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Roma Sari Gandum’s brand awareness has recently in the phase of stagnancy. This product is planning to increase public’s awareness and positioning into a bigger market segments trough its future marketing campaign. The marketing strategy will be mainly focused on creating a new healthy lifestyle experience to wider market in spite of targeting this product into more specified of healthy food consumers.

Social Media campaign will be used as one of its below the line marketing strategy, beside others above the line programs such as promotion events, radio blocking time, TV and print ads. As a part of bigger marketing campaign, the use of social media will be strategically design to gather big number of market audience, generate new community, educate the market in order to encourage a new enthusiasm about healthier lifestyles, and establishing brand loyalty. To reach those goals, social media strategy will be focused on using several social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs which are effective in supporting Roma Sari Gandum Marketing Campaign.

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Sari Gandum Social Media Campaign Activation

  1. 1. Social Media StrategiesSari Gandum
  2. 2. Mobile Internet Users in Indonesia 48% of Indonesian Internet Users access Internet from mobile
  3. 3. Mobile Internet Users in Indonesia • Even the numbers are predicted to increase. •  5 % through mobile phone •  17 % through handheld devices.
  4. 4. Fact- Facebook & Twitter users
  5. 5. Twitter users
  6. 6. Twitter Users – Demographic Data
  7. 7. Facebook Users – DemographicData
  8. 8. Social Media Strategy
  9. 9. Analysis Strategy Brand Awareness Social Current Media Future Digital CampaignTrack number of Followers, Track number of Followers,Fans, Mentions, Post, Klout Fans, Mentions, Post, KloutScore Score
  10. 10. Data Analysis Tools• To monitor the impacts of implemented Strategies on Social Media, some tools that can be used:3. kklout Your popularity on Social media (esp. Twitter) doesn’t only depend on number of followers but also the contents, influence level and audience engagement level. Network Influence: Number of people who Mentions, Retweets, Likes, Comments. Amplification Influence: more likely about the CONTENTS which is responded and spreaded.
  11. 11. Data Analysis Tools2. kklout • Embedded on your sites. • Monitor Traffic • Data Analysis
  12. 12. Data Analysis Tools3. kklout • Tracking how many and how popular is your brand (terms used), mentioned on various social media (fans, followers, messages, posts, tweets, etc) • Tracking who are the top influencers about your brand/ terms used.
  13. 13. Currently Sari Gandum has a smallrelated information numbers for itsbrand positioning trough SEO Google SearchKeyword : “Sari Gandum”Result : 2,100,000* from the top 5 of the findings result, only one link that have relatedinformation about Sari Gandum whole grain biscuits product.
  14. 14. Google Search Keyword “Sari Gandum”
  15. 15. Facebook Personal Page “Sari Gandum”
  16. 16. Google SearchKeyword : “Roma Sari Gandum”Result : 1,800,000* The result including Roma Sari Gandum TV Commercial thatuploaded trough YouTube online video channel, Roma Sari GandumFacebook Page (Company), and severals Roma Sari GandumBiscuits Images.
  17. 17. Google Search Keyword “Roma Sari Gandum”
  18. 18. Facebook Company Page “Roma Sari Gandum”
  19. 19. Twitter Search Keyword “Sari Gandum” Twitter search findings shows that Twitter user still: 3.Questioning about Sari Gandum products 5.Asking for other user recommendations and opinions about Sari Gandum product. 7.Giving a negative testimonial about Sari Gandum product 9.Compairing Sari Gandum product to other biscuits products.
  20. 20. Competitor Analysis Oreo FINDINGS3.Have done several social mediacampaign using social media sites,profile page, online video distribution,website and online communities5.The campaign, ‘Double Stuff oreo LickRace’ focuses on interactive, where participantsare invited to upload their races andchallenge others
  21. 21. Competitor Analysis Oreo OPORTUNITIES Doesn’t positioning itself as healthysnack product, since it contains high-fat and sugar Different target market size and positioning
  22. 22. Competitor AnalysisJacob’s Weetameal FINDINGS3.International and worldwide known forfood manufacture5.Made from grain cracker with healthyconcerned biscuit7.Strong and well known brand ininternet, proven by optimized searchengine result findings9.Tasty biscuit with more varieties
  23. 23. Competitor Analysis Jacob’s Weetameal OPORTUNITIES Price more expensive compared to Oreo and Roma Sari GandumNo massive digital campaign via social media
  24. 24. Competitor AnalysisNissin & Khong Guan FINDINGS3.KGC has been equally committed tothe mainstream market and have beencarried by mass market chains5.Focused on below the line promotionsuch as: supermarket’s promo, modernchannel display, participate in event andbazzar7.Tasty biscuit with more varieties
  25. 25. Competitor AnalysisNissin & Khong Guan OPORTUNITIES Have done campaign via SocialMedia (Facebook, Twitter) “KreasiBersama Broniz”, but there is no continuous programsThe products contains high fat and sugar, not concerned as healthy foodUn-maintained Twitter Account KG- Play with only 14 followers
  26. 26. Competitor Activity via Social Media Twitter Search for “biskuit” 3.Fullo : 2,5050 Followers 4.OopsOlezzo : 858 Followers 5.HanyaOreo : 6,512 followers
  27. 27. Competitor Activity via Social Media Hanya Oreo Twitter Page Twitter Account : 6,512 followers 4,184 tweets 3,357 following Content : Community Maintenance, Quiz Info & Announcement
  28. 28. Competitor Activity via Social Media Hanya Oreo Facebook FanpageFacebook Fanpage : 165,799 people likeContent : Viral Quiz, Facebook Pooling, Upload Photo Competition, Notes for Quiz and Games Notification
  29. 29. Competitor Activity via Social Media Hanya Oreo Facebook FanpageFacebook Fanpage : 165,799 people likeContent : Viral Quiz, Facebook Pooling, Upload Photo Competition, Notes for Quiz and Games Notification
  30. 30. Competitor Activity via Social Media Hanya Oreo Website Website : Content : Flash Games, Product Information
  31. 31. Social Media Influencer Raditya Dika3.800,000 followers (3rd largest in thenumber of followers in Indonesia)5.He is one of the best influencer intwitter (amplification level reaches 90)7.Several big brands using him as theirbrand ambassador in social media
  32. 32. Social Media Influencer Dewi Lestari (Dee)3.Twitter is her testing-the-water toolsand her source of inspiration for herbooks5.Has more than 200,000 followers,which are her die-hard fans7.She knows how to manage herrelationship with fans
  33. 33. Social Media Marketing Objective1. Build Meaningful Relationships3. Public Relations and Brand Awareness5. Build Customer Loyalty7. Establish Trust9. Manage Your Reputation11. Increase Search Visibility
  34. 34. Sari Gandum Social Media Strategy
  35. 35. Sari Gandum Social Media Marketing Objective
  36. 36. Program Example of Remah Sari Gandum• This program will use, for example hash tag: #RemahSG• Let’s say the complete sentence that will be twitted is:Sari Gandum Cemilan Pengganti Snack, Lezat Menyehatkan• The total Words is 7.• So, started from 3 PM to 4 PM, every 7 minute, we will tweet one of these 7 words randomly. Let’s say the schedule is as following: • 3:07 PM: pengganti #RemahSG • 3:14 PM: menyehatkan #RemahSG • 3:21 PM: Gandum #RemahSG • 3:28 PM: snack #RemahSG • 3:35 PM: lezat #RemahSG • 3:42 PM: cemilan #RemahSG • 3:49 PM: Sari #RemahSG • Started from 3:50 PM, followers must compete to tweet the complete sentence. • Everyday, on 3:55 PM, we will choose the first follower who tweet the complete sentence.
  37. 37. Program Example of Lengkapi Kalimat Sari Gandum•Once in a day, we will tweet incomplete sentence (with #KalimatSG) for thento be completed by the followers.•For example: “Sari Gandum paling enak dimakan bersama dengan…”#KalimatSG•Every 5 PM, we will announce the winner who tweeted the most interestingdan most relevant tweet from the followers.
  38. 38. Oreo Strategies (• Games simple, disertai dengan kuis mengenai promo oreo dan seputar produk2 oreo. Kuis diberikan setiap selesai 1 level, disertai dengan penambahan dan pengurangan poin untuk jawaban benar dan salah.• On Fan Page, they post update, information about oreo, activity, promote the product, polling.
  39. 39. Oreo Strategies (Fanpage)
  40. 40. Oreo Strategies (Fanpage)
  41. 41. Oreo Strategies (Fanpage)• Put any symbol or special logo, or special mark on random products. Those who buy the products with the logo/mark/symbol have to send the packaging to Sari Gandum and will get door prize.• Period: monthly based.• Door Prize: Oreo’s bikes, singapore & Hongkong holiday, Ipad, Netbook HP Mini
  42. 42. Oreo Strategies (Twitter)• Fun question
  43. 43. Oreo Strategies (Twitter)• Quiz
  44. 44. Oreo Strategies (Twitter)• Mini Games
  45. 45. Thank You !