Google mapmaker MapUp in Maseno


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Presentation at the Maseno MapUp

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Google mapmaker MapUp in Maseno

  1. 1. Google Map Maker Mapping Kisumu Leonard Ouma Google Mapmaker Advocate June 2012
  2. 2. What is Google Mapmaker?Google Map Maker allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in bothGoogle Maps and Google Earth. Once your edits are made and approved you will provide the world with amore accurate view of the locations and points of interest that are under your appraisal.
  3. 3. What is Mapmaker?• Mapmaker allows you to:• Add Place: Add a place or add more detail to the areas you care about.
  4. 4. What is Mapmaker?• Edit Place: Make edits to places already on the map. Parts of your neighborhood may already be mapped on Google Maps. Improve these further using your knowledge of your locality.
  5. 5. • Add Road: Draw roads or add missing roads, hiking trails, waterways, and more. Mark bike lanes throughout your town and show which roads are suitable for cycling
  6. 6. What is Mapmaker?• Review edits by other users: Learn how you can support other users’ mapping in your neighborhood. The map is constantly evolving with contributions from thousands of users all over the world. Review and provide feedback on changes by other users in the areas you care about. Help keep your neighborhood up to date on Google Maps.
  7. 7. General Overview of Editing• Log in to with your Google Account• Make your edits to an existing place or add a new place and submit the updates; make sure your new place falls within the category list, and add your supporting comments.• All new edits or additions are placed into a pending review status, and will remain unpublished until a Trusted Google Maps Reviewer has scanned and approved your revisions.• On occasion, the reviewer will ask questions or make suggestions, or they may request more information to verify and validate the edits.• You then respond to the suggestions, comments, or questions and if they are reasonable, you make the necessary edits and resubmit your updates. If the reviewer’s suggestions do not make sense or they seem unreasonable, it will be necessary for you to ask questions, clarify, or submit comments and documentation that support your position.
  8. 8. Getting to Know Mapmaker
  9. 9. Mapmaker Interface Tool Bar Top Contributors in the Area
  10. 10. Mapmaker Interface• 1. Viewport: The viewport displays the map that youre working on. This is where you can add, edit and review features. You can use the navigation controls to zoom in and out or move around the map, and switch between Map and Satellite views. To view stats for top contributors to an area, hover your mouse pointer over the contributors names in the right bottom corner of the viewport.• 2. Street View: An orange pegman indicates that Street View is available; a grey pegman indicates that its not available. The lower right corner of the viewport has aStreet View preview.• 3. Top menu bar: After youve signed in, click the gear-shaped icon in the upper-right corner to display links to your Profile and Settings pages. You can also find links toLabs features, the Discussion Forum and the Help Center.
  11. 11. Mapmaker Interface• 4. Toolbar: The toolbar is enabled when you zoom in to a particular area. Use it to add features such as Places, Shapes and Lines. You can also use it to find and edit features.• 5. Left panel: Displays information about updates, edits and directions related to the current action youre performing. Learn more about the left panel workspace.• 6. Searching tools: The search box, along with Browse and Advanced Search will help you find businesses, schools and other places of interest.• 7. Location bar: Displays your current location based on the area represented by the viewport. You may need to zoom in to view this information.• 8. Getting Started tool: Click for guided instructions on how to add, edit, find features and more on Map Maker.
  12. 12. Questions? Map Your World! Thank You!