Getting on the career ladder in 2013


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Another year but new dreams, new opportunities and new aspirations. All you need is a positive attitude and start applying in different places matching your educational criteria so that your skills and potentials are utilized to the fullest. However while applying certain criterion's needs to be kept in mind so as to make the job search a smooth one.

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Getting on the career ladder in 2013

  1. 1. Getting on the career ladder in 2013Many of us will graduate this year, so the question of landing a proper job is on the top of themind. And the tension is more if your college does not provide placement. So when you aresearching for a job, preparing your resume is not enough. Certain factors need to be considered.
  2. 2. Before you start, know what and why:Often the most important criterion that we tend to overlook and get swayed away by the company profileis what we are exactly looking, what our potentials are and where the particular job will take us in thenext 5 years.Don’t hesitate from asking whether you will reach say a position “X” by 2016 and where do we want tosee us after that. However it is absolutely fine if we change our plans 12-18 months, all that we need to dois adjust our career plans accordingly.
  3. 3. Quality above quantity:Don’t be panicked by the world economic news and start applying it to anything and everything. Getting aproper job might take time so always concentrate on quality and not quantity, it holds true for everything.
  4. 4. Differentiate yourself:Through your school and college life we have proved time and again that we are capable of taking ondifferent projects and finishing it on time. Remember, employers also know this and what they want toknow is what special qualities or potentials do you have that differentiates you from the rest.So even if you are pursuing a vocational course on specific skills, in your applications you need tohighlight this point through examples which showcases your core behaviours, leadership skills and yourproblem solving attitudes.
  5. 5. Get organized:Research shows that successful applicants take their interviews very seriously and even take telephoneinterview in a serious manner, with all their notes ready. Sometimes it may happen that you receive a callfrom the company informing you that they want to conduct the telephone interview in the next 2 hours.Be prepared and don’t postpone it until and unless it is absolutely necessary.
  6. 6. Spread your net wide:While applying don’t restrict yourself to big corporate houses or well known companies. There are manySMEs where the work atmosphere is much better than a big corporate house and where you might learnthings with more guidance than in big companies. So be open to every opportunity. There is no harm intrying.
  7. 7. In - Demand Jobs in 2013: ● Forensic Accountants:A lucrative job, they travel from one destination to another hot on the trial of criminals. Often theyare called upon court to testify against the criminals on the basis of their findings. Average Earnings:$48,030-$71,637 per year. Here is a list of some well known Finance and Law faculties. ● Human Resources Executive:Responsible for the hiring, training of new employees along with maintaining co-operationbetween the different departments of the company so as to ensure a smooth running, HR Executives are ingreat demand with a forecast of great hiring in this sector. Even the remuneration of an HRExecutive is exceptionally strong from the entry level ranging from $125,000 to $320,000 per year. Clickhere for details of course on HR Management. ● Child Psychologist:They look after the child’s overall development i.e. their mental, emotional and social well being. Theirsalary package normally is between the range of $64,000 and above. You can apply for an online coursehere. ● Business Consultants:They ensure that the new, old or trouble companies are properly guided so that they get their profit returnsand enjoy success. The remuneration and other benefits of a consultant are quite good ranging in between$105,000 to $190,000. But, you need to a MBA from reputed University before applying for the job.Here’s an example.