Unnatural links penalty and recovery solutions


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It was a struggling work to remove an unnatural links penalty from your site. If you related to SEO who would like to get involved in doing penalty removal work. Once you receive a manual warning in your Web Master Tool then you have done the work required to clean up the site then you will need to file for reconsideration. May be It can affect for the entire site or even just a page or a keyword. Sometimes a site can be penalized and be totally removed from the Google index. Sometimes, the site can still be in the index but not be shown in the first 10 pages for any of its keywords.

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Unnatural links penalty and recovery solutions

  1. 1. What is Unnatural link penalty ?These penalties are manual penalties thatGoogle can place on sites when theydetermine that a site is widely attempting tomanipulate the search engine results bycreating links. These penalties are manualas opposed to Penguin which is algorithmic.So, what causes a site to be hit with anunnatural links warning?
  2. 2. Google has deindexed several sites that seemed to have unnatural linksSome word press themes, plugins and widgets inject hidden linksTo your site that is not considered natural1 Million unnatural link warnings were issued towebmasters via WMT, Manually, before the penguinupdate arrivedUnnatural link penalty ReasonsParticipating link schemes and using automation techniques tobuild links.If someone report for spamming against your site then also arehaving possible chances for this penalty.
  3. 3. Tips to remove Unnatural linksMonitor the number of linking root domains andremove duplicates as much as possibleRemove dead or Broken linksAcquire G+ authorship by creating some great andunique content and link to itSpread off page link building through a year rather than doingRemove site wide links and footer links as much you canDetect bad links using link tools available on the web.Try and contact web masters to remove it!!
  4. 4. The Page RankAuthority of the siteLinking pageNumber of outbound links on the linking pageThe relevance of the linking pageDo-follow or no-follow link
  5. 5. Must know: How to send reconsideration request ifyou have been affected by Unnatural LinksIf you receive manual warning in Web MasterTool then you need to file for reconsideration.once you have done the work required to cleanup the site backlink profile.
  6. 6. Should you be using the disavowtool if you have been affected byUnnatural LinksGoogle released the disavow toolwhich allowed webmasters toessentially have Google add aninvisible "nofollow" to certainlinks that are pointing to the site.
  7. 7. The devil has put a penalty on all thingswe enjoy in life. Either we suffer in healthor we suffer in soul or we get fat.Albert Einstein
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