Web-based AD Self Service Software


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Web-based AD self service software, which allows the end users to reset password, unlock account and update personal information in Active Directory. Read More http://www.lepide.com/active-directory-self-service.html

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  • Nice approach towards user's self service. It helps to reduce my help-desk calls and saves my time and resources.
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  • Tried Lepide product and its good to recommend some one as an answer now.
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  • Tried lepide Active Directory self service product and its good today to recommend some one as an answer.
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Web-based AD Self Service Software

  1. 1. Lepide Active Directory Self Service Making Administrative Tasks Easyhttp://www.lepide.com/active-directory-self-service.html
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  3. 3. IntroductionIs this a common scenario at your workplace?If yes, then it’s time to look beyond. Try Active Directory SelfService and experience the difference. What it is, what it does,how it benefits can all be seen just as you finish reading thispage.If no, still LADSS has a lot to offer which can save substantialamount of time, cost and peace of mind. Just proceed toknow more.
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  5. 5. What is it Software OverviewLepide Active Directory Self Service is a simplified tool whichallows the end users to update personal information in ActiveDirectory, reset password, and unlock account. The end userscan do all these tasks without calling the systemadministrator or help desk personnel.It allows you to have a secure network with SSL (SecureSocket Layer) protection. It helps to automate things whichotherwise involve time and accounts to productivity loss.It’s great in terms of ROI, accessibility, UI, and usersatisfaction.
  6. 6. What it does Software at a glance Lepide Active Directory Self ServiceAdministrator User
  7. 7. How it helps Benefits – Administrator• Reduce workload regarding password reset, account unlock and information update• Saves significant time by configuring auto reset policies• Unified web-based console to manage employee information from anywhere in the domain• Get every updated information through reports• Send emails to employees simultaneously about any issue
  8. 8. How it helps Benefits – End Users• Allows users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock, and self-information update• Provides remote access facility using web-based interface• Saves significant amount of time for IT requests to be resolved• Keeps the Active Directory updated with the latest records• Enables users to authorize co-workers for AD self service
  9. 9. How it helps Benefits – Organization• Ensures better resource utilization• Reduces cost for attending tickets raised by end-users• Enhances employee productivity by saving time• Provides complete security to confidential LDAP traffic through SSL support• Allows customizing image through GUI rebranding• Increases ROI significantly
  10. 10. Use for Free
  11. 11. SupportLepide Software provides Round the Clock Support tosolve all technical and software related issues.Email Support:For General Queries and Technical Supportsupport@lepide.comTelephone Support:Global Help Line: +91-9818718513US Toll Free : +1-800-814-0578Documentation Center:Access Lepide Software documentation range athttp://www.lepide.com/
  12. 12. Lepide Active Directory Self Service THANKS For your time and interest For more information visit:http://www.lepide.com/active-directory-self-service.html