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Resume L .C .Carson

  1. 1. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ Resume Leon Carson JP Personal Details: Eligible to work in Australia? Australian Citizen E-mail: Born Dunedin. New Zealand First Name: Leon Surname: Carson Current Address: and Interests Hobbies Apartment 10 Squash, Swimming, Walking, Tennis, Bush Walking, Snow Skiing, Gardening, Bonsai. “ Jardine “ 5 Owens Avenue Suburb: Newington State: New South Wales Postcode: 2127 Country: Australia Contact Phone Number: (02) 9648 4726 Best time to speak with me: Anytime via mobile Mobile Contact: 0433 816 835 or 0417 888 706 Marital Status: Married Career Profile: With over (10) ten years in Learning and Development and Training, within the Vocational Education and Training Sector, service in both the private and public sector as well CRICOS and Local Registered Training Organisations. I can stay that I have a thorough understanding of the complex issues associated with Adult Education and Training. I have worked as a facilitator, trainer, lecturer and teacher within VET, as well as a Head of Studies [DOS] managing human, physical and educational resources. I have completed many in house Professional development workshops offered by DET and I regularly upgrade my skill set within industry. 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 1
  2. 2. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ Special Achievements or Awards: I have obtained several certificates through business and education related courses, both on the job and externally. I like to keep my knowledge up to date and I am constantly learning new skills.  Yvette’s Restaurant received a Gold Plate Award in 1984, when I were working there as Chef de Cuisine.  I have completed City and Guilds of London Institute Examinations in Basic Cookery, Cookery, and Advanced Cookery Pastry Part One.  Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment.  Studied HACCP Management Principles and I can write a Food Safety Program for Industry up to the Food Audit stage.  Registered and Licensed Access Trainer and Assessor with Tourism NSW. AHRP/ATTRP  Restaurant and Caterers Licensees Program including the Responsible Service of Alcohol.  Senior First Aid Certificate  Two Silver and One Bronze Award in the 1980 Catering fair. Academic Qualifications  1974 -6 Diploma Hotel, Motel Management  1998 Workplace Assessor Liverpool TAFE VITAL Module D Liverpool TAFE  1999 National Teaching and Learning Program SIT Vital – VET initial Teaching Program  2000 BSZ Certificate 1V in Workplace Assessment and Training Bachelor of Adult Education [Vocational Education Strand] University of Technology Sydney  2000 Developing Interpersonal Communication Developing Group Communication University of Technology School.  2004 Post Graduate Certificate in TESOL at Macquarie University  2005 Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment . 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ Outline of Work Experience November 2008-December 2009 Learning and Development Manager [LLNP] MTC Work Solutions. A not for profit Registered training Organisation Managing 10 sites across Sydney; managing some seventy trainers in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy program. Main duty and responsibility of the L&D Manager is to undertake and supervise the delivery and assessment within their academic area. To assist Head Trainers, with assessment, student response, trainer organisation, moderation of assessment tasks, guest lecturers, excursions, administration tasks and the supervision of all trainers in their academic area. Undertake student counselling with regards to lack of attendance and unsatisfactory academic progression. These duties should be read in conjunction with the AQTF, College Policies and Procedure Manual, College Forms Manual, Staff Handbook and Student Handbook. Main Duties • Identify and manage risks concerned with compliance with the standards for RTO • Collect and analyze client feedback and satisfaction data on the services it provide • Ensure that clients are provided with information about legislation that significantly affects their participation in education and training. • Must ensure that assessment, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: comply with the Assessment Guidelines included in the applicable nationally endorsed accredited courses • Must ensure that assessments, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: lead to the issuing of a Statement of Attainment or qualification under the AQF when a person is assessed as competent against nationally endorsed unit(s) of competency in the applicable Training Package or modules specified in the applicable accredited course • Ensure that assessments, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: provide for applicants to be informed of the context and purpose of the assessment and the assessment process; comply with the principles of validity, reliability, fairness and flexibility • Must ensure that assessments, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: where relevant, focus on the application of knowledge and skill to the standard of performance required in the workplace and cover all aspects of workplace performance including task skills, task management skills, contingency management skills and job role environment skills • Must ensure that assessments, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: involve the evaluation of sufficient evidence to enable judgments to be made about whether competency has been attained 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 3
  4. 4. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ • Must ensure that assessments, regardless of whether through a training and assessment pathway or an assessment-only pathway: provide for feedback to the applicant about the outcomes of the assessment process and guidance on future options • Must be equitable for all persons taking account of cultural and linguistic needs. Must ensure that assessment Moderation and Validation processes are carried out and recorded. • Career Highlight: To successfully manage a government funded program, and to implement and manage the physical, human and educational resources associated within the LLNP. Westminster College [Level 5, 541 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000] • Academic Coordinator second to the CEO • Must ensure that assessment Moderation and Validation processes are carried out and recorded • Must have an RPL and Exemption process that is structured to minimize the time and cost to applicants • Ensure that in developing, adapting or delivering training and/or assessment products and services: methods used to identify learning needs, and methods for designing training and assessment are documented • Normally, full-time study requires a minimum of 20 contact hours per week taken as an average for a term or semester (unless otherwise approved) • Duration must not include any period of work based training unless it is a mandatory requirement of the course. • Students are not required to be enrolled full time in their final semester where the students have been required to repeat units. • A student is not permitted to repeat a unit of study more than once. • Teaching resources are appropriate for the delivery of the courses registered on CRICOS and are adequate for the number of students under instruction, including technological resources. • An accurate record of academic performance and attendance must be kept for each student. Providers must record students’ attendance (including non-attendance) systematically • Procedures are established for contacting and counseling students who are absent for more than five consecutive days without approval, or who are not consistently attending their course. • The provider must ensure that all staff, students and clients have access to current college and course documentation that relates to the scope of courses and delivery and assessment. Currency of documentation is to be identified through a version control code placed on every document and course documentation AQTF Compliance and CRICOS Compliance Care for and services to students • Standard 6 Student support services Students as consumers 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 4
  5. 5. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ • Standard 7 Transfer between registered providers • Standard 8 Complaints and appeals The student visa programme • Standard 9 Completion within the expected duration of study • Standard 10 Monitoring course progress • Standard 11 Monitoring attendance • Standard 12 Deferring, suspending or cancelling the student’s enrolment , course credit • Standard 13 Staff, educational resources and premises • Standard 14 Staff capability, educational resources and premises Career Highlight: To manage the daily activities of a CRICOS College. Follow the compliance requirements for a CRICOS College. Manage the human, physical and educational resources for this college. Select, recruit and induct all new staff members. Manage the trainers on a daily bases. Holmes Institute Holmes Institute, Australia is the largest national private educational and training institution in Australia. For more than forty years, Holmes Institute has achieved an impressive record as a provider of the highest quality English Language and Business Courses, with centrally located campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast. Lecturer / Course Coordinator Commercial Cookery Work closely with the Sydney VET Program Manager and the National VET Program Manager, as well as the Sydney Campus Management ensuring quality outcomes in the structuring and delivery of the Certificate 1V Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management Programs in Sydney. My responsibilities at the Institute include the following: • Teaching of practical and theory competencies to International Students • Course development according to Regulatory Bodies current Industry Standards and Specifications • RPL’s for suitable candidates, based on AQTF requirements, checking and mapping their qualifications with the competency requirements for their courses of study • Souring and organizing all resources for the kitchens and managing all related issues with and dealing with the external contractors and Hotel Management; and coordinating with Trainers • Purchasing Management of the Hospitality Department and Coordination with suppliers and Accounts department • Sourcing Trainers and selecting suitable personnel for further interviewing with our Campus manager and VET Programs Manager • Handling student disciplinary issues and counseling • Coordinating with industry to place our students for their essential hands on Training in various Hotels / restaurants of repute in Sydney and suburbs • Coordinating assessments and resits and processing the departments assessment results • Organising uniform fittings and liaising with supplier for procurement • Coordinating self study competencies for certificate 1V Career Highlights: Starting up Certificate 1V in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) for Holmes Institute. Sydney 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 5
  6. 6. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Alpha Beta Colleges Alpha Beta College is Sydney’s most experienced education provider for international students studying in Australia. For more than 30 years and had proudly made international students feel at home. Superb campus facilities and excellent student support services will ensure your time with us is educational and memorable. Head of Studies Hospitality To provide overall guidance and leadership to hospitality lecturers within the College, and to take ownership of all the academic issues within the College, and to ensure that training and assessment is delivered to the required standard. [Certificate II, Certificate III, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality] • To perform the role of Head of Studies in a effective, professional manner • Identify opportunities for improvement to existing work practices in training and assessment and communicate these opportunities to the Vocational Education Coordinator • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all trainers and students • Assist with Orientation Day, and that students are placed in the appropriate course and follow exit processes in coordination with student services • Counsel students on issues such as subject choice, timetables, non-attendance and college polices & procedures • Involved in the complaints process • Assist in the coordination of academic timetables for the department in liaison with Vocational Educational Coordinator • Ensure all administrative record keeping procedures are adhered to by all staff • Administer attendance policy and maintain accurate student records on a weekly basis (manual and computerised) for all students in accordance with DIMA regulations and College Policy • Assist the Vocational Coordinator on student disciplinary procedures and issue warning letters to students who breach college rules and policies • Recommend, interview and evaluate the suitability of candidates for contractors/trainers for employment according to ABC policy when necessary • Ensure that all assessments meet the requirements of the relevant Training Packages and ensure compliance with the principles of Validity, Reliability, Fairness and Flexibility • To assist the trainers in the development of curriculum, training methods & resources and to ensure consistency in all session plans and handouts produced by trainers meet organizational and course requirements • Chair external assessment validation meetings within the department and participates in external assessment validation meeting as required • Ensures compliance with current legislation in particular the QQTF, National Code of Practice and the ESOS Act • Recommend suitable resources for purchase to further improve library of resources for students and trainers • Participate in the induction and performance evaluation of all new trainers under my supervision as required Career Highlight: Developing and submitting Certificate 3 in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) to VETAB as a extension to scope for Alpha Beta Colleges ACTH MANAGEMENT / CARRICK INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 100 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Sessional Trainer Commercial Cookery & Patisserie [Certificate III & 1V + Diploma in Hospitality Management] 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 6
  7. 7. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ The minimum qualifications required for this position are: 1. Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training 2. Appropriate industry qualifications and experience DUTIES  Prepare and teach subject material in the allocated subject area(s) as required.  Submit a 10 week Session Training Plan and Assessment Record before commencement of each term.  Prepare a Lesson Plan for every session delivered.  Assess students’ competence in accordance with AQTF, Training Package Guidelines and College objectives. Ensure the students are exposed to a variety of teaching strategies and assessment methods in accordance with their needs as learners and the requirements of the program.  Provide an example of an Assessment Task that has met competence for all units.  Maintain accurate records related to daily student attendance and ensure that assessment results are submitted within 48 hours of the completion of the unit. All attendance records and assessment result will be handed in to Associate Director of Studies on last day of each term.  Evaluate and recommend course materials as required.  Participate in curriculum development including the evaluation of existing courses and development of new ones as requested.  Develop teaching aids and course materials as required for the successful delivery of instruction, including lesson plans, manuals, reading lists, guest speaker lists, excursion lists, class exercises & other resources.  Liaise with other departments to support student learning.  Attend all staff teachers meetings and professional development sessions as scheduled.  Ensure familiarisation of self and students with safety procedures.  Ensure that OHS issues are referred immediately to  Refer students to available advisory and counselling services within the College as required.  Complete and submit required reports including Lesson Plans and Assessment Tasks examples at the end of each term within 3 working days of term completion.  Complete time sheets every other Thursday and submit them to the Associate Director of Studies.  Ensure a positive and safe learning environment in accordance with College policies and Governmental regulations for students.  Ensure familiarisation with, and adherence to the policies and procedures detailed in the ACTH Vocational Department Manual. TAFE NSW 2000 to 2006 [8 Hour per week while being full time employed within Industry] PART Time lecturer Commercial Cookery, Catering & Nutritional Studies, Hospitality Management Campbelltown College of TAFE, Liverpool College of TAFE, Petersham College of TAFE, Ryde College of TAFE, East Sydney Institute of TAFE. RESPONSIBLE TO: Teacher-in-Charge, Head Teacher or Senior Head Teacher as appropriate A teacher is responsible to the Teacher-in Charge, Head Teacher or Senior Head Teacher as appropriate. A teacher is to: PERFORM the teacher role in a most effective manner; PROVIDE assistance in the development of curriculum, teaching methods and resources; PERFORM those administrative duties associated with their teaching; ENSURE the principles of equal opportunity in education and employment are applied to all staff and students, including the prevention of overt and covert discriminatory practices; 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 7
  8. 8. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ BE INVOLVED in and assist as required within the corporate life of the Campus; ADVISE and assist students to develop their educational programs and make them aware of the facilities the Campus provides. Referee 1 Name: Ray Mortlock Professiona l Address: 541 Kent Street City Position: Compliance Manager Westminster College 0422 128 891 Contact Number : Referee 2 Name: Charlotte Wirnsberger Personal Address: Belfied Sydney NSW Position: Charlottes Living Harmony Contact 02 9798 3063 Mobile: 0419 628 235 Number : Email Referee 3 Name: Sanjeev Kumar Professiona l Program Manager Position: Vocational Programs Telephone: +61 2 9299 1400 Telephone: Mobile:0430123743 Email: __________________________________________________________________ Employment Record: - Educational: Dates: - Position:- Establishment: Duties: - Contact: 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 8
  9. 9. Leon Carson Resume _________________________________________________________________________________ November December Learning & Development MTC Work Not for profit Lisa Lillis General Manager 2008 2009 Manager Solutions RTO Training Sept October Academic Coordinator Westminster RTO overseer Ray Mortlock College on Educational 07 08 issues RTO/ Compliance Manager 0422 128 891 Dec Sept Course Coordinator Holmes Institute Certificate 1V in Don Kauffman Certificate 1V in Hospitality Hospitality 06 07 (Commercial Cookery) (Commercial Campus Director Cookery) Jun Dec Head of Studies Hospitality Alphabeta Vocational Rachel Baski Colleges Program To 06 06 Oversea Managing Director Student Jun Jun TAFE NSW 2000 2006 E-list at Institute of Technology Sydney Petersham Contact: Petersham TAFE, & East Sydney College Robyn Beaton North Sydney Institute of TAFE Contact: Forbes Street Western Sydney Contact: Ryde College Institute of TAFE Hans Schings /Charles Wright South Western Institute of TAFE Liverpool TAFE: Michelle Jacquline Furr Professional and personal references available upon request 2010_________________________________________________________________________ 9