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  1. 1. The Caboodles Blueprint
  2. 2. Why did I write this Book? When I first had a product idea and wanted to find this book - it didn’t exist. That was 30 years, multiple brands and hundreds of products ago.
  3. 3. What is the blueprint?I realized that I had created a simple formula thatdoesn’t require a marketing degree to understand A formula that propels a product idea onto thousands of retail shelves in just 6 months A formula that generated over $100 MILLION in RETAIL SALES from a NEW product IDEA in the first three years..
  4. 4. Vision from the mind A vision’s fuel is knowledge Every product on every shelf down every isle first started with a vis - A vision created from the mind Visualization is the most important ingredient for a product’s succe Mold your vision in its inception before it is created Take that vision through every stage of the product’s developmentVisualization is free but mistakes made through the visualization process can be the most costly.
  5. 5. Capturing the vision From Visualization to Materialization Creatively Recording and documenting the visio Choosing your tools to capture the vision Fueling the vision with informationCreating the “one sentence” that “defines thecreation”
  6. 6. Researching the market Becoming the expert in your field The power of Consumer Focus Groups Researching your INDUSTRY for Statistics, Trade Shows, Potential RETAILERS & Distributors, Trade &Consumer magazines and Independent Sales Representatives Researching the competition
  7. 7. Creating the BrandA brand is a living, breathing identity - treat it as suA brand lasts for eternity a product lasts for 18 mon Creating your brand personality Developing your brand logo Generic or Product related name Copyrighting your most VALUABLE ASSET
  8. 8. Learning RetailPOP (Point of Purchase) Display Units Floor Stands • Counter units • Side Kicks • Clip StripsWhat Discounts do the Retailers Want? Co-op Allowances New Store Allowances And more…
  9. 9. Creating the ProductStarting the process utilizing Industry, Market, Category & Retailer Knowledge Pricing the product What did your Focus Group Participants say? Packaging the product Promotional point of sale vehicles
  10. 10. Expanding your IDEA into a PRODUCT LINE Offers buyers a more credible buying option Increases salesCreates more Consumer and Brand Awareness Offers Consumers a “choice”
  11. 11. Manufacturing the ProductResearching Domestic and Overseas Manufactu Pricing from product and packaging samples Time lines Warehousing
  12. 12. The Sales BookCreating a visual and establishing credibility The Important elements : The Industry The Marketplace The The Research Consumer The Brand The Category The Product The Packaging The Price Merchandising the product at Retail
  13. 13. Marketing Your brand imageCreating your web page & social media presenceCreating Brand and Product Awareness? What are your Advertising options?
  14. 14. The Retail Market Mass vs. Specialty Volume vs. prestige The Changing face of Retail
  15. 15. Creating Trade & Consume Awareness PR - the cheapest and most effective form of advertising Creating a PR plan Consumer & Industry Shows
  16. 16. Separating reality from fiction Time to do your first “check List” Flexibility allows for needed changesKnowledge gained from trade and consume Do you have a viable product?
  17. 17. Hiring your National Sales Force Where to find them What to pay themndependent Sales Representatives – the best option What to expect from them What are their strengths
  18. 18. Making your sales calls Preparation - the key to success Respecting your representative You are the product expert – The BUYER is the retail expertYour presentation - your story – your credibilit
  19. 19. Your first Trade Show Research and timing Pre-show planning Booth Development Sales Collateral Product presentation The follow up
  20. 20. The Marketplace Extending the vision - Mapping the present and the future National and International BusinessNew product development - an ongoing proces
  21. 21. Financing Financing - 4 Stages1. The Product’s Inception - self finance2. Research & Development - Family Finance3. Manufacturing, Warehousing and Shipping – Venture Finance4.Company Growth - Venture /Partner Finance
  22. 22. When do you make money Product Sales - when should you expect a return on your investmen Brand/Company Sale The three year rule Preparing your company for sale Establishing a value
  23. 23. Available in Paperback, Ebook & Audio book
  24. 24. The Caboodles Blueprint By Leonie Mateer The Proven GUIDE and WORKBOOK “ How to Take Your PRODUCT IDEA to MARKET