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Young Europeans for Democracy - Presentation given at the EC, in Brussels


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Final presentation (with video) of the YED project, which took place in an OpenSimulator server, Facebook, and a Web Server, involving all secondary schools and a vocational school of the city of Vila Real, Portugal.

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Young Europeans for Democracy - Presentation given at the EC, in Brussels

  1. 1. YED – Young Europeans for Democracy Conference “Learning EU at school”, 25-26 April 2013
  2. 2. The team wished to render students more informed and participant in their role as European Citizens. European Citizenship issues are not included at all or only superficially in secondary curricula in the most EU countries. _____________________________________________ We proposed to use immersive environments in support of students’ motivation and providing personal context for these issues, inside and outside of classrooms. Introduction
  3. 3. Mission The YED project immersed youngsters in a democratic virtual enviroment, with oportunities to understand and practice their roles as European citizens.
  4. 4. Using 3D Virtual Worlds for experimenting, discussing and demonstrating democracy Identify learning priorities with the students Enhance teachers’ competence for promoting Education for Democratic Citizenship Prepare innovative resources and methodologies for Collaborative Game-Based Learning Design adequate 3D environments for the activities Involve students using their preferential technologies as 3D virtual worlds, social networks, and (serious) games Goals
  5. 5. Stages
  6. 6. Main stakeholders
  7. 7. Facebook competition
  8. 8. Facebook competition The Facebook game allowed students to play it wherever and whenever they wished – multiple choice quiz structure Team score was integrated with the virtual world game
  9. 9. Final conference with 2 events: • 1st event with all participants in the YED project • 2nd event with external experts: Portuguese Ministry of Education, Institute for Sports and Youth, etc. New project proposal in the 2013 Jean Monnet Call, to promote students’ role as active citizens and autodidacts: • SMYLE (Social Media for Youths' Learning in Europe) • Regional contest in support of creativity skills using social media and multimedia tools Final events and future initiatives
  10. 10. Connecting schools with simulators European students participating in each others’ simulations using eduroam ID federation A Federated Identity Grid for Europe
  11. 11. Contacts: Website: YED Facebook page: Email: