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A report describing how to get rid of panic attacks without medication

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Coast how-to-get-rid-of-panic-attacks

  2. 2. HOW TO GET RID OF PANIC ATTACKSPanic Away6 Steps To Ending Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Without MedicationIntroductionInside this report, you will learn: 1. How to Cope With Panic Attacks. If you suffer from panic attacks, then you understand the sheer fear that you face in the moment of an attack. Feeling powerless to stop it is one of the worst parts. Even if you despair that this constraint has become a part of you, take heart. With knowledge and practice, you can be free of the fear of another panic attack. 2. 5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety. Looking for a job - a tough feat in any field - can be even harder when the economy is down. Good marketing can set you apart from other candidates if you know how to properly promote yourself. 3. Fighting Anxiety Without Medication: If youre one of the millions who struggle with anxiety, the good news is that you can feel better, even without medication. No matter how long youve had anxiety, you can do something about it. When you apply both mental and physical techniques to getting better, youll soon find that you - not your anxiety - are the one in control! 4. Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances. Does life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated much of the time? Do you wish you could experience something better? Fortunately, you can enjoy the exciting life you deserve. 5. Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the Winter Months. When the weather is cold and the skies are dark and cloudy, its easier to feel down and despondent. If you struggle with gloomy feelings during the winter, its good to know that theres help and hope available to you without a prescription depression drug. 6. Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances. You can learn to control your anxiety with simple deep breathing techniques. When you breathe 2
  3. 3. deeply and fully, your body stays calm. You may still be a bit tense, but your relaxed breathing can protect you from an anxiety attack.How to Cope With Panic AttacksIf you suffer from panic attacks, then you understand the sheer fear that you face inthe moment of an attack. Feeling powerless to stop it is one of the worst parts. Evenif you despair that this constraint has become a part of you, take heart.You can learn to cope with, reduce, alleviate, and perhaps even eliminate your panicattacks for good! There are specific actions steps you can take to help you overcomethis challenge.Where Do You Start?You can learn a lot about panic attacks simply by studying why they occur. You canalso try to discover the root of your panic attacks. Keep in mind that you shouldalways seek help from your physician.Panic exists because its a way for you to deal with a threatening situation. Whenyoure in danger, your body releases adrenaline that enables you to think and movequickly in order to escape the threat.Panic attacks occur when you find yourself reacting to a situation with feelings ofpanic, even though there may not be an actual threat. In your mind, though, thethreat is real.For example, if something terrifying once happened to you at the mall, future tripscan still set off a panic attack, even if there are no threats. Alternatively, you caneven feel panic in certain situations without being able to figure out exactly why.Whether youre consciously aware of the reasons for your panic attacks or not, itsgood to know that there are still strategies that can help you overcome them. It alsomay help for you to know that panic attacks generally cause you no physical harm.When a panic attack strikes, you will get through it and things will return to normalsoon.How to Cope During an AttackOnce an attack is taking place, you might feel powerless. Instead of allowing your 3
  4. 4. panicked thoughts to take over, focus on your body and methods of relaxation. Deepbreaths can counteract the panic since a panicked state forces you to take quick,shallow breaths.Why You Shouldnt Avoid Panic-Inducing SituationsIts natural to want to simply avoid situations where you might feel panicked.However, this usually isnt the best solution. For instance, you cant avoid elevators,crowds, or the doctors office forever.If you tell yourself that you cant do these things because theyll give you a panicattack, youre just reinforcing the behavior. Rather than helping yourself preventyour panic attacks, youre more likely going to feed the fear and make the attackseven stronger.Although its difficult, when you continue to engage in activities that may inducepanic, youre actually giving yourself many opportunities to overcome yourchallenges.Natural Methods for Coping with PanicThere are natural methods you can use and changes you can make to your routinethat have the power to ease anxiety and panic.Meditation is one helpful method. Meditating can help you become more relaxedand in tune with your body and mind. These benefits can aid in understanding,preventing, and coping with your panic.Lifestyle changes include the use of regular exercise. Most of us dont realize thatexercise is not all about helping your body; it has some great power in balancingyour mind too! Youll also be doing yourself a favor if you pay attention to things likeyour diet and sleeping habits. All these factors can have an effect on your panicattacks.5 Strategies for Coping With AnxietyDo you feel anxious when the pressures on? Do you struggle to calm your nerves inthe midst of stressful situations? These are very normal feelings. Sometimes,however, these worries can become overwhelming even in your day-to-day routines. 4
  5. 5. Extreme anxiety can inhibit your everyday life. Anxiety about a particular situation cancause you to feel worried about everything else. Anxiety can run your life if you letit, but you can take control and learn to thrive in situations that challenge yourresolve.Learning to deal effectively with anxiety is a powerful skill that will benefit you inmany ways. Your relationships with others will be impacted in a positive way. Youllgo after your dreams instead of giving up easily. And your self-confidence will growas you develop the habit of effectively responding to situations despite the fearsinside of you.If you begin to use these five strategies today, youll notice the differenceimmediately. These ideas are simple, but they have the power to revolutionize yourlife.These techniques can help you cope with your anxious feelings: 1. Practice deep breathing. One of the most effective ways to cope with anxiety is deep breathing. Deep breaths get much-needed oxygen to your brain and throughout your body, relaxing your muscles. The increased air to your body and mind helps you calm down in times when you would normally become stressed out. When you notice that youre beginning to get nervous, pay attention to your breathing. For a few days, practice deep breathing in a relaxed, private, comfortable environment where youre not rushed. Put your hand on your belly, and make your hand rise and fall with each breath. Be sure to take in a slow, full breath. Exhale slowly. If you practice this deep breathing exercise before the moment of truth, youll be equipped to control your breathing when a stressful situation occurs. When the pressure is on, and you notice your heartbeat beginning to rise, simply pay attention to your breating and do what youve practiced. 2. Face your fears. If you worry constantly, you may not be leaving your comfort zone often enough. Seek opportunities to stretch your mental boundaries in ways that arent extremely stressful. As your mind and body become used to taking on challenges in dealing with your nerves, give yourself greater challenges to increase your ability to handle them. If youre in the habit of shying away from things that stress you out, purposefully put yourself into situations that you arent sure about. This will help you build confidence. The more steps you take outside of your comfort zone, the better equipped youll be when the real challenges of 5
  6. 6. life cause you to feel anxious. 3. Eat nutritiously. An often-overlooked way to beat anxiety is to make sure that your body is properly fueled for the challenges it must face. Drink plenty of water. Eat a balanced breakfast. Eat small meals, and eat more often. Keep track of what youre eating in a daily log so that you can begin to notice patterns that sabotage your health. When your body is fueled properly, the daily anxieties you experience will be less overwhelming. 4. Exercise. Your body is made to move. If you sit at a desk all day, youll likely face greater challenges with worry and stress than someone whos always on the move. Exercise provides tremendous stress relief, an outlet for frustration and a boost to your overall self-confidence. All of these contribute to a peaceful feeling and less anxiety on a daily basis. 5. Seek professional help. Sometimes, the issues you face with anxiety may require you to seek counseling to overcome them. If youve tried many things without success, a mental health professional that is trained to help you overcome these challenges may be your best bet.Its normal to feel nervous when stressful situations occur. But without strategies toovercome those nerves, you can feel paralyzed and sabotage your chances ofexperiencing the success you deserve. Instead, start using these five strategiestoday to effectively cope with your feelings of anxiety and emerge triumphant overthem.Fighting Anxiety Without Medication: 10 Tips to Help YouFeel CalmWhen anxiety hits you, it can be terrifying. The panic and frightening thoughtscoupled with physical symptoms may lead you to believe that youre having a heartattack or suffering from a terrible disease, when in reality, youre perfectly healthy!Anxiety can often cause you to have an exaggerated nervous system reaction tocommon stressors that others are able to ignore.If youre one of the millions who struggle with anxiety, the good news is that you canfeel better, even without medication. You can take positive action on your own to get ahandle on your anxiety and feel more in control. Of course, especially if yoursymptoms are debilitating, please consult your doctor or other health professional 6
  7. 7. for their advice.Both your mind and body are involved in anxiety. Its a vicious circle: the constantworrying and negative thoughts can produce physical symptoms, which can causemore anxious thoughts. It becomes a pattern that can be challenging to break freeof.But when youre able to overcome this challenge, its well worth the effort! Tackleyour anxiety on both the physical and mental levels today by practicing these 10strategies.Physical Ways to Lower AnxietyTry these tips to physically lower your anxiety levels: 1. Breathe. If youre breathing from the top of your chest and not from your abdomen, you might be making yourself more nervous. Breathe from your diaphragm and take full, deep, slow breaths. 2. Get moving. Use up that extra energy and adrenaline that your body produces. If you dont, it can build up and make you more nervous. By getting frequent exercise, youll prevent your body from storing excess adrenaline. 3. Sit still. Its important to exercise, but sometimes its more effective to be still. If you usually run from a panic attack or anxiety episode, force yourself to stay where you are and focus on your relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, to help prevent your impending anxiety. The anxiety might get worse for a moment, but youll be calmer after a few minutes and youll be more prepared the next time you face anxiety. 4. Distract yourself. Its hard to think about feeling nervous when youre actively engaged in other activities. Help others, play a game, or do something else that requires your total concentration as soon as you start to feel anxious. 5. Get in shape. Being physically fit can help you feel better about your health and reduce anxiety. Its not a quick fix, but more of a long-term goal that you can actively pursue. Staying in good physical condition goes a long way in preventing anxiety.Mental Ways to Lower AnxietyA positive mental attitude is just as important as using physical techniques to helpovercome your anxiety. There are many ways you can use your mental resources tofind peace and calm amidst the chaos of anxiety. 7
  8. 8. Follow these techniques to tackle your anxiety on a mental level: 1. Educate yourself. Its hard to battle something you dont understand. Learn about your condition so you have a better understanding of what youre facing. 2. Use the stop sign. Imagine a big stop sign in your head when you start to have anxious thoughts. The stop sign technique is a great place to start. 3. Network. Talking to others with anxiety can help you feel more "normal" and bring you additional strategies that have worked for others in your same situation. Reach out to others! 4. Set aside a worry time. If you allot a few minutes each day at a set time and give yourself permission to worry only at that time, youll soon find that it becomes a chore - making you worry less. By only allowing yourself to worry for a short period, you can program your mind to actually worry less. 5. Offer yourself affirmations. Say positive statements to yourself each day to help you stay strong and brave. For example: "I am a valuable and worthy person, and I have much to offer to the world."No matter how long youve had anxiety, you can do something about it. When youapply both mental and physical techniques to getting better, youll soon find thatyou - not your anxiety - are the one in control!Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite ChallengingCircumstancesDoes life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustratedmuch of the time? Do you wish you could experience something better? Fortunately,you can enjoy the exciting life you deserve.Success is available to you despite challenging circumstances. Its important toremember, also, that your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.What holds you back? Take some time today to question the beliefs you hold thatlimit your potential. If you look at a challenging circumstance as a wall thatsimpossible to climb, you need a fresh perspective.Within you is everything you need to thrive and excel. The more you question thevalidity of your limiting beliefs, the more success youll experience in your life.Think of a circumstance in your life that you believe is preventing you fromsomething you want. Write it down, then get ready to challenge that limiting belief. 8
  9. 9. If you do, youll begin to move toward the success you deserve.Use these strategies to maintain a positive self-worth, regardless of your circumstances: 1. Find the cause. What is the cause of the circumstance in your life? Sometimes, limiting beliefs can serve as warning signs that help you avoid danger. What can you learn from this so you avoid triggering a similar situation in the future? If the cause of your situation is unclear, ask friends and family for their input. Others see your life from a different perspective, and their input can be valuable in determining the root of your difficulty 2. Get past the blame game. You can often be your own worst critic. Fortunately, negative self-talk often has very little basis in reality. Choose to replace the doubts of your inner critic with more productive thinking. Once a negative thought has taught you its intended lesson, it has served its purpose. If you choose to hold onto those negative thoughts, they will begin to form a negative self-image in your mind. This unbalanced view of your talents and strengths holds you back. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about your circumstances, learn the lesson and resolve to move on. Find out what you can do differently to avoid a repeat of your present situation. Then, when negative thoughts enter your mind, choose to replace your self-talk with productive thoughts instead. 3. Cut yourself some slack. Recognize that youre human. Everyone makes mistakes, but your attitude determines your altitude in life. You are valuable regardless of your present predicament. You are worthwhile even when you slip up or falter. Your circumstances simply provide feedback and an opportunity to learn and grow 4. Make the most of it. When you recognize that youre valuable despite your circumstances, youll begin to make the most of every opportunity. Stumbling blocks you face can become stepping stones to the success you deserve, simply by changing what you focus on. Instead of feeling helpless, ask yourself: "Whats great about this?" Every situation provides something of value if you look for it. 5. Ask for help. Loved ones and friends often see strengths in you that go without notice. Ask them what they believe your strengths are. This is where your self-worth is found. Everyone has something of value to contribute. Once you recognize your unique talents, gifts, and abilities, youll see life in a whole new way. Youll seek opportunities to use your talents to bless others. Youll gain confidence that comes from conquering challenges that once made you cringe. Instead of allowing your circumstances to dictate who you are, youll 9
  10. 10. make the rules! 6. Live one day at a time. Despite your best efforts, some days simply provide one frustration after another. When this happens, you have a choice. You can let your circumstances defeat you, or you can choose a more positive perspective.Resolve today to find your strengths, learn from your difficult circumstances, andexperience the joy you were created to experience. Instead of tying your self-worthto your circumstances, choose to see things as they really are. You were createdwith unique talents and gifts. When you find those gifts within yourself and putthem to use, youll know how valuable you truly are.Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the Winter MonthsWhen the weather is cold and the skies are dark and cloudy, its easier to feel downand despondent. If you struggle with gloomy feelings during the winter, its good toknow that theres help and hope available to you without a prescription depression drug.Of course, youll want to check with your physician before making any changes toyour health regimen.Spring is Around the CornerSome people start feeling down just as soon as the first cold, cloudy day rolls in.Dont let this happen to you! To stay happy and peaceful during the winter, focus yourtime and energy on things that bring you joy.See the beauty that the winter months have to offer. If youre really struggling to seeany beauty at all in the gloom of winter, all you need are a few simple ideas tojump-start your thinking in a positive direction.Consider these tips to help you gain a more positive mindset during winter: 1. Buy a sun lamp. A sun lamp gives you the light you need even when its gloomy outside and works much better to help your mood than just turning on all the lights in your house. 2. Take a vacation. Travel to somewhere sunny and warmer each winter, even if only for a couple of days. Looking forward to your annual getaway will lift your spirits during the time before you go, too. 3. Get outside. When the sun does come out, even if its otherwise cold, take 10
  11. 11. advantage of it. When your body is deprived of sunlight, it has a harder time making vitamin D. If you can get some sun, though, youll feel better and youll be better able to make it through until spring arrives with its longer, sunnier days. 4. Find activities that bring you joy. Read that book youve always wanted to read or engross yourself in a new TV sitcom that comes on in winter. Perhaps learning to ski or snowboard can bring you the mental and physical benefits of exercising while also finding a way to enjoy the winter weather.Depression is Treatable - Even if its Only OccasionalIts important to treat depression. If your feelings of depression run deep, you maywant to talk to your doctor about the kinds of treatment options that would be bestfor you. If youre only getting bummed out and unhappy during the winter, though,focusing on strategies that work during the winter is the best way to shake those winterblues.You can choose to be joyful. Focus on the things that matter to you and make youhappy. Winter is only a season, and youll have spring, summer, and fall to do allkinds of great things outside in the sunshine. Remember, anything you can do whenits dark outside, you can do on a gloomy winter day.If you have hobbies that lend themselves to indoor activity, youll have more to keepyour mind occupied as you move through the winter. The cold days will pass morequickly if you have something to do to occupy your time, and spring will arrivebefore you know it.Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control AnxietyDo you struggle with feelings of anxiety? If so, its good to know that there are waysto relieve your suffering. You can learn strategies to take charge of your nervousnessand experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control your anxiety withsimple deep breathing techniques.When you breathe deeply and fully, your body stays calm. You may still be a bittense, but your relaxed breathing can protect you from an anxiety attack. In ananxiety attack, you may have a tendency to hyperventilate, which increases the levelof panic you experience. However, deep breathing keeps you in control.When you hyperventilate, you take short, quick breaths in the top part of your lungs. 11
  12. 12. Your chest expands, but you arent getting the full amount of air that you need toremain calm. The quick overload of oxygen you receive from shallow breathingmakes your apprehension and panic even worse. It becomes a cycle that can behard to break without practiceThe Most Beneficial Way To BreatheAny time you can concentrate on breathing fully - all the way down to your abdomen- youll improve your relaxation response to stressful situations. If your chest isrising with each breath, youre not expanding your lungs to full capacity. Your bodylacks the oxygen it needs to thrive under the pressure of the moment.Place a hand just above your belly button and breathe. If youre breathing deeply, yourhand will rise and fall with each breath.Practice breathing slowly by taking full, deep breaths. You might feel a bit strange atfirst because youre not used to it. You may even feel a bit giddy, but thats normal.Itll pass with practice.Youre getting plenty of air, even if you dont feel like you are. Your lungs can expandwithout your upper chest rising. Only your upper belly needs to rise and fall. At first,you probably wont breathe this way unless youre thinking about it because youreso conditioned to breathe from your chest. Keep practicing often, and youll soon bebreathing properly all the time.How Breathing Affects AnxietyAnxiety may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It may simply be theproduct of over-active nerves that react too strongly to stimuli. However, regardlessof what causes you to feel anxious, the most important thing is to alleviate it andreduce the degree to which it affects your life. Anxiety doesnt have to stop you fromliving the life you deserve.By lowering your anxiety, you may be able to: Change careers or get promoted Speak in front of others without fear Travel to places youve always wanted to see Embark on a new relationship or business venture Reduce your dependency on medication or therapy 12
  13. 13. If youre contemplating reducing any medication or therapy youre currently using,consult your physician before making any changes to your established regimen. Butyou can still start deep breathing right away. There are no side effects, as this typeof breathing is natural and healthy. And its something that everyone can learn andbenefit from.If you struggle with worry, you can feel more relaxed and in control by simplycontrolling your breathing. Begin practicing deep breathing strategies today andexperience peace in the midst of the storms of your life!Wrapping up...In this report, weve shown you: 1. How to Cope With Panic Attacks 2. 5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety 3. Fighting Anxiety Without Medication: 10 Tips to Help You Feel Calm 4. Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances 5. Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the Winter Months 6. Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control AnxietyHowever, if youd like a more specific solution, with advanced techniques foreliminating anxiety, then you may be interested in this special news report below... 13
  14. 14. SPECIAL REPORT:Is It Possible To Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety, WithoutThe Use Of Medication?According to Rich Presta, The creator and owner of the popular website The PanicPuzzle Program, the answer is yes!"It’s been many years now, and I haven’t had a panic attack or even thought aboutthem all that much.I don’t avoid things, I feel like I’m back in control of my life again, and I think thatI’m even BETTER than before I had a problem with anxiety. I honestly think it mademe a stronger, more understanding and caring person. In fact, if I could change thepast and take away my experiences with anxiety, I’m not sure I would. ” - SaysRichWhy most people struggle according to RichThere’s many reasons why you may have had that first attack.Maybe you were under extreme pressure at work or home.Maybe you were starting a new life event like college, moving, getting married, orhaving children.Maybe you have a genetic predisposition to have anxiety. Do other people in yourfamily have similar issues?It could be ANY of these things, or even a few of them together.How Rich conquered his panic and anxiety attacks with a unique approach”I used to be just like you. 14
  15. 15. My life was filled with constant anxiety, panic attacks, and I wondered if I’d ever be‘normal’ again.I was terrified the answer was no.I missed out on life, let it pass me by, because I was just too afraid of my anxiety. Iavoided it at all costs.I took medications, and they helped some, but as soon as I stopped them, theanxiety came right back as intense as ever. It didn’t seem like a solution, justanother way to avoid it.I saw therapists, sometimes for years. They were nice enough people and I’m surethey meant well, but when it was all said and done, I did a lot of talking about mychildhood and nothing in my day to day life was any different.The anxiety and panic was still there, and as vicious as ever.They were looking for WHY I had anxiety, and I wanted to know HOW I could get ridof it.I read all the books I could on anxiety and panic, and I’ll be honest, I learned a lotand some of it was helpful. But what I read helped me to cope with the anxiety. Ididn’t want to COPE. I wanted it OVER.I wanted ME back.Eventually, I started to understand what I’ve already shared with you. That althoughI was learning a lot and had a lot of “logical ammunition”, it wasn’t changing myemotional reaction and learned behavior to any significant degree. So I set out tofind the answers…I was amazed at how fast I felt better once I started doing the right things to teachmy mind a new way. I didn’t have to suffer through panic, I could actually shut it off.I didn’t have to learn to “cope”. I could eliminate it.That was the only solution that made sense to me. I wouldn’t go to a dentist for away to “cope” with a toothache – fix the tooth!”Was it worth it? 15
  16. 16. ”After sharing my story and knowledge with many others, I decided to work togetherwith Doctor of Clinical Psychology to develop a program others could follow to endtheir anxiety too, just like I did.Getting everything we knew into a comprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-stepsystem wasn’t easy, and it took a LONG time, but I’m proud to have done it and tohave the opportunity to help so many others who are struggling like I was conquertheir anxiety.I’m proud to have developed what many consider most advanced and comprehensiveresource for overcoming your anxiety, fear, and panic attacks available anywhere. It’scalled The Panic Puzzle Program, and it can change your life.”And Rich is not alone. There are many success stories that you can read on hiswebsite, The Panic Puzzle Program that should, at the very least, inspire you togive it a try too.To learn more about Richs solution, and his story, along with dozens of other storiesfrom people who have also tried this solution, visit: The Panic Puzzle Program. 16
  17. 17. What others are saying… "Once I started the Panic Puzzle Program, I started to see results very quickly and now I have a new job…" – Click here to read the full review "I had tried almost everything, and was fed up with various meds I had tried over the past 30 years." – Click here to read the full review 17Powered by TCPDF (