Leovi vineles how to create a membership site using premise 2


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Leovi vineles how to create a membership site using premise 2

  1. 1. Creating AMembership SiteUsing Premise 2 on Wordpress
  2. 2. There are people who like Bargains
  3. 3. Love Value
  4. 4. And solutions to their problems
  5. 5. And you reach them by sending them emails.
  6. 6. Sometimes a SIMPLE solution isn’t possible.
  7. 7. You need to sell them somethingbigger, a SYSTEM.
  8. 8. A complete digital sales & marketing system for WordPress
  9. 9. How? Sell a digital product(ex. blog posts/videos) via Membership Site
  10. 10. Why “Membership”
  11. 11. Top Earners online... They all need membership site TALENT F ____!
  12. 12. People Love To BelongPeople Love To Be Guided People Love To Be Reassured People love DetailsYOU GIVE IT TO THEM. .
  13. 13. STEPS To Make AMembership Site in Premise 2 Create 3 Pages Create a Paying Reader Create 2 BlogPosts Create 2 Products
  14. 14. Create 3 Pages
  15. 15. Checkout LoginMember
  16. 16. Creating ACheckout Page
  17. 17. Pages --- Add New
  18. 18. [checkout-form]
  19. 19. Title “Check out” and [checkout-form]
  20. 20. Publish
  21. 21. Page Published
  22. 22. The Checkout Pagehttp://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/check-out/
  23. 23. Checkout Page:DO NOT PREVIEW THIS
  24. 24. Create Login Page
  25. 25. Pages, Add New
  26. 26. [login-form logged_in_text="You are currently logged in." ] [logout-link text="Logout."][password-recovery-link text="Forgot your password? Get it here."]
  27. 27. Enter Title and Body
  28. 28. Publish
  29. 29. CreateMember Page
  30. 30. [member_first_name][member_last_name] [member_profile][member_products]
  31. 31. Click Publish
  32. 32. Page Published.Click View Page
  33. 33. We’re now done withcreating the 3 pages.
  34. 34. Now let’s use them.
  35. 35. Member Access, Settings
  36. 36. Stand up and shout “ANG DALI!”
  37. 37. STEPS To Make AMembership Site in Premise 2 DONE Create 3 Pages Create a Paying Reader Create 2 BlogPosts Create 2 Products
  38. 38. Make Money FromWordpress Blog By Turning It Into aMembership Site
  39. 39. Normally anybodycan read your whole blog.
  40. 40. To sell portions ofyour blog to PAYING MEMBERS...
  41. 41. We’ll create a new type of reader:PAYING MEMBER
  42. 42. Set Access Levels
  43. 43. Under Name, enter PAYING MEMBER
  44. 44. Under Description enter PAYING MEMBER
  45. 45. CLICK “ADD NEW TAG”
  46. 46. List on the Right is updated
  47. 47. New Kind of Reader!
  48. 48. STEPS To Make AMembership Site in Premise 2 DONE Create 3 PagesDONE Create a Paying Reader Create 2 BlogPosts Create 2 Products
  49. 49. Create TWO BlogPosts:1. For Paying Members 2. For Non-Paying Members (anybody)
  50. 50. For Non-PayingMembers Blogpost = Teasers = Good Value!
  51. 51. Mye just submitted her VA assignment (resume, blog) last month.Then suddenly, I got this email from her..."Hi Nikki,Hope everything is doing well with you. Glad to hear about thesuccess of the last VA seminar that Jomar help. Happy for all of youand the whole team. Anyway, the reason I emailed you is that, I justcompleted my first project on Odesk with my very first client and Iwant to know how to bill them? meaning should I ask them to pay methrough Odesk or shall I just send an invoice through my Paypal? Whatdo you think is the best thing to do to get paid? You know firsttimer, hehehe. I want to do it right.Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless.Best regards,Mye R.“What does it mean?Shes got work!And a good problem.Heres the answer:Use a free, online invoicing tool such as Freshbooks to send a bill to your client.Include your preferred payment method or whatever payment method you and your clientagreed on.If its through PayPal, put your PayPal email address at the bottom of each invoice.Would be great if you had the same problem, yes?
  52. 52. Posts ==> Add New
  53. 53. Voila! Add New Post
  54. 54. Enter “YOU” Title
  55. 55. Enter the Blog Post
  56. 56. Click Publish
  57. 57. Post Published.
  58. 58. Everybody can see thisUSEFUL TEASER POST.
  59. 59. Copy this linkhttp://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/2012/10/17/how-to-bill- clients-after-youve-worked-as-a-va-3/
  60. 60. http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/2012/10/17/how-to-bill- clients-after-youve-worked-as-a-va-3/
  61. 61. Let’s make yourFOR MEMBERS ONLY POST(must pay first)
  62. 62. Click Add New
  63. 63. Before we talk about 6 Figures...Learn from these: Question : Can I start a career at home without having to register in Facebook? I cant join your webinars because I dont have an FB:( A: Yes, of course you can ignore the most popular website on the planet and still be a VA. Of course its like ignoring the free buffet in the 6 star hotel - when youre hungry and settling for skyflakes. FB is the largest and best way to show to clients that you understand the internet and youre not afraid to use it. Nobody wants you to expose anything private online if you dont want to. So dont. Q: 2) I am not fully oriented yet about being a VA. My impression is that this borders as a clerical thing. A: Totally understandable because of the word "Assistant". But itswrong. A VA can ba musician who composes game music for ah.. GAMES or a writer of a non-fiction success book, or a blogger or a blog commenter or a person who manages corporate facebook contests (yes, theres such a thing). Since you said youre not oriented then youd do well to watch ALL my free videos on youtube: http://jhilario.com/vavideos 10 Hours after.....(Well, you wanted orientation, you got it!) :) Free pa. You dont need a youtube account. And the refusal or delaying to watch these free TAGLISH videos means you dont want this. Not badly as much as the others do. This means you need more soul searching or an external force to force you.
  64. 64. Posts ==> Add New
  65. 65. Voila! Add New Post
  66. 66. Enter Title and post
  67. 67. Page Down
  68. 68. Look for “Membership Access”
  69. 69. Click “Has Member Access To”
  70. 70. Check “PAYING MEMBER”
  71. 71. Page Up
  72. 72. Publish
  73. 73. Only payingmembers can see this.
  74. 74. STEPS To Make AMembership Site in Premise 2 DONE Create 3 PagesDONE Create a Paying ReaderDONE Create 2 BlogPosts Create 2 Products
  75. 75. Lets create two products ONE FREE ONE YOU NEED TO PAY FIRST
  76. 76. Click Member Access, Products
  77. 77. Click “Create New Product”
  78. 78. Enter Product Name
  79. 79. How To Bill Clients After Youve Worked As a VA Special Report : How To Bill Clients After Youve Worked As a VA Why You Need To Know This Piece of Information: 1.Youll find out whats wrong with most firs timers who are trying to be VAs. 2.You wont fall into the trap that scammers in ODESK are doing.
  80. 80. Enter Product Description
  81. 81. Click This is a Free Product
  82. 82. Click SAVE
  83. 83. Post Published.
  84. 84. Get the Purchase Link (COPY IT)
  87. 87. http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/check-out/?product_id=293
  88. 88. We use the FREE PRODUCT TO HELP PEOPLE F________ H________!
  90. 90. Create the FOR SALE blogpost
  91. 91. Create New Product
  92. 92. Enter Name and Description of Product
  93. 93. Set Price to $3
  94. 94. Click SAVE
  95. 95. Copy Purchase Link
  96. 96. Highlight then Control-C
  97. 97. http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/check-out/?product_id=330
  98. 98. It’s asking for PAYMENT METHOD
  99. 99. STEPS To Make AMembership Site in Premise 2 DONE Create 3 PagesDONE Create a Paying ReaderDONE Create 2 BlogPostsDONE Create 2 Products
  101. 101. Script: Here’s a FREE Report:http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/check-out/?product_id=293 If you like that, you might like this:http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/leovimelvineles/check-out/?product_id=330
  102. 102. Thank You