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VR, AR, and Mixed Reality - Overview and perspectives


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Keynote address for Altice Labs Tech Days 2017 (July 19th).

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VR, AR, and Mixed Reality - Overview and perspectives

  1. 1. VR, AR, and Mixed Reality Overview and perspectives Leonel Morgado – July 19th, 2017 We’ll start by travelling to old Sicily…
  2. 2. Our Sicily isn’t old enough! Sorry, Michael!
  3. 3. Damocles doesn’t look too happy, in spite of all the luxury…
  4. 4. Perhaps due to the sword hanging over his head? Context and its awareness change everything.
  5. 5. “The Sword of Damocles” was the VR/AR system of inventor Ivan Sutherland.
  6. 6. Which was so heavy it hanged over his head! …showing wireframe shapes. Most of what you hear and see about VR/AR today, including touch… Ivan thought of it back then.
  7. 7. AH-64 Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System (IHADSS) Technology improved giving birth to the first military AR in Apache helicopters…
  8. 8. …and immersive VR in NASA’s wireframe manipulable images.
  9. 9. 9 Q_GOP_DM_02_V1.1 However, the 80s were hardly the best decade for careful approaches to tech….
  10. 10. …meaning proposals looked more like 2017’s than 1989’s…
  11. 11. 5 frames / second Heavy gear Nauseas Headaches …so it didn’t really work!
  12. 12. US$ 6,000 Well, some things did, if you invested a lot and got… low fps video but at least enthusiasm.
  13. 13. Cheap but useless… …or expensive & acceptable, but very hard to use But mostly…
  14. 14. Remember, at the time, with military funding, you still were dealing with vectorial graphics and actual needs like viewing angles.
  15. 15. And 10 years later, head tracking was much better. Colour would take some more years.
  16. 16. Consumer AR/VR got lost in a desert storm of lack of credibility… So, soon after the actual Desert Storm (Gulf War)…
  17. 17. …but something happened then that VR did not intend… …it was picked up by the most unlikely creatures imaginable… <LotR voiceover impersonation>
  18. 18. Poor graphics (vs. competition), poor processing… but you could move and hit stuff. Huge hit!
  19. 19. Competitors sprouted!
  20. 20. Another creature: the PSP camera and its succesful game of AR beasts.
  21. 21. Everyone’s has some AR now. (But mostly for professional use.)
  22. 22. Third unforeseen creature: cheap screens and computing.
  23. 23. Which prompted a guy to say we now could make a decent VR headset.
  24. 24. 2160x1200 pixels (1080x1200 / eye) @ 90 Hz Weight: 470 g 3-axis rotational tracking + 3-axis positional tracking) 110° field of view And he was right!
  25. 25. Competitors sprouted!
  26. 26. And games actually look good and play well!
  27. 27. …but improbability drives the world… And so it did.
  28. 28. Who’d have guessed it?
  29. 29. €13,49 €26,99 €6,30 €15,03 €35,96 €62,96 €7,19 €13,46 €26,99 €4,50 €26,99 €15,75 €12,59 €13,49 Worse, but good enough for lots of stuff. Everyone can try it.
  30. 30. Now coming to AR too.
  31. 31. We need 5G’s bandwidth and low latency to support this.
  32. 32. And just 4 days ago, Microsoft gave power to this networking need.
  33. 33. Multi-device & multi-sense Serverless containers AI everywhere: autonomous car generates 4 GB data/second This demand on networking and AI will help VR/AR too.
  34. 34. Current examples will seem mere gimmicks.
  35. 35. Or face real challenges to mass use. E.g., will Facebook VR reach concert hall figures?
  36. 36. Previous projects at Altice Labs and INESC TEC / UAberta are preparing us for this.
  37. 37. Games will further bring the public to use AR/VR.
  38. 38. “Merged reality” is a more factually accurate term than “mixed reality”.
  39. 39. Our three organizations can develop synergies.
  40. 40. 725 researchers (>350 PhDs) FCT Evaluation: Excellent
  41. 41. 100% online public university Students located worldwide 1st. online Informatics Engineering degree in Europe 725 researchers (>350 PhDs) FCT Evaluation: Excellent
  42. 42. MULTIS architecture Patent #105392 InMERSE Framework In our projects we developed backbone technology, not just fireworks. A gold vein.
  43. 43. MULTIS architecture Patent #105392 InMERSE Framework And so do INESC TEC and UAberta.
  44. 44. Let’s watch part of Keiichi Matsuda’s thought-provoking video.
  45. 45. PT Inovação e Sistemas, owner of products/services, is identified in the present document as Altice Labs The present document has informational purposes only and does not constitute a formal binding offer. The information conveyed does not constitute an undertaking to sell the identified products and services. The present document is subject to change without notice and Altice Labs cannot be held liable for any possible error or outdated information or for losses or damages of whatever nature resulting from the use of the information. Leonel Morgado Thanks for your time and the opportunity to share thoughts.