O que é um browser inglês


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O que é um browser inglês

  1. 1. Portfóliobibliodigital
  2. 2. General ObjectiveAt the end of this activity learners should be ableto: Know what is a Browser. Identify the major web browsers.
  3. 3. Objectivos Específicos Take the student to realize what a browser is. Disseminate the best known and most used browsers. Teach how browsers can be download using the available links in order to proceed to download (download or download).
  4. 4. What is a Browser or web browser?Browser or web browser is a program that provides access to and interpretation of HTML, CSS, Javascript and others. HTML, CSS, Javascript - are programming languages​​. Themes to develop in other sessions.
  5. 5. The first browser wascreated in 1990 by TimBerners-Lee and wascalled WorldWideWeb,had few features and Tim Berners-Leemost of the textinformation was. 1º Browser
  6. 6. Since then much haschanged.The current browsers aresophisticated programscapable of interpretingvarious types ofdocuments and provideadditional resources to itsusers.
  7. 7. The major browsers are: Internet Explorer Created by Microsoft, is present in about 80% of the worlds computers. Works on Windows and Mac The big advantages of this browser are that come installed on windows and its ease of use. Download the browser:http://www.microsoft.com/brasil/windows/products/wi nfamily/ie/default.mspx
  8. 8. The major browsers are: Firefox Created by the Mozilla Foundation, is open source and is one of the leading open source software today. Works on Linux and Windows. Download the browser:http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/
  9. 9. The major browsers are: Safari Browser of Apple now has a version for Windows. Download:http://baixaki.ig.com.br/download/Safari.htm
  10. 10. The major browsers are: Opera It is one of the fastest browsers on different navigation requirements. Its free and size of installation file is very small. Download:http://baixaki.ig.com.br/download/Opera-Portugues- .htm
  11. 11. The major browsers are: Chrome Launched by Google. There was a stunning launch, the first day reached a huge number of fans. Its a modern browser and has some differences from the previous, both in the interface, and the features. Apparently it was originally developed to meet their own websites as Google services did not always work well in other browsers. Download the browser: http://www.google.com/chrome
  12. 12. Summary of Existing BrowsersCurrently, I use all these browsers, I get to have all on at once: Internet Explorer Fierfox Chrome Opera Safari
  13. 13. Recommendations Browsers can be used simultaneously or you can choose to use only one To download the browsers on your computer just click on the links provided above and follow the normal steps of a download.
  14. 14. Summary of theLesson: What are Browsers 5 most commonly used browsers Where to download Browsers
  15. 15. Game Browser of Apple Launched by GoogleThe size of the file installation is very small Created by MicrosoftCreated by Mozilla Foundation
  16. 16. TestWith which browser can I work? Since you have previously installed or have installed, I can use any browser and can even use all at once since my computer is properly updated and has the capacity to do so.What is a browser? Is a program that provides access to and interpretation of HTML, CSS, Javascript and others.
  17. 17. Conclusion“I always do what I can not do to learn what I do not know! " Pablo Picasso“Its making you learn to do what we must learn to do. " Aristóteles