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Project10 Uk 2010

Boronia\'s new efficient tool to efficiently manage each detail of the data around raw materials, recipes and projects with your entire organization. Flexibly create new documents and specifications. Make sure you can answer the questions your environment is going to ask you.

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Project10 Uk 2010

  1. 1. ❶ About Boronia * Boronia is founded by food experts. Experts that each day experience the food industry from within. Based on the problems and challenges that occur with professionals in this industry, we design solutions in the shape of business tools.
  2. 2. ❷ * “Demanding consumer strongly values knowledge”
  3. 3. ❸ * “Regulatory demands in food change rapidly”
  4. 4. ❹ * “Media strengthen information need of consumer”
  5. 5. ❺ * “Market trends demand transparency in information” Source:
  6. 6. ❻ Your position in the market * Who can you consult to answer all these questions?
  7. 7. ❼ Where are you today? * How transparent is your internal information about raw materials and their impact in your final product recipes and specifications?
  8. 8. ❽ How quickly can you trace your ingredients? “Remove all palm oil from your recipes” * How many resources are needed to analyse all your raw materials and recipes to understand the consequences of this demand for your organization?
  9. 9. ❾ * How quickly can you create a new specification? “Providing a product specification is obliged when supplying this test sample” How conveniently can you translate the (updated) details of your Raw materials to a new or revized product specification?
  10. 10. ❿ Can you quickly anticipate to market trends? “The fat content in your products needs to be * reduced by 15%” How many fats do your recipes contain and what is the source of These fats? How quickly do you have a clear overview in the needed Actions to comply to the request?
  11. 11. ⓫ Consider Project 10 Project 10 is * the solution of Boronia that gives food companies the ability to efficiently and flexibly manage their raw materials and product recipes. This solution is a software application in which all standard (regulatory) demands of the food industry are already included. While developing this application the user demands in the industry have strongly driven the design process.
  12. 12. ⓬ Example of specification management 43% 39% 18% 100% * Recalculation Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Specification 1 - price - price - price NL - price - physical details - physical details - physical details - physical details - allergens - allergens - allergens F - allergens - vitamins - vitamins - vitamins - vitamins - minerals - minerals - minerals D - minerals - nutritional value - nutritional value - nutritional value - nutritional value - microbiology - microbiology - microbiology GB - microbiology - bar coding - bar coding - bar coding - bar coding - supplier - supplier - supplier E - supplier - labelling - labelling - labelling - labelling .…
  13. 13. ⓭ Consider Project 10 * Project 10 furthermore offers in its standard layout project management for product development, pipeline analysis and relationship management. By doing so Project 10 becomes the optimal package for product and project management for producers in the food industry.
  14. 14. ⓮ Consider Project 10 * Project 10 stimulates a multidisciplinary approach of each part of the system. The marketing and Sales organization is actively participating in product and project management issues through Project 10. These departments are responsible for the business pipeline tool in which contracts, projects and orders are combined in your company’s commercial outlook.
  15. 15. ⓯ Why Project 10? * Project 10 offers you real insight in the details of your raw materials and final products. It makes your operation more efficient in the creation of specifications and the management around raw material details. It simply saves time. The project management skills of Project 10 build history around your efforts in innovation and product development. The improved insight in projects makes you stronger in Strengthening the relationship with your clients.
  16. 16. ⓰ Our offer * We are convinced of the added value of our Project 10 tool for food Companies. Do you also want to be convinced? We enjoy presenting this business tool and are happy to share a demo version with you.