticut - 06360. 4th Floor, Limassol 3105. Secunderabad-26, Cyprus. India. Tel: +1 (646) 915 - 0640 Tel: +91 40 27700000 Email: Email: Email: