Networking, Informing And Learning Via The New Technologies


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Developed for Managers of Volunteers on how they can learn, network & inform the sector utilising technology.

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Networking, Informing And Learning Via The New Technologies

  1. 1. Networking, Informing and Learning via the New Technologies <br />Volunteer Managers Network Meeting<br />12 October 2009<br />Brisbane<br />
  2. 2. Networking<br />Via New Technologies<br />
  3. 3. Start with people…<br />Technology<br />People<br />Source: Cat Williams - OakTree Foundation<br />
  4. 4. <ul><li>In 2005, 8% of online adults had a profile on an social network site. 35% had one in January 2009.
  5. 5. Today, 44.2% do
  6. 6. Various social network sites</li></ul>Networking…<br />
  7. 7. Twitter<br />Median age is 31 <br />11% of adult social network users<br />5-10 thousand new accounts opened daily (growing quickly)<br />Facebook<br />Median age is 26<br />22% of adult social network users <br />168% global audience growth in 2008<br />MySpace <br />Median age is 27<br />50% of adult social network users<br />3% global audience decline in 2008<br />LinkedIn <br />Median age is 40<br />6% of adult social network users<br />Pew Internet & American Life Project (January 2009)<br />The Guardian UK:<br />State of the Twittersphere Q4 2008 report <br />
  8. 8. Social Media Revolution<br />Is Social Media a Fad?<br /><br />
  9. 9. Social Media Goals<br />Engage in conversation clients, funders, colleagues<br />Share information<br />Educate others about your agency and/or issue<br />Learn from others<br />Increase transparency and responsiveness<br />Build community<br />Network<br />Advocate<br />Mobilise your base to action<br />Source:<br />
  10. 10. Social Media Challenges<br />Giving up control of the conversation<br />Achieving a comfort level using social media<br />Balancing organisation’s identity with personal identity<br />Time/personnel resources for maintaining social media presence<br />Adjusting to ever-changing landscape of social media – being flexible <br />Understanding technology and terminology<br />Measuring ROI (return on investment)<br />Source:<br />
  11. 11. Facebook Tips<br />Why you need to have a strategy before you make a facebook fan page<br /><br />Netwits Think Tank – 4 Facebook Tips for Nonprofit Success<br />{EA4438F2-2529-4379-8A32-16EBD5D5BF90}&notoc=1<br />
  12. 12. Facebook tips…<br />How to Use Facebook for Nonprofit Organisations<br /><br />How to set up a nonprofit Facebook page<br /><br />
  13. 13. Informing<br />Via New Technologies<br />
  14. 14. Informing…<br />Blogs in Plain English<br /><br />
  15. 15. Nonprofit Blogs…<br />Jayne Cravens -Coyote Communications<br /><ul><li>Volunteering Unplugged</li></ul><br />
  16. 16. Nonprofit Blogs…<br />Beth Kanter<br /><br /><br />
  17. 17. Learning<br />Via New Technologies<br />
  18. 18. Learning…<br />Google Apps<br /><br />Wikis in Plain English<br /><br />
  19. 19. Wikis…<br />Social Enterprise Wiki<br /><br />Philanthropy Wiki<br /><br />
  20. 20. Podcasts…<br /><ul><li>create an audio message from the executive director to thank supporters
  21. 21. present an interview with a key member of staff
  22. 22. present the voices of your volunteers
  23. 23. present a recent speech by a member</li></ul>Podcasting in Plain English<br /><br />
  24. 24. Webinars<br />Online seminar – sometimes called ‘virtual seminar <br />Uses video and audio aspects<br />Is in real time<br />Crosses geographical & physical boundaries<br />Covers variety of topics (training, guest speakers)<br />
  25. 25. What makes a good webinar?<br />Concepts or skills that can easily be taught in 30-45 minutes<br />Very narrowly focused topics<br />Topics that generate discussion<br />Case studies and stories<br />Ask your community!<br />From:<br />
  26. 26. Producing Webinars<br />
  27. 27. Discussion<br />about New Technologies<br />To podcast or not???<br />Face book?<br />
  28. 28. Resources – Social Media<br />Resources – Social Media<br />NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network):<br />Tech Soup:<br />We Are Media:<br />Social Brite:<br /><br />
  29. 29. Extra Resources and Links<br />Non-profit Website Design – Examples and Best Practices:<br /><br /><ul><li>Common Knowledge</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Volunteer Howard</li></ul><br />
  30. 30. Thank You<br />