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Leaderonomics - Workplace Wellbeing


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Attached some slides which capture Leaderonomics's Workplace Well-Being and what we do to ensure all our employees are well taken care off

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Leaderonomics - Workplace Wellbeing

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2015 Submission by Leaderonomics Category: Excellence in Workplace Well-Being
  2. 2. Part One: VISION AND GOALS Leaderonomics is a social enterprise passionate about people. We believe that every individual can be a leader and can make a positive difference in the communities they are in. Such is the fervor of our belief that we take intentional care to grow strong leaders with great attitudes not just in our external impact programmes, but even more so within our organisation. Our people (affectionally known as ‘Leaderonomers’) are our history makers and nation builders, as such, our aim is to equip and empower them to be agents of change and influencers in their respective community touch points. Leaderonomers are the heartbeat of our organization. We try our very best to ensure the wellbeing of our people are taken care of so that they are empowered and motivated to go out into communities to make a difference. The following aspects guide us in creating a workplace that is optimum for our people’s wellbeing: (We are a social enterprise passionate about people. Leaderonomers have a great ability to combine work together with play.) OPTIMUM WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT HIGHLY ENGAGED PEOPLE REWARD & RECOGNITION CONTINUOUS LEARNING & GROWTH TOGETHER WORKPLACE LAYOUT WORKLIFE BALANCE PERSONAL & ORGANISATION GOALS ALIGNMENT
  3. 3. HR has an open door policy where communication channels are open. Leaderonomers are free to have career and development discussions with HR and their respective team leads, be mentored, to seek advice and counsel whenever needed. On a monthly basis, team leads and HR have discussions on Leaderonomers’ welfare, movement, career progression and staff recruitment during the Leaders’ roundtable. Different cross division group Leaderonomers are also invited to “Courageous Conversation” sessions with the CEO each month to propose new ideas, raise concerns, suggest improvements and have authentic discussions. Ultimately, we want every Leaderonomer to be HAPPY & look forward to MONDAYS. (Employee engagement is essential at Leaderonomics and directly impacts productivity and growth.)
  4. 4. Part Two: IMPLEMENTATIONLeaderonomics grew from a 4 man shop into an organization with 58 Leaderonomers, 4 offices and branches across Malaysia. When we started the organisation, we knew that a big part of employee well-being and happiness lies in both the workplace culture and the physical work environment, thus, through the years of growth, we made special efforts to ensure the following aspects are enhanced year on year, rather than get diluted with the shear size of the organization: 1. Highly Engaged Leaderonomers As our people grew in number and spread out to different locations, we realised the importance of ensuring our people are continuously engaged across divisions and locations, preventing the silo-mentality that would erode our collaborative culture and closeness to the organisation mission/purpose. Our Engagement team intentionally cultivated and implemented the following: COMMON CULTURE ALUMNI: LIFELONG LEADERONOMER CONTINUOUS LEARNING & GROWTH TOGETHER SENSE OF OWNERSHIP OF ORGANISATIONAL MISSION DEEPENING RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH RITUALS AND EXPERIENCES HIGHLY ENGAGED LEADERONOMER
  5. 5. A Common Culture: Cultural beliefs that drive our work and interaction with each other Together with key leaders of the organisation, we developed 5 cultural belief statements that encompasses the attitude and mindset of a Leaderonomer at work. Doing so allows expectations to be consistent across the board and decreases misalignment within teams. Our cultural belief statements are: BE ACCOUNTABLE I take personal ownership to deliver on all expectations entrusted to me BE EXCELLENT I accept challenges and exceed expectations in all that I do BE SYNERGISTIC I actively seek out and lead collaborative opportunities BE COURAGEOUS I am open to honest and authentic conversations and feedback BE AGILE I find opportunity in all circumstances and will adapt myself to thrive in them 1 2 3 4 5 Engaging in 5 crucial conversations a year with respective team leads. Monthly recognition awards for Leaderonomers who have demonstrated and embodied the cultural beliefs. Monthly sessions with CEO to discuss issues and challenges. Forming of “Go Beyond Projects” with cross division teams that tackle different areas of need and expansion within the organisation. Bi-monthly cross-departmental meetings to share ideas and encourage deeper collaboration. Each of these beliefs are underpinned by a tangible experience that Leaderonomers can relate to and anchor upon. Cultural beliefs discussion with Leaderonomers to nail down the cultural essence of the organisation Go Beyond Projects 2015 - Design training video for corporate programme launches - Increase views for each of our YouTube Videos to 10,000 - Organise Do Good campaign for Leaderonomers - Design E-Learning module - New Corporate Services Kit & Learning Courses Catalogue - Set up guidelines for Leaderonomics ambassadors - Develop an experiential "orientation" simulation - the Day in the Life of a Leaderonomer - Incorporate "Campus" simulations into Learning modules
  6. 6. Sense of Ownership of the Organisation’s Mission: Empowering employees towards deeper ownership An engaged employee is an employee who believes they have a voice and who knows they are heard. Last year, we ran an organisational wide “CEO Simulation” where Leaderonomers were tasked to form teams and present ideas and strategies they would employ if they were the CEO (chief executive officer) of Leaderonomics. The simulation birth forth many new ideas and highlighted key areas of improvement that we have since actively targeted in our efforts towards employee engagement. We also conduct employee engagement surveys to get a better gauge on the level of engagement within the company. The survey results not only help us to identify gaps which require looking in to, but also shows us areas that we are doing well in. For example, in our last survey, we learnt that Leaderonomers felt a deep sense of belonging and family-ness in the organisation and as such, were eager to raise the bar on productivity and work excellence. Our company goals and KRAs (key result areas) are agreed upon together with key leaders and staff in the organisation. Selected Leaderonomers get together to debate and dialogue on the 3-year plan for the company and suggest ideas on the best strategies to achieve that. Leaderonomer Hui Ming briefing the CEO simulation teams on their next challenge Leaderonomers sharing laughter together and enjoying fun times at work.
  7. 7. We believe that authentic relationships are the cornerstones for influential leadership and we dedicate time to celebrate the bonds that we have with each other. These include welcoming new Leaderonomers into the fold, surprising each other on birthdays, planning elaborate parties for life events and milestones (baby showers, bachelorette and stag dos) and company anniversaries and year-end get-togethers. Deepening Relationships through Rituals and Experiences Welcoming new Leaderonomers into the fold, Leaderonomics style! Invasion of Papa Smurf and Dr. Minion: Our fond farewells to Leaderonomers Vinesh and Imran Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Leaderonomers Jermaine and Hanisah to their respective Prince Charmings
  8. 8. Interview with Dato Charon Mokhzani, MD, Khazanah Research Institute on our Leaderonomics Show Every other Friday, we get together for FAB Fridays which are dedicated times for teams to show their appreciation for one another. Teams that are in charge put in tremendous effort to ensure that the hour spent together is special and people are honoured and appreciated by their peers. On the last Friday of the month, we have our Live at the Pantry, which is an open mic time for Leaderonomers to showcase their manifold talents and to enjoy each other’s company. Appreciating each other by ‘framing’ them on FAB Fridays In appreciation of the hardworking team behind our weekly career pull out Live at the Pantry performance by Leaderonomics interns: The Disney Princesses
  9. 9. Every individual who joins us is fully welcomed into the Leaderonomics family. It does not matter if they are an intern or staff, as they are equally empowered to take on responsibilities and important roles. Each person is seen as a Leaderonomics ambassador and is encouraged to carve out their own Leaderonomics story from the impactful experiences they have encountered in their journey. New hires go through a thorough onboarding process as they are introduced to the company, its vision, values and culture in their first few days. They will also meet with the key leaders within the organisation to hear their stories and initiatives. Interns are assigned mentors in their teams and are provided with a handbook for further clarity on expectations and roles. Leaderonomics interns initiation ritual. “We’re all minions around here” Alumni: Once a Leaderonomer, Always a Leaderonomer
  10. 10. Leaderonomers who conclude their time with us go on to form part of our growing alumni of partners and they continue to stay in touch via social media and newsletters. We have many interns and ex-Leaderonomers who eventually return to pursue a full time career with Leaderonomics or to volunteer in our programmes in various capacities. Truly, we have seen that ‘Once a Leaderonomer, Always a Leaderonomer’. Farewell for Nigel who left to continue his studies in the US Tearful farewell for Leaderonomer Hyma who moved on to serve her community at an NGO Once a Leaderonomer, Always a Leaderonomer “ ”
  11. 11. Leaderonomers strive to be Accountable, Excellent, Synergistic, Courageous & Agile Swing dancing at the office effectively combats mid-day lethargy Aspiring Yoga practitioners showing off during our Learning Friday session 2. Continuous Learning and Growing Together In line with our vision of “Growing People into Leaders”, we take responsibility for the growth and development of Leaderonomers. One such example is our Learning Fridays, where our people come together for an hour to learn about a particular topic ranging from language workshops, skills workshops, understanding GST to yoga classes. These sessions are often spearheaded by our own people which further drives the message of hands-on learning and knowledge sharing. We also offer plenty of opportunities for Leaderonomers to participate in experiential learning simulations (the same ones we run for clients) which cover a myriad of skills such as decision making, financial acumen, communication and so on.
  12. 12. Leaderonomers experiencing “Cold War”, a simulation on team alignment and collaboration Leaderonomers during our strategic retreat in 2014 where we did our strengths-based assessments We believe in engaging our people based on their strengths. As such, every Leaderonomer goes through a strengths-based assessment which helps them to further understand themselves and how they work best. This also empowers us to place people in job scopes that best align with their strengths.
  13. 13. Another learning platform is via our content development efforts in print and video forms. We have a rich archive of leadership learnings and musings from prominent individuals all around the globe which is easily accessible on our learning website and our YouTube channel. Often times, Leaderonomers get the privilege of meeting and sitting in on interview sessions with these leaders, examples of whom include, Luca Barberis, MD (managing director), Zalora Malaysia; Dato Charon Mokhzani, MD, Khazanah Research Institute and Datuk Sheila Majid, award winning Malaysian singer. Interview with Dato Charon Mokhzani, MD, Khazanah Research Institute on our Leaderonomics Show
  14. 14. 3. Rewards and Recognition We believe Leaderonomers should be rewarded and recognized for their contributions regularly. On top of the typical remunerations and benefits (eg: Insurance, Parking Pass, Health Plans, Medical, Optical, Dental, Executive Healthchecks, Asset Buy Back etc), we make it a point to customize the rewards to individual needs and development. Since 2012, we’ve allocated scholarships and subsidies for Leaderonomers who are interested in furthering their studies in relevant subjects. Currently we have 4 Leaderonomers who are pursuing their Masters in various Psychology related fields, 1 pursuing ACCA certification, 1 pursuing certification in coaching and another a HR Diploma. We also encourage Leaderonomers to upskill and they can apply for sabbaticals to pursue an area of interest. We also recognise Leaderonomers as they choose to grow and partner with us and we present a special gift for employees who reach their third year mark with Leaderonomics. To celebrate this milestone, they are entitled to a gadget of their choice to the value of RM1,800. Leaderonomers who have served the organisation for more than 2 years are also given share options so they own a part of the organisation. Two employees successfully graduated from their sponsored Masters in Psychology.
  15. 15. Once a year, we pack our bags and head off for a retreat together with our spouses and children. Families are important to us as we acknowledge that each person is part of a larger system that influences their motivations and direction in life. Sometimes, we opt to have Leaderonomers only so as to further strengthen the bonds between staff especially as the team continues to grow in numbers and offerings. In addition, Department Heads are given the freedom to extend rewards to their team members for exemplary performance. This include meal vouchers, coffee vouchers, event vouchers, team dinners Leaderonomics company retreat together with our spouses and children to Krabi in 2014
  16. 16. Leaderonomers having discussions in our pantry area in a common sight. Low dividers and an open concept encourages team collaboration and communication. Discussions often take on a quirky quality as we marry work and play in the office. 4. Inspiring Work Spaces and a People-Centric Work Culture When we started the organisation, we knew that we wanted to create a setup that promoted a fun and play-oriented attitude towards learning and growth. Hence, we are partial towards bright and happy colours with movable furniture pieces and open workspaces. Our offices are designed to encourage play and relationship-building amongst Leaderonomers. Our workspaces are mostly kept open (without cubicles and towering dividers) and encourage collaboration and dialogue amongst team members. Meeting rooms and senior management offices are also mostly glass to give a sense of space and to foster accountability and transparency. Employees are free to move around and find their preferred spot for the day in any of the unoccupied work spaces. This also means that employees are trusted to work remotely or from home with due reasons.Our cosy reception area in our Johor office which features our values wall, emphasising the motivations of what we do.
  17. 17. Colourful and vibrant discussion areas in our Johor office. Chalkboard walls encourage creativity amongst Leaderonomers and allows them to unleash their inner Da Vinci. Our new work space in our Johor office continues the trend of openness and collaboration. These amenities and workplace concepts are replicated in our newest offices established in Petaling Jaya and Johor this year. Even though those spaces are still a work-in-progress, Leaderonomers have already settled in and made themselves at home. Meanwhile, we are also working hard to nail down the best partners for our latest acquired space in order to take our ethos of learning and play to the next level. Other facilities and benefits made available to all our staff include a shower room with water heating, a nursing room and changing room for mothers and fashionistas, parking passes and plentiful parking lots, unmonitored and unlimited internet usage.
  18. 18. We adopt a flexi working system whereby employees are empowered to work according to their team needs, their role needs and their personal style. We allow employees to work virtually when needed, yet encourage them to come in often enough to work collaboratively. All employees are equipped with a laptop, whilst business phone calls and broadband subscriptions are allowed for eligible employees. Families are important to us and one way we demonstrate this by allowing staff to bring their children to work. Spouses and children are also very much welcomed to be a part of our company celebrations, dinners and retreats. Families are covered under our company medical care policies and enjoy special discounts when attending any of our public youth programmes. Besides annual leave entitlements, Leaderonomers are allowed to take time off for urgent family or personal matters. Leaderonomers are also allowed to take sabbaticals to pursue personal goals, studies and community involvement. We believe that when the individual’s personal achievements are supported, they would be more purposeful and more driven to support the organisation’s mission as well. Audrey Tong, a Leaderonomer who took 4 months sabatical to join YWAM ((Youth With A Mission) in Albania. Lisanne, a Leaderonomer who took 3 weeks sabatical to join Logos Hope. 5. Work Life Balance
  19. 19. 6. Personal & Organisational Goals Alignment To ensure employee wellbeing, we start at the recruitment stage to ensure we hire employees whose personal goals are aligned with the orgnisation, in that they believe in... To encourage Leaderonomers to continue pursuing their personal goals, which are in line with the organisation’s mission, we intentionally encourage Leaderonomers from all divisions to participate and volunteer for all our youth leadership development initiatives. At our DIODE leadership camps, youths come together with facilitators to mentor and guide them throughout At DropZone, we run activities that focus on the personal and creative development of youth. We aim to inspire leadership excellence, meaningful friendships and a sense of responsibility towards the community. Leaderonomics Clubs are housed in schools as part of their extra-curricular programmes. Here, youth learn leadership skills and then practise these in their immediate community. Growing People into Leaders, Building Communities of Love Transforming the Nations
  20. 20. Employees from other divisions have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to all our Community initiatives, including Youth development. Participation has come in consistently from 100% of departments, including support functions like Admin & Finance. Our staff accounted for 49% of facilitation needs at DIODE leadership camps. 54% of this figure is made of employees from non-Youth departments. To the credit of Leaderonomers, even previous employees and interns continue to volunteer in our initiatives. In DropZone, non-Youth employees made up 65% of the total amount of external volunteers at the centre. In Youth Special Projects, employees made up 72% of facilitator needs. 65% of this is non-Youth employees. 100% powered by Leaderonomers Leaderonomics Club is 100% run by Leaderonomers. 36% of facilitators are from non-Youth divisions. This continual involvement of Leaderonomers in Leaderonomics’ Community initiatives has worked to reinforce employee connection to the vision of Leaderonomics. This connection with the company purpose and identity is reflected in employee engagement levels, but also in the way employees interact with clients and partners, and their consistent demonstration of commitment to Community initiatives beyond their job scope. 100% 49% 47% 65%
  21. 21. Testimonials from Employees Being primarily involved in serving corporate organisations, getting the opportunity to spend some time with our nation's youth in last year’s YLC was an experience I will always cherish. Connecting directly with young, energetic youth and encouraging them in their leadership journey was a wonderful privilege. – Hui Yi-Wen, Head, Products & Publicity, Learning & Acceleration Being able to volunteer as a Facilitator at YLC was the highlight of my year, as it reminds me of the purpose of Leaderonomics - to transform the nation through leadership development. The young people taught and inspired me far beyond my wildest expectations, showing me that there is much hope for our beloved Malaysia. – Ian Lee, Head, Organisational Diagnostic & Growth, Learning & Acceleration I’ve been admiring the great work of my colleagues in the social space since I joined Leaderonomics. Last year, I volunteered for SPARK Programme as I saw it as a chance to get involved in making an impact. During camp, I didn't realise what a signifi- cant difference I had made until I received so many words of encouragement and appreciation from campers and colleagues. I knew then that I am very lucky to be able to work where I’m working now. – Rahilah Najumudeen, Finance Executive When I joined Leaderonomics, I was bought over by their vision of transforming the nation through leadership development. DIODE YLC is where I truly see this mission being carried out as I see potential future leaders being developed at a young age, setting their values and beliefs in the right path early. What I enjoy most in the camps is watching kids from different backgrounds work together and help each other to achieve their goals as a team. Every time i return from camps I am truly re-energised knowing that we are grooming great future leaders for our nation. – Rishen Philip, Growth Partner, Development & Programme Management, Learning & Acceleration Working with youth has always been a passion of mine so when I heard Leaderonomics encouraged time off to work in their Community arm, I jumped at the chance. Volunteering in camp and working with the Youth team has given me a chance to grow in unexpected ways. Simple things like remembering a camper's name and sharing small moments with them become such valuable lessons to take back to my role in sales. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to be part of a team inspiring change in the young. – Ameera Hussain, AVP, Business Development, Leaderonomics Media Speaking to the kids during a CSR programme organised by the Youth division of Leaderonomics enabled me to reflect upon Leaderonomics’ core principle of cradle to grave leadership. The session empowered the kids to learn and practise the heart of leadership, which is to handle adversities in all situations, strive to achieve excellence and to embrace the period of painful growth. – Dinesh Dorai Raj, Talent Partner, Organisational Diagnostic & Growth, Learning & Acceleration
  22. 22. Part Three: IMPACT The fruit of our initiatives is evident in the happiness and satisfaction of our employes. It can be further evidenced in the strength of our culture, increased productivity and output, as well as deeper ownership and accountability. We have 4 returning Leaderonomers who previously completed their internships with us and have chosen to pursue a career in our organisation. Since Jan 2015, 40% of our ex-interns continue to maintain a strong relationship with us and are active in our various projects and initiatives. 1 Leaderonomers volunteer to organise company gatherings and take ownership of their workspaces. 2 40% Leaderonomers get praised by customers and guests, some feedback from customers to the leadership team: 3 “How come every employee speaks the same lingo, with the same enthusiasm and passion” “Your employee is the most dedicated we’ve ever come across, answering our query at 2am with such chirpiness and enthusiasm” “Did you all brainwash your people?”
  23. 23. 3 sessions of FAB Friday has taken place where each team has continuously “enhanced” the appreciation act. There are 6 more FAB Friday sessions upcoming for 2015. 7 We have increased output and productivity by empowering Leaderonomers to work in accordance to their strengths. Our solutions team has churned out a whooping 364 proposals since Oct 2014, increasing their output by 37%.8 +37% FAB FRIDAY Referral rates for new open roles in the organization increased by 39% from internal Leaderonomers 4 +39% Leaderonomers who have left to pursue personal growth opportunities have recommended Leaderonomics to their new employers. 5 We have run 12 Learning Friday sessions this year and 10 of these sessions were conducted by Leaderonomers (some of whom were interns!)6 Learning Friday sessions this year: - Swing Dance - French & English Phonetics - Introduction to Greek Mythology - The Shift of Employer Branding - Learning Arches – Planning and Facilitation Technique - Make Up for Ladies - Learning Korean - What I Have Learnt From Cats, Dogs & Social Enterprises - Speaking Spanish - Yoga - How To Build A Career That Brings You To 65 Countries. Upcoming sessions: - Influencing Skills - Tech & Tools - Designing Simulations - The Will To Write Your Will - Close Quarter Self-Defense - The Posterior Chain & Office Ergonomics
  24. 24. Part Four: EFFORTS FOR CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENTS Our planned initiatives for continual improvements include: • Handicap friendly facilities: We hire indiscriminately and as such have a responsibility to ensure that all our employees are able to navigate the office space comfortably and confidently. • Meeting spaces that suit a variety of needs: As our company grows, we find that we need meeting spaces that can accommodate all our people and at the same time give room for personal conversations. These are considerations taken into account in our design of our new offices. • Leaderonomics experience: Streamlining the experiences of each employee and having further opportunities for job rotations and exposure. • Regional culture initiatives: Expanding the cultural practices and aligning the expectations across our associate companies in Thailand, Cambodia, Johor and Sarawak. • Employee engagement fund: Allocating a fund for Leaderonomers to invest in relationship building, fun activities and celebrations throughout the year. We believe we deserve the award of Excellence in Employee Engagement as we consistently and intentionally seek to keep our employees engaged and happy by seeing to their needs at work (and many times, at home as well). We continually work together with our employees to build a more robust and relational work environment and are open and honest with feedback and changes. We have cultivated a strong culture where employees feel safe and heard and are trusted as equal partners of the organisation. Ultimately, Leaderonomers see ourselves as part of a big family, with many idiosyncrasies and loveable quirks. We are united in a common purpose and aligned towards the bigger goal of nation transformation through leadership development.
  25. 25. Leaderonomics 2014 year end dinner celebration: Margarita Land