Podcamp Nashville 2011- Mobile Marketing


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Mobile Marketing ; How you can use it for your business today!

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Podcamp Nashville 2011- Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Textpcn11 pcn11 to 72727
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing - Use it inyour business today!#pcnmobile
  3. 3. mobile has injected a era ofconstant digital conectivity
  4. 4. What is mobile marketinganyway? Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or networkMobile Marketing combines the wide reach of televisionand the precision of direct marketing, with the trackingpower of the Internet.source: cellular-news
  5. 5. Why mobile marketing isimportant• More than 290 million mobile devices in US today• Consumers spend 16+ hours per day with their phones• 65 million minutes of Angry Birds is played every day *Source: CTIA
  6. 6. Smartphone penetration
  7. 7. The mobile web • Smart Phone penetration today: 37% Top 3: Android, iPhone, Blackberry • US Smartphone Penetration could be close to 90% by end of Q4 2011* • Social Media is helping to drive Mobile!*Google mobile
  8. 8. The mobile web
  9. 9. Types of mobile marketing• SMS Text - probably the most familiar • text2Win • auto-response • sponsored text alerts • text4VIPClub • survey/polling • more based on your creativity!• Search - LBS, Organic• Mobile SEO• Video (This is HUGE!)• Mobile Advertising - Google AdWords,• POS - QR Codes, Barcodes, Bluetooth, Loyalty programs, Bump• Lead Capture - List Building (think of email marketing)
  10. 10. SMS Text• 98% receipt rate compared to email at 22% +-• 97% of text messages are opened - 83% within first hour received• 23% of text messages are forwarded to others• More than 7 Trillion SMS messages will be sent in 2011• 42% of 18 to 34 year olds and 33% of 35 to 44 year olds with cell phones were interested in receiving alerts on their cell phones from places they frequent.
  11. 11. SMS TextOut of 100 marketing emailssent, only 22 are received andless than 2 respond These two workWith SMS, 98 of 100 text great in tandemmessages sent are received andon average 17-28 respond.That’s over 10 X the responserate of email.
  12. 12. Mobile Search• Organic• Google reports that 20% of all searches come from mobile devices• Voice-based• LBS (location based search) • Google Places page should be optimized • Get listed in as many directories as possible• Websites need to be mobile compatible • WordPress plugins - WPTouch, Mobilize, Mowser, WP viewMobile, Wetomo
  13. 13. Mobile Advertising• Mobile Web Banners are the most popular form• Apps• Coupons• Video As mobile phones outnumber TV sets by over 3 to 1, and PC based internet users by over 4 to 1, and the total laptop and desktop PC population by nearly 5 to 1, advertisers in many markets have recently rushed to this media
  14. 14. Video• Already the hottest marketing element on the internet, it’s going to be just as strong on mobile!• Video was 49.8% of mobile data at the end of 2010 and Cisco believes it will grow to 52.8% this year and be 66.4% in 2015.• The 2nd largest video site on the web in YouTube Mobile• WordPress video plugins • SmartVideoPlus, WordPress Video Plugin, Embedded Video, Smart YouTube, Lightview Plus, Simple Flash Video, YouTube with Style, ProPlayer
  15. 15. Common Uses for QR Codes• Point a QR Code to a Video about you or your business• Add a QR Code on promotional posters that upon scan, allow people to “Like” pages on Facebook• Add a QR Code on your business card that directs people to online site – it might contain a video of you, links to social media profiles, and your corporate website• In restaurants, put QR Codes on the table tents. These may direct people to social media pages for the restaurant, coupons, loyalty programs, special offers, etc.• In your company brochures, add QR Codes that direct people to videos, podcasts, and web pages that further discuss the corresponding topic from the printed piece• Trying to promote a band? Add a QR Code to their poster that lets people view tour dates, videos, and more• Make it easy for people to find your business. Put a QR Code in one of your print ads that connects people to Google Maps• Bring your music-related product to life — add a QR Code to printed materials to allow people to hear and/or see how an instrument will benefit them if they buy it.• Easily share audio — create QR Codes that drive people to MP3s for songs or to podcasts
  16. 16. Lead Capture• Mobile web forms• Jump Page (Landing page)• Texting• Voice• Video
  17. 17. 7 methods/tips for using mobile inyour business today!1. Get the basics right2. You gotta be found - optimize your Google Places page3. Begin to think how your business model can change given the technology that is here today4. Install plugins if using WordPress5. Create video6. QR Codes - delivr.com7. Google Adwords - mobile only campaigns BONUS - SMS Text - mCard
  18. 18. Contact infoText Ricky to 72727Text Leon Spencer to 72727