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Salon and Spa Website Design Marketing System


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Learn how to attract new clients within 5 miles of your salon and double your business income with a custom website design marketing system.

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Salon and Spa Website Design Marketing System

  1. 1. WEB DESIGN MARKETING SYSTEM WEB SOLUTIONS FOR SALONS AND SPAS Powered by All in one solution for Salon Owners
  4. 4. FEATURES: CUSTOM DYNAMIC WEBSITE  CustomWebsite Design by Professionals  Choose your own template and our designers will modify the website specifically to your salon theme. Give us the ID#  All our websites are custom. Our designers build it from A-Z.  Website demo will be ready in 2-3 weeks depending how fast you can provide us the salon/restaurant information. (Hours of Operations, Service List, Price list, Menu, etc)  All updates for website is done by us so you don’t have to (Pricing, Services, New Photos,Videos etc)  Unlimited Support and Maintenance  Your website will be very mobile friendly. Clients will have no problem viewing your website on the mobile phone.  Example: Type in on your mobile phone.
  5. 5. MOBILE FRIENDLYVERSION  A customized mobile version personalized for you.  Call to action button (Book Appointment or Call Us)  Instant Google Map  Find us on Facebook
  6. 6. NEW HOME OWNERS  If you just move to the local area Dale City and search on Google. which salon would you check out first? World Nails or Paradise Salon?  85% of people use search engine to find local businesses
  8. 8. WEB SEO INTEGRATION  All our websites are built with initial SEO integration  TitleTags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords targeting to your salon.  This is technical back end for Google to identify who and where your salon is when someone is searching around your area with keywords.  See example: Click here to see example.  We will list your website and salon on Google places,Yelp, and Bing.
  9. 9. THE POWER OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS  375Visits per month, 219 are organic from search engines. That’s 219 potential new customers most likely will visit your salon because of your beautiful website.  You can see how many people visit your website/day and where the traffic is coming from.
  10. 10. THE MATH
  11. 11. SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION AND CUSTOM FACEBOOK PAGE  Your website will be integrated with all your social network accounts including Facebook, twitter, Wordpress, etc.  See example here:  We will design you a custom Facebook page so you can keep in touch with your clients and build stronger relationship with them.  Example Facebook Page: Shyla Nails Spa
  12. 12. POWER OF FACEBOOK MARKETING  Choose your ad targeting (example women age 18-45, 5 miles from Dale City,Virginia.  Set your budget as low as $5. $5 spent on a Facebook campaign can drive 10-20 new customers to your salon. Facebook marketing can be very powerful if it is done right. Click Here
  13. 13. DOMAIN, HOSTING AND EMAIL  We will host your website, domain name and email on our server. You will save at least $10/month for web hosting and email from registrar companies. (Godaddy, 1and1, etc)  You will get a personalized domain ( looks professional and makes it easy for customers to find your site.  If the name you want is already taken, we can suggest others that your customers will remember.  If you already have a domain, we will build the website on that current domain name.  Boost your image by using email branded with your website address (
  14. 14. EMAIL MARKETING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  We'll help you collect, store, and organize your clients' contacts in our email database.  You can store client's emails, phone #, history, goals, and much more.  Every time you have a monthly promotion, coupon, or newsletter you can instantly email-blast that information to your clients.  Email is the best way to keep in contact with your clients for feedback, announcing of a new product, asking them to take a survey and much more.
  15. 15. MONTHLY PROMOTION DESIGN  We will design one custom monthly promotion or coupon according to what you would like to offer to your clients.  Promotion can be emailed to your clients on a monthly basis upon your request.  Clients will be able to print all coupons directly from your Website, Facebook and Email.  See examples:
  16. 16. PREMIUM FEATURES E-Gift System SnapAppointment Booking E-Commerce Shopping System
  17. 17. E-GIFT CERTIFICATE SYSTEM  Sell your gift certificate directly on your website!  Accept payments from PayPal and Major Credit Cards  Payments from your clients will go directly to your PayPal account.  Clients will be able to print the gift certificate directly from their computer or have the e-gift-certificate email to the recipient.  Every certificate will include the First, Last Name of the recipient with a Serial Number Code for you to verify.  Receive instant email to whenever a new gift card purchase is placed  See example of our system here:
  18. 18. SNAP APPOINTMENT BOOKING SYSTEM  SnapAppointment Booking System makes it easy for you to manage your appointment work flow.  Clients can just visit your website, book the service, choose the time, and stylist/technician with a couple mouse clicks.  This system will allow you to add appointments, create new clients, send confirmation emails, messages and much more at ease.  Our developers will integrate this system onto your website so you can manage all your appointments in one place.  Example: click on Make Appointment
  20. 20.  Sell your products to your customers directly on your website  Accept Payments from customers instantly  Invoice are sent directly to your customer’s email  Track Sales, Payments, History, Invoices all in one place  Manage and list all your products with our content management system including product images, product description, price and much more.  Receive an email at whenever a new order is placed.  Add coupon code checkout to offer your customer’s discount for certain products.  See example here: E-COMMERCE SHOPPING SYSTEM
  24. 24. INTERESTED?  Step 1: Sign Up at  Step 2: Choose a template  Step 3: Send us your price list / brochure to Leon Nguyen Salon Marketing Expert Salon Owner Product Manager at MyESalon 410-739-4102
  25. 25. Learn More At Powered by All in one solution for Salon Owners