Job Prospects to Go Sky High for Master Degree Holders in Psychology


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The demand of psychologists in various institutions seems to be growing with time. Experts have predicted that those who will be earning masters in applied psychology would gain higher chances to get exposed to ample job opportunities in the coming days.

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Job Prospects to Go Sky High for Master Degree Holders in Psychology

  1. 1. Job Prospects to Go Sky High for Master Degree Holders inPsychologyBy the year 2018, the psychology graduates are sure to get some incredible newsfrom the employment market. As per the Occupational Outlook Handbook,psychologists can expect jobs to rise by a minimum of 12% within the next 5years. This is the average growth rate that has been predicted by experts for almostall occupations in the field of psychology. Moreover, the demand for psychologicalservices in schools, hospitals, mental health centres and even in private companiesis highly expected to meet the needs of numerous trained psychologists.
  2. 2. Image: psychology-school-online.comMasters in Psychology can dream of better futuresAccording to researchers conducting studies on workforce, nearly 5,000psychology graduates come out successfully in varied subfields of psychology. Infact, the job prospects are going to be stronger for all those who will be having aPhD or a specialised degree in an applied area. Most importantly, the competitionfor securing jobs will be extremely fierce among all those who will be having amaster’s degree in psychology.Although the U.S Department of Labour Bureau Statistics has said that bachelor’sdegree holders will have limited job opportunities, they will be able to find entry-level jobs in areas such as advertising, sales, management and labour relations.
  3. 3. Jobs for psychology graduates that are expected to rise in the coming yearsCourtesy: buzzle.comClinical PsychologistsOccupational Outlook Handbook reported that Clinical psychologists will be inhigh demand. Today, there are countless people who have got addicted tocigarettes and alcohols, and to improve their critical health conditions, clinicalpsychologists will be hired in several healthcare units.Source: education.msu.eduSchool PsychologistsOwing to the increasing mental health needs of children, a huge number of schoolpsychologists are expected to get recruited at several schools and kindergartens inthe next few years. Since different types of learning disorders have been witnessedamong kids today, the demand of school psychologists is strongly expected to gohigher.
  4. 4. Image: bls.govCounselling PsychologistsPeople having mental disorders, job stress and marriage issues will keep increasingwith time, and this gives rise to the necessity of hiring counselling psychologists.They will be responsible to help aged people deal with both mental and physicalchanges as they start getting older.Image: alleydog.comIndustrial-organisational PsychologistsBig business owners always remain concerned regarding factors like retention andworker productivity boosting which their business standards get better and strongerwith time. In this respect, Industrial-organizational psychologists will play keyroles in helping companies and business organizations deal with all these issuesincluding anti-discrimination policies and workplace diversity complications.
  5. 5. Image: mcphs.eduHeath PsychologistsProfessor Dennis Jowaisas of a psychology department at a US university said "Inthe future, health psychologists will be needed to actively intervene and designprograms to help fix social problems.” He moreover said that in the next 10 to 15years, the demand for efficient psychologists working in various fields related tohealth is expected to undergo a massive growth. (source)Working professionals who have been making plans to switch fields are nowconsidering the field of psychology to be the most prosperous and demanding aswell. Therefore, the B.Sc Psychology(Hons) course mentioned here are sure tomake their career prospects better and brighter, if they are at all planning to build acareer in the field of psychology.Moreover, Tara Kuther, a psychology professor and a PhD at WesternConnecticut State University in Danbury has said, "Psychologists areincreasingly working with physicians and other professionals in avariety of settings, and I think this type of multidisciplinary work issurely going to increase." (Source)