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Reinventing HR through Employee Branding


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HR is a function that needs to reinvent itself. During the special reinvention learning event organised by Leaderonomics, Roshan Thiran presented a new way for CEOs to view HR folks - as their No. 1 marketing leaders. To enable HR to become really strategic, CEOs must enable HR leaders to be internal marketers of their culture, values, organisational practices and rituals.

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Reinventing HR through Employee Branding

  2. 2. Reinventing your Employee Brand for the 21st century Roshan Thiran
  3. 3. Key question: Why do they keep winning?
  4. 4. Clearly, because of: • Leadership • And/or the “CEO” brand • Great process/structures in place • And/or “the stories” and perception of the organisational practices • Amazing culture • And/or “the stories” about their culture and rituals and testimonials • Great business model & products • And/or the “marketing” efforts of their model
  5. 5. Being an Employer of Choice (EOC): 1 consistent Story “Cool office, great work environment, free food!” “We will make you a great leader”
  6. 6. What Your Employees Want
  7. 7. Mentors 75% Regular Feedback 80% TIME Moneyland 2012
  8. 8. Freedom 70% 81% Mobility TIME Moneyland 2012
  9. 9. 63% look at corporate brand & company reputation Kelly Global Workforce Index 2012
  10. 10. 46% is perpetually seeking career progression Michael Page International, Malaysia 2012
  11. 11. 40% very ‘restless’ as they are not happy and fulfilled at their current workplace MPI, Malaysia
  12. 12. Self fulfillment & to be part of something great “Loving my job!” “Doing what I love” “Engage and interact” “To be in a company that makes a statement about something”
  13. 13. The TENSION - Employees vs. employers: Profit, competency, skill-based, long-term commitment Self fulfillment, personal growth & be part of something great Old values/standards applied in a new 21st century world Employers Employees
  14. 14. We Tell The Stories stand for? What do we really
  15. 15. We spend MILLIONS on product branding & stories about products and services... Brands spend billions of $$$, time, effort, with the hope that you get the value of purchasing their product over other brands. Its not about that! It’s all about the stories we tell others and each other.
  16. 16. INTERNAL INITIATIVES Talent Assessments EXTERNAL MEASURES Training & Development Talent Acceleration Holistic Employee/Family Engagement Best Practice Strategy, Structure Employer Branding Leadership/CEO Branding Awareness of Internal Measures Impactful Community Engagement Media Coverage CULTURE Reinventing the “employer of choice" Framework PROCESS
  17. 17. INTERNAL INITIATIVES Talent Assessments Training & Development Talent Acceleration Holistic Employee/Family Engagement Best Practice Strategy, Structure A WINNING CULTURE So how do create “stories to tell” which will excite our customers and employees? PROCESS & STRUCTURES Start with creating Then talk and brand your culture Build your internal infrastructure fully
  18. 18. Principle Talent needs to be BRANDED and made to feel like they are special and mean something to the organisation and its mission. They also want to work for someone that is known and stands for something Process and Tools External Branding initiatives Stories about the organisation that includes them External Perception of the Organisation & Leadership External brand of the CEO/leaders in the company Principle Talent needs to be MANAGED & DEVELOPED. This includes enabling talents to maximise potential and grow Process and Tools Succession Planning Performance Mgmt Career Paths Talent Pools Leadership Development Programmes Learning Curriculum Talent Acceleration Programmes Feedback & Reflection Principle Identify & select leaders that have the passion, desire and ability to make a difference in your organisation Process and Tools Entry Level Leadership Program Competency Model/Values Enterprise Assessment System Interviews & Assessments On-boarding Cultural Assimilation Principle To engage talent, 2 key factors: 1. Internal motivations (comp/ben, feeling a part of a bigger purpose, etc) 2. External factors (including their family and important elements that are significant to them) Process and Tools Family Events – eg youth camps for employee kids Involvement in university campuses/events Engagement Programmes Total Rewards Structure (Comp & Ben) Culture of Organisation Internal Infrastructure – Are you building the Internal Measures needed to be EOC? Employee Acquisition Employee Development Employee Engagement Employee Branding
  19. 19. EXTERNAL MEASURES Employer Branding Leadership/CEO Branding Awareness of Internal Measures Impactful Community Engagement Media Coverage Focus on the right side of the “employers of choice” Framework 1. Reinvent your HR person into your chief marketer of your internal initiatives and stories. 2. Focus on one key area you would like to consistently talk/brand about your organisation (like GE, Google). 3. Brand your CEO/leaders – Ensure they are human and accessible to all. 4. Tell stories about the roles and jobs in your organisation – you have cool jobs! Yes you do. 5. Highlight lessons learn (good and bad) that your organisation has learnt from. 6. Really impact the community and families so more stories are told.
  20. 20. Your Story – how do you tell it and ensure it’s shared? Real stories branding employee initiatives, leadership, culture in your organisation
  21. 21. Create 1 story – Same story told in many ways
  22. 22. External Processes – Kids Camps for Employees’ Children For Employees’ Children Enhance employee engagement & appreciation to you – children are their treasures. Platform for youth leadership & building brand engagement with future generations. DoingGood & nation building… and still adding value to your employee brand.
  23. 23. External Processes – Employee involvement in Universities Leadership Clubs in universities Building your employer brand and presence in campus by simply funding a leadership club in a university
  24. 24. External Processes – Employee Branding & Storytelling Campaign Highlight your employee brand and theme Be clear about your what your employee brand and themes are and keep highlighting them Brand Your Roles “A Day in the Life of” Brand Your CEO and what he/she stands for “My First Job” “Dare to Fail” Brand Your Culture “Life @ YourOrganisation” Brand Your People Highlight promos and top talent Brand HR initiatives Showcase the good work that you and your team are doing
  26. 26.