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  2. 2. Social Media Optimization (SMO)Methods and Strategies that Generate Publicity Using Social Media Websites To drive Traffic to your Website
  3. 3. Six Original Rules Of SMO Increase Link-ability Easy Tagging and Bookmarking Reward Inbound Links Encourage the Mash-Up Help Your Content Travel Get Communities Connected
  4. 4. Viral Marketing Email Marketing Blogging Audio and Video Sharing Rss Feeds Photo Sharing
  5. 5. Top Social Media Websites Facebook Pintrest Twitter MySpace LinkedIn Videos- YouTube and Vimeo Photos- Flickr and Tumblr
  6. 6. Media MilestonesTime to reach Audience of 50 million: Radio Television 13 Years Internet 4 Years iPod 3 Years Facebook 2 Years38 Years
  7. 7. Social Media Users020406080100120140160180200Facebook MySpace LinkedIn Twitter
  8. 8. Social Media Demographics Facebook+600k Users per Day LinkedIn+500k Users per Week Twitter752% Growth Rate
  9. 9. Why do SMO?
  10. 10. Where should we go?
  11. 11.